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bo diddley

J Manship Auction Results 13/09/2017

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Bernie Williams - Ever Again - Bell PROMO

Bernie Williams

Ever Again / Next To You

Bell PROMO: 768 (45s)

Much more than a fabled Northern Soul Holy Grail... because this copy, is flawless and plays utterly clean and true dressed in two unblemished labels.

So very, very rare, so highly sought after; as the majority of the minuscule few copies known, have been on the Northern Soul circuit for over 4 decades.With the few known owners proudly playing them through every DJ set they did, on whatever turntables, weighted arms and styli that they were ask to work with. After all dropping "Bernie" is big tune with legendary status.

This is only our 3rd copy in the last 20 years and one of those was sadly unplayable.. 

Here is the chance to own a mythical 45 that escaped all those trails & tribulations of Northern Soul's history, coming to us from across the sea and sounding crystal clear.

Check out the soundfile and hear what a Ex + hardly ever played copy of Bernie Williams sounds like!

Do not snooze on this, as you're unlikely to see this "NS Grail" in this crisp condition............ Clap! Clap! Clap!...... "EVER AGAIN"

Condition Report

Both label have very minor age browning, but are totally free of any flaws, no writing, no tears, no stickers, no stains. the all important play surfaces play MINT under strong light the surface reveals minuscule hairlines, none affecting play as you can hear. Without direct electric light it appears Mint minus, and plays like it

  •  £4,111.00

Sorry, this auction has ended.

  •  13/09/2017 18:00
Tony Galla - In Love - Swan white PROMO

Tony Galla

In Love / Guys Go For Girls

Swan: 4275 (45s)

A devilish-dancefloor-detonator of the meanest kind!

An explosive cocktail of hammering piano keys and whirlwind Hammond whips up into an exemplary slab of Northern Soul Dance. Bristling with power, matched by a bellowing vocal that multiplies with presence on every verse. Tony Galla's insistent torrent of love sweeps away all before it.. there's that unparalleled piano break lifting the session into one of the finest Northern Soul dancer ever made..

Listen, and let Tony do the talking whilst you spy those two impeccable labels and decide how your gonna get him into you DJ box

Condition Report

Two perfect labels, vinyl looks and plays Mint minus, under strong light there are a few minuscule hairlines so we've graded it Ex+ / Mint -

  •  £791.00

Sorry, this auction has ended.

  •  13/09/2017 18:00
Richard Blandon & The Dubs - I'm Downtown / Lost In The Wilderness - Vicki

Richard Blandon & The Dubs

I'm Downtown / Lost In The Wilderness

Vicki: 229 (45s)

Such a far cry from their 50's Doo-Wop classics, Richard Blandon & The Dubs go under a major makeover with this much later recording, leaving their "Gone"days back in the past, leaving Wayne Steele directing them down a real obscure, dark path of moody, haunting Northern Soul that is so very different, you'll be taking it home in your head, and it'll still be there in the morning.

Starting to receive attention, turntable action has start to appear on the few that own a copy "play lists", Youtube music has brought it to a wider audience, and collectors are talking.

So check out the disc uniqueness, it's enslaving qualities and pull you into the web of vocal-group charm. Richard Blandon's vocal is as convincing as ever, with The Dubs in top form enriching the recording with velvety harmonies, suspending themselves on all the right notes, injecting even more depth and character in this highly distinctive taste of Northern Soul.

Flip it over and Wayne Steele again gives us all something to consider with another Northern Soul offering of weirdness. 

Both sides have seen the beginnings of NS turntable action, we are predicting it will becoming something of a cult item as it's individualism divides opinion both on and off tghe dancefllor.

Personally I LOVE IT but I'm a sucker to the vocal-group sound especially when the boundaries are expanded..

Rare, different & compelling


Condition Report

Totally flawless, both labels & both vinyls are Mint, you may be able to fins blemish if you take the time, but I certainly couldn't this 45 is perfect

  •  £130.00

Sorry, this auction has ended.

  •  13/09/2017 18:00
Fabulous Denos - I've Enjoyed Being Loved By You / Hard To Hold Back Tears - King PROMO

Fabulous Denos

I've Enjoyed Being Loved By You / Hard To Hold Back Tears

King : 5971 (45s)


Catch this runaway train, hang on tight 'cause where this Northern Soul stomper stops off at is anybody's guess.

The Fabulous Denos pluck all the great Big City Sound influences and cast them into crashing rhythm of inspirational Northern Soul! 
A fanfare of blasting trumpets open the way for a striking vocal to take flight. Latin influences take over, the vocal group supporting harmony barges it's way through, and those stabbing horn blow, pepper this NS explosion all the way to the end.. as the lead vocal becomes more and more passionate about the unfolding party the studio has turned into.

Electric! This is what real-deal Northern Soul is all about, thumping, determined, insistent, relentless vocal group dancer backed up by an army of brass... just astounding.

The normal circumstances, I think the flipside is great too, but compared to the breathtaking a-side it pales...

Condition Report

Just spectacular condition of both labels & vinyls are flawless!

  •  £184.00

Sorry, this auction has ended.

  •  13/09/2017 18:00
Little Stevie Wonder - Castles In The Sand / Thank You For Loving Me All The Way - Stateside SS 285

Little Stevie Wonder

Castles In The Sand / Thank You For Loving Me All The Way

Stateside: ss 285 (45s)

This 1964 British Tamla Motown non-hit is listed here today, not just because it one of Stateside's most elusive, but mostly because of it's astonishing condition for a 53 year old.

Collecting UK Tamla Motown is a constant battle of seeking those tricky numbers, then trying to acquire them in the level of condition that requires no "upgrade" in the future.

A Los Angeles conceived song from the L.A. office with Frank Wilson, Hal Davis, Marc Gordon & Mary O'Brien writing the lyrics, and Hal Davis & Marc Gordon adding the bolts to this song that triggered an album release "Stevie At The Beach" in the USA and "Hey Harmonica Man" in the UK.

That whole early 60's period for Stevie in Britain was something a lull in his career after "Fingertips" had done so well as his debut. Most of his Stateside releases are no easy finds... this example juding by our sparse sales data on SS 285 is by far his rarest.. with the fine condition adding the weight tat brings it to this page.

Go check your Tamla Motown British collection, there's a fair chance SS 285 is missing, but there's a much bigger chance it's condition requires an upgrade...

Condition Report

Under strong light there is full gloss on both vinyl, no scratches just an occasional sleeve contact hairlines, not affecting it's flawless playback. (listen) label reveals only the scarcest signs of turntable encounters, we'd estimate only a few cursory plays. Still sitting inside it's birth sleeve, I'm being extra cautious and highly critical to give it an Ex+ / Ex + / Ex +. Away from glaring direct light it would be seen as half a grade higher. But certainly no upgrade would be required by the owner of this beauty.

  •  £45.00

Sorry, this auction has ended.

  •  13/09/2017 18:00
Blues And Soul issues 143,168, 209, 234, 261,

Blues & Soul

WIgan Casino Full Page Anniversary Adverts from 1st through to 5th. / issues 143,168, 209, 234, 261,

Contempo: Blues & Soul (MAG)

A Wigan Casino 5 magazine bundle covering the first 5 Wigan Casino Anniversary full page adverts in the corresponding Blues & Soul magazine.

We think the 4 advert scans we have provided tell the story of that magical era of your youth capture by the magazine we all religiously read every fortnight..

Whether you wish to frame them, or what to keep the 5 Blues & Soul's complete, is up to you..

But we would say these 5 magazines whilst holding within it's pages iconic Wigan Casino images, this bundle offers so much much than just Wigan Casino. I myself was riveted to all the in depth articles, the Club adverts for the other events held, just as captivating. Fashion sales, record reviews, the Soul World from Dave Godin's standpoint, Soul Charts both sides of the Atlantic. 

This bundle is a Soul "Time Capsule" that catapults you back in time, even more than a record could...

Who remembers Roxy Treads, Tiffany's, The Lacano Birmingham, Civic Hall Barnsley.. I could fill pages and pages of writing, reviewing the excursions your mind is taken on browsing these pages of 44 years of Northern Soul history..

What a great way to spend an hour or two.. all you could frame the Casino adverts in a row of 5 and relive those times every day..

Condition Report

Ex + through all pages full intact and, no tears, 2 copies have tiny Newspaper Shop directive notes top corner, minuscule and not affecting the front page view. Normal storage rub to spine and corner tips.

  •  £25.00

Sorry, this auction has ended.

  •  13/09/2017 18:00
Bobby Bland - That Did It / A Touch Of The Blues - UK Sue

Bobby Bland

That Did It / A Touch Of The Blues

Sue: WI 4044 (45s)

One of this iconic label's hardest to acquire - this copy is flawless, still sitting in birth sleeve.

British Soul label chasing does not get any more satisfying than acquiring a top-drawer, rare # in last upgrade condition.

In though though by 1967 the British love affair with Bobby Blue Bland was welded, with his vocal purring, that effortlessly could transfer itself from a whisper to a scream, had the UK Soul fan hooked. But either UK Sue didn't promote this 45 to strongly or the UK Soul Boy had other buying distractions at the time, as this 45 over the years has proved a very difficult disc to pick up. We consider a Mint minus copy, something of a Sue trophy-piece.

So check out the amalgamation of Duke 421 and Duke 426 into one British disc Sue would maybe have caused a Soul Club sensation if Guy Stevens had decided to press the two Dukes as two stand alone Sue 45s. Ironically the two flipsides Sue didn't use, are perhaps Bobby's finest offering to Northern Soul "Getting Used To The Blues" for #421 "Shoes" for 426. Wow what titles if Sue had pressed two 45's and had only given them the cursory promotion they had given to "That Did It" they would be today very expensive 45s indeed.

A listing for the many of you seeking perfection whilst filling the gaps inside Britain's most iconic of R&B labels.


Condition Report

Both labels are flaw free, vinyl is spectacular Mint minus.. it's a real pleasure to hold rare 45's in this unblemished state.

  •  £46.00

Sorry, this auction has ended.

  •  13/09/2017 18:00
Wade Flemons - Jeanette / What A Price To Pay - Ramsel

Wade Flemons

Jeanette / What A Price To Pay

Ramsel: 1001 (45s)

In those few seconds as the piano punches out the intro, the whole atmosphere retches up, as the room stands to attention, preparing to jostle for a little dancefloor space. 

Northern Soul dancers just adore a simplistic thumping intro, especially as they know what's coming next!! In this case, it's a drum-roll and a snarling beast of a vocal, glued together by a rich-velvety male vocal group, later joining a full studio are a few girls who throw a shrill chorus to add a contrast, and that works beautifully. There is always a reason a 45 reaches the very peak of NS popularity, it is usually a top quality production and a mood-changing lead vocal. This record is cram-packed with harmony, brass, men & girls complimenting a cultured voice who had long-since served his musical apprenticeship on the streets of Chicago.. and it shows!

This Is NORTHERN SOUL at it's most motivational.. the dance-floor just heaves every time it hits the turntables..

But do not the let the magnificently powerful a-side let you pass by the B-side. I think the moody, dark and regretful flipside, is a mid-tempo jewel. Check it out, I think we could see this side featuring in a inspired Sunday chill set sometime in the future..

Condition Report

Utterly immaculate label, and vinyl to match.. you will not find a finer example of this Northern Soul Beast.

  •  £873.00

Sorry, this auction has ended.

  •  13/09/2017 18:00
Sam Moultrie - I'll Always Love You / Do Your Own Thing - Warren 108 Promo

Sam Moultrie

I'll Always Love You / Do Your Own Thing

Warren Promo: WAA 108 (45s)

For lovers of the Northern Soul classics, with an eye for the White Demo this listing ticks all the boxes.

Top side first featured on one of those mind-blowing c90 cassettes Simon Soussan would send over to Britain, enticing us all to dig into our meager money pots. I had to own this 45 in 1973 it was pure Northern Soul magic...On the same tape Soussan teased us with Willie Hutch "Love Runs Out" and "The Duck" not saying they were by Willie Hutch at all, shortly afterwards copies of "The Duck" arrived in the UK, hitting the All-niter turntables to be announced as the "new" find by Richard Temple. 

Luckily Sam Moultrie never suffered the same masquerade, remaining pure, unsullied by pseudonym bootlegs, or in fact any bootleg. Today it still remains one of gthe very few Northern Soul classics that has escaped parasitical attention. 

Carten Warren's collaboration with Danny Brantley crafted a flowing song of eternal affixed to an irresistible dance arrangement.. great tune! giving me flashbacks to my impressionable youth, when I culdn't wait for my next Northern Soul original to drop through the letterbox.. nothing's changed in the last 45 years..

Except in 1973 I had little or no interest in Funk.. so probably only listened to a few seconds of the intrusive flipside, when Sam gets down and dirty "Doing His Own Thing" to a barrage of horn, a twangy guitar encouragement.. today I think FUNK is essential listening, especially when a screaming sax makes an unexpected appearance!

Two great sides! One neat clean White Promo of some cool Northern Soul!

Condition Report

Two neat clean White Demo labels, no X's, no writing, no stickers, no tears, no stains. Both vinyl sides romp home with a strong Mint minus grade, having found no notable blemishes, except an ultra fine brief sleeve contact hairline om the flipside. A-side as been played be is flawless free of any marks no matter how light.

  •  £241.00

Sorry, this auction has ended.

  •  13/09/2017 18:00
Harvey Scales & The 7 Sound - Get Down / Love-itis - Atlantic 584146

Harvey Scales & The & 7 Sound

Get Down / Love-itis

Atlantic : 584146 (45s)

Harvey Scales such a respected name in the Rare Soul world today, but back in 1967 Britain the only thing that was familiar to the collector about this off-the-cuff Polydor choice of release, was the much-admired red Atlantic label.

Before you today is an Atlantic UK number many avid Red Atlantic hoarders have missing, or at the very least require an upgrade. 

It is surprising this record never sold a bean upon release, as it is pure distilled 60's dance. Everything the Twisted Wheel, Mojo, Nite Owl etc were craving in 1967. 
Full on horns, wailing Sax, persistent peppering percussion, all rattling together in a bubbling cauldron of Soul dance...which Harvey Scales gives "how to" instructions throughout..
Lively, energetic, compelling Club Soul that sneaked past the peeled eyes of those Friday Soul Boy new release sheet investigators..

Flip it over and Harvey does it again, another brass charged production, this time Mr. Scales has some meaningful lyrics to work with..

Two strong sides and surprisingly of UK Atlantic that failed to get noticed back in 1967..

Condition could hardly be better.. perfectly fr filing in that annoying space in the "Red Run"

Condition Report

very close to flawless solid center Red Atlantic in the time-machine condition, as if you ordered it from the Friday new release sheet in 1967. SAt first I thought it was Mint but I angled and reangled it in gthe light anf found a few ultra fine sleee contact blemishes, it play Prefect both side. The labels and the center hole, are perfection. No-one would ever require to seek an upgrade, for sure.

  •  £44.00

Sorry, this auction has ended.

  •  13/09/2017 18:00
Jr. Walter and the All-Stars - Shotgun / Hot Cha - Soul 35008

Jr. Walker & The All Stars

Shotgun / Hot Cha

Soul : 35008 (45s)

Motown collector will know some of the 60's in special sleeve are tough to acquire. What I've found very frustrating is listing them in clean condition. You Motown scholars are very particular about condition, and rightly so.

This iconic Motown cover is one that is invariably not in acceptable condition. Torn, written, the birds coloured in my some aspiring child artist, splits, stains, coffee cup rings when it's been made a substitute for a table-coaster. 
Oh how these Motown covers suffered abuse, the favourite was pinning them to bedroom walls with drawing pins or even the inconsiderate 60's 45 digger who simply stuck his thumb straight through the sleeve middle.. 

So how refreshing to find this artwork cover for that MOD anthem "Shotgun" to have suffered from none of the above problems..

It is one of the few Motown cover that was just artwork, and to find it in an unsullied state is very unusual indeed. 

Other than mild fray/wear at the top opening (see scan) and very pale age-browning this sleeve by comparison is exceptional..

A Twisted Wheel / MOD anthem complete with the frame-worthy picture cover.

Condition Report

Other than mild fray/wear at the top opening (see scan) and very pale age-browning, this sleeve by comparison is exceptional.. the vinyl and labels are all clean Ex +. Check out the full double soundfile <br />

  •  £54.00

Sorry, this auction has ended.

  •  13/09/2017 18:00
Mighty Joe Drake - Try, Try, Try / Get Out Of My Life Woman - Kapp

Mighty Joe Drake

Try, Try, Try / Get Out Of My Life Woman

Kapp: K 2014 (45s)

Northern Soul black stock copy collecting has long been the choice of many dedicated individuals. A wise choice, as the labels are usually deeply attractive, significantly rare and when they are amassed in a file run, their collective gorgeousness is unbeatable.

This example before you today is one of the very rarest of "The Blacks" a fabulous piece of Northern Soul from the desk of the prolific Horace Ott. 
Apart from brief Blackpool Mecca / early Casino spins I've never heard it played out in recent times. A sleeper that should be awoken by those of you who love to dig back in time to those, overlooked goodies that got lost in the deluge of amount of product to choose from during the mid-seventies as styles on the turntables, jumped from real-Northern Soul, to disco, Funk or even downright Pop. 

Yes I think this was a missed opportunity that sounds so right for today.. Joe Drake's gnarled vocal, supported by an uncredited male vocal group, is top-drawer Northern Soul, elevated by some silky horn playing and a great trumpet solo. All make for a fabulous under-played dancer..that I've personally always had a soft spot. In the right hands this under-the-radar tune would turn heads.

But there's more, the flipside Horace takes Joe on a Bongo invested ride in FUNK. Full of enticing breaks, bass guitar rhythm collide with pumping brass, with the growlinng vocal adding defiance and attitude..

Two strong sides.. that as a Black stock copy is one dog-rare disc.. 

Looking stunning doesn't it..?

Condition Report

two near perfect labels, neither vinyl has even the lightest blemish is detectable... as near to a Manship mint as it gets.. Mint - / Mint - / Mint - and BLACK!

  •  £81.00

Sorry, this auction has ended.

  •  13/09/2017 18:00


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Edited by bo diddley

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4 hours ago, bo diddley said:

I thought Tony Galla would go for more on a JM Auction.

t thought at least double, nice to be wrong on the good side for a change.

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1 hour ago, samplat said:

People think that Tony Galla went for less than what it's worth and Bernie Williams more than . Bernie Williams is a 100!times rarer and 100 times better .

Yes I thought tony galla was very expensive and it's not that good imo.


was it 200 or so in early 2000s ?


not that long ago....

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