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bo diddley

J Manship Auction Results 27/09/2017

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GRAPEVINE the complete British Collection

Various Artists

The Complete UK Grapevine Collection / 47 x 7" 3 x LPs

Grapevine: 26001 (7")

For the FIRST time ever on this auction arena, here are the entire GRP series 47 Grapevine singles, fully 24 of them DEMO copies, not the stickered promo's but real-deal DEMO copies with DEMO labels and as a bonus all of the 3 Grapevines albums.

DEMO release #'s are: # 100, 104, 105, 107, 109, 110, 112 with picture cover, 113, 114, 116, 117, 120, 121,126, 127, 129, 130, 131, 133, 134, 135, 139, 142, 144, 

The remainder are fine clean copies, at least Ex+ to Mint 45's vinyl, with no label defects of any of this listing.

Wow! individually the most wanted Northern Soul UK releases ever! Collectively a lifetimes work to amass every single item, of this now iconic RCA late 70's vehicle for Northern Soul classic rarities.

A collection nobody under normal circumstances would ever part with, and unlikely to be repeated any time soon.

Condition Report

All discs are a least Ex + play surfaces. Every label A side and B-side is defect free, no writing, no centres missing, no tears, no stains. A eye-catching collection, a pulse racing gathering of all that was good in Northern Soul at the end of the 70's.<br /> <br /> Three albums are there, again in fine clean ex condition throughout, except for the cover of the one has light wear to top

  •  £1,111.00

Sorry, this auction has ended.

  •  27/09/2017 18:04
Cody Black - I'm Slowly Molding / Keep On Keeping On - King Promo

Cody Black

I'm Slowly Molding / Keep On Keeping On

King: 6148 (45s)

A Northern Soul hero with his most-wanted 45, presented here as an irresistible yellow promo, from B.R.B. productions of Detroit.

Grant Burton, Rudy Robinson and Cody Black find an outlet through King this time for their consistently fine product. This example offering up two fabulous sides both burnished with typically slick Detroit rhythms, stippled with sweet girl choruses as this quality tune cruises from one high point to the next. The soft purring of Cody Black are supported by understated horns, liberally sprinkled throughout this dancer prompting and thickening the production.

A perfect example of consummate recording, that doesn't become tangled into too much power and not enough class, B.R.B. ensure there is nothing there to drown a superior vocal resulting in one really classy groove, that has pleasured the Northern Soul crowd for years, it's rarity ensuring it never got over played...

A top tune for decades, that has only raised in value year on year... and the flipside has yet to have it's day.

If your seeking Top-Drawer Detroit in impeccable condition - this is it!

Condition Report

Two flawless yellow labels, two unblemished vinyls all housed in the colourful King sleeve.. collecting real rarities at it's most satisfying

  •  £788.00

Sorry, this auction has ended.

  •  27/09/2017 18:02
Home Of The Blues # 8

Home Of The Blues # 8

Home Of The Blues # 8 / March 1967 edition

Contempo: 8 (MAG)

RARE and fully 50 years old and looking virtually flawless!

24 glossy pages, purple text # 8 edition to the forerunner of the legendary Blues & Soul magazine.

Black and white Soul artist FULL PAGE pictures of: Billy Stewart, Little Richard, Howard Tate, The Soul Sisters, 

Live reviews of The Soul Sisters at All Star Cub in London & The Cavern Club in Liverpool.
Live Review of Alvin Cash & The Crawlers - Tiles Club, London

Review and biography of Prince Harold

The usual R&B charts, UK & USA. 45 and Album reviews

Some spectacular old Record Company and Record Shop adverts, full back page of the icon EMI "SOUL SUPPLY" LP releases. Full page advert for the Soul City Shop

and much more, making # 8 in the series arguably the most interesting issue of all those highly coveted early A5 Home Of The Blues & Bluesw & Soul..

and this listing is in the finest condition of any of the early edition, we've ever witness

Condition Report

Astonishing condition with the only signs of human contact 8 ticks on the 90 chart listings, presumably to "buy" reminders or already own. Adds authenticity to one very careful owner. One minuscule corner top crease bottom right. Otherwise MINT.

  •  £56.00

Sorry, this auction has ended.

  •  27/09/2017 18:00
Marilyn Barbarin - Just A Teenager / One Little Word - Nola

Marilyn Babarin

Just a Teenager / One Little Word

Nola: 741 (45s)

Rare Of The Rare Northern Soul.. and so much more

So rare this is a Raresoulman Auction debutante, sodden in all those essential Northern Soul elements that make a NS Dancer completely indispensable..

The oppening drum blow signals blaring brass to take to the air..then a naive but determined Sister vocal attacks the production, with a shrill voice knowing exactly what she wants.. her school girlfriends coo, woo away wit the background chorus.. but this tune is growing and you know this is just the beginning of something awesome..

The nice girl chorus is more urgent, as it spears the air.. chanting woo-woos as Marilyn gets to the point with a provocative "I'm Just a Teenager" "But I Know What I Want" whilst the Girl chorus takes on a more muscular stance and Northern Soul takes off...Full on Foot-To-The-Floor high-octane Northern Soul at it most motivational.

There has been many theories why this 45 is so insanely rare, as it is darn good. Other than the rumor this young gal got pregnant before the release, ironic to say the least. I think the simple answer to it insane rarity the label was coming to an end..about to be wounded up as a loss making exercise as they never again achieve the success "Barefootin'" brought to the table..20 releases earlier. I'#m thinking hardly any copies pressed or left the distributors as the death throws of the Nola label had their final breath..

One of the greatest Northern Soul 45's ever to emerge from New Orleans, and certainly one of the most potent Sister Northern Soul 45's ever! 

A once in a lifetime "Grail"... you know what you have to do

Condition Report

Vinyl has some mild surface marks, but as you can hear it plays loud, imposing and clean. Visually Ex plays Ex +. A-side label is a clean Ex+, flipside label has a minuscule "silverfish" nibble just to the left of the 741 release number.

  •  £1,467.00

Sorry, this auction has ended.

  •  27/09/2017 18:00
Rudy Lambert - Jamboree - Junior

Rudy Lambert

Jamboree / I'll Do It

Junior: 1002 (45s)

The same Bay Area R&B man who provided us with that elusive R&B grinder "Love" on on Club 7. Presents us with an off-the-scale-rare R&B 45 that only a very few DJ's and collectors can boast of owning..

R&B as rare as you like it and then some...

Was the Bay Area university town of Berkeley ready for such an moody down n'dirty dance groove. Pulling you into a whirlpool of R&B exotica. A filthy rare tune capturing the mood of the early 60's, evoking vision mysterious local clubs where this "Jamboree Dance" would have been played out. Lines of hand-clappin' dancers strolling the dancefloor, as a sultry saxophone whines away assisting a deeply rich vocal, soulfully moaning his way through a atmospheric R&B weirdness

Fabulous street-level individualism at it's best, with A-list DJ 's like New York's MIchael Robinson firmly behind it's turntable exposure... if you desire ownership of a validated rarity, which we don't ever expect to encounter again. This blend of R&B/Popcorn/Soul is it. they don't come any harder to acquire than this from the streets D.I.Y. mini-press from 1962 ?


Condition Report

surface marks gives up some light background noise, which is drowned out by Rudy booming vocal and the insistent sax.. The rich blue label has had at some point in it's life, water contact causing light "paling" of the blue in places (see scan). Vinyl has multiple fine surface hairlines from a life outside it's sleeve. Listen to the full soundfile provided. We only list less than Excellent 45's on our auctions, unless they are super rare. In the case of this disc, it is the first copy we have ever had, it is currently coveted by one of the world's top rare-soul DJ's and we don 't expect to ever see another. This disc at best is vg only but most likely your only chance of ownership...ever!

  •  £234.00

Sorry, this auction has ended.

  •  27/09/2017 18:00
Sandy Wynns - I'll Give That To You / You Turned Your Back On Me - Simco promo

Sandy Wynns

I'll Give That To You / You Turned Your Back On Me

Simco: 30001 (45s)

Not only this Northern Soul princess's rarest 45 by a long way. This seldom seen double-hitter is almost a Manship MINT!

From the desk of prolific song writer Jesse Herring who crafts yet another flowing 60's dance groove. This time enlisting the truly splendid voice of Edna Wright festoon with heavenly girl backing vocals, soaring horns pump up the atmosphere as the cooing girls enrich everything.

What a tune, so very good, it again begs the question why this never reached the status of Northern Soul classic, that some inferior NS plays have achieve. This only answer again can be this record has suffered from it's own unavailability, otherwise without question something this instant, this good would surely have risen t Casino Classic prominence and no doubt there would now be 70's bootlegs of it selling for healthy sums all over the internet..

The truth is back in Northern Soul heyday not too many DJ's owned a copy to play, and today many serious collectors and DJ have never had this 45 in their possession. Which brings me to the delicious flipside that remains right off the radar.. a stroller which showcasing the ease of the Sandy Wynns vocal, with Jesse Herring and team capturing hints of Motown in it's construction..

Two genuinely classy girl-sounds presented here in the best possible condition..

Condition Report

Two Perfect promo labels, vinyl is astonishingly flawless, just a few minuscule hairlines revealed under strong light, all housed inside it's birth sleeve. We doubt we'll ever witness a finer copy!

  •  £272.00

Sorry, this auction has ended.

  •  27/09/2017 18:00
Tommy & The Derby's

Tommy and The Derby's

Don't Play The Role / Handy Andy

Swing: 1001 (45s)

In distinguished velvety voice of Tommy Tate always captures attention but when it is presented through his most-wanted 45, the pulse races..

Butch's former cover-up still sends shivers of pleasure through your being, the imaginative intro, those soaring girl choruses are an exquisite backdrop for Tommy to lace his superior vocal through...a gently rising production that grabs you by the neck, dragging you to the dancefloor to be immerse in superior Northern Soul.

Rattling piano, orgasmic girl deliver one of the most effective girl choruses ever, and then it builds to a most marvelous crescendo towards the end, leaving you elated at it's perfectness.

Just a piano and Tommy Tate's purring would be enough to send in into another world, but this recording is drenched in "Northern Soul Moments" of brilliance.. 

It has everything you desire in a NS great, expect your ownership..


Condition Report

Nice gloss, some light hairlines under light, a solitary turntable retrieve surface mark from a hasty fingernail, just cosmetic, NOT affecting play. Check the irresistibly sound-file lifted from this disc. Labels are free of writing, stain, tears just carries expected surface blemishes for it's age (see scans)

  •  £2,022.00

Sorry, this auction has ended.

  •  27/09/2017 18:00
Patrice Holloway - Love And Desire / Ecstasy - UK Capitol Demo

Patrice Holloway

Love And Desire / Ecstasy

Capitol: CL15484 (45s)

The sound of 1966 Los Angeles Sister Soul served up by ex-Motown starlet Patrice Holloway.

Brenda's sister eclipses some of Motown's own with this Page brothers production. Billy "In Crowd" Page and brother Gene between them have created some of Northern Soul's most memorable recordings, this session certainly giving birth to not one but two killer Motownesque NS dancers. That of course graced the groundbreaking turntables of The Twisted Wheel and went on to blossom into one of Britain's most-wanted Soul 45's.

Patrice's much deliberated short stay over at Motown, the premature curtailment of her Motor City career certainly never had anything to do with her voice.. just like her sister Brenda, Patrice sung like an Angel. Perfect diction, timing and expression, featured on all her too few recordings, for such an exceptional voice..

This 45 gives up two stunning Northern Soul dancers which are just as good as each other. It matters not a jot which side you drop the arm on, this is a DJ pick that requires no thought , both sides saturated in the Northern Soul sound... so don't miss this 45 rarest most gorgeous form - the British Red & White Demo! 

Condition Report

vinyl has full gloss, there is a small "crescent" shaped mark on the a-side which does not affect play. B-side vinyl reveals a few light hairlines under strong light. Both sides play totally clean (listen) to the impressive dounle sound file from this disc. A-side Red "A" label has a faded almost invisible 31 on the label just above the NOT FOR SALE text (see scan) center hole has light wear. A red & white vision, giving up just the best girl Northern Soul possible.

  •  £250.00

Sorry, this auction has ended.

  •  27/09/2017 18:00
Jewels - We Got Togetherness MGM


We Got Togetherness / I'm Forever Blowing Bubbles

MGM: K13577 (45s)


This Northern Soul anthems least seen, most coveted form.

I first heard this runaway train, played I think by Kev Roberts at a Notts Palais all-dayer in the early 70's. A stunning New York first discovery for Kev, I'm thinking. From new discovery to Northern Soul gargantuan in just a few weeks as it speedy rhythms were exactly what the All niter crowd craved at the time. Simultaneously a monster at both Wigan Casino & Cleethorpes Pier. But back then I only ever saw the yellow promo copies; 

Ian Levine's preference for the more colourful release copies of Northern Soul 45's, went against what most collectors coveted.. but Ian's different stance, encouraged more and more collectors to seek out the rare stock copy 45's on Decca, Brunswick, Kapp, MGM etc. as "blacks" witnessed in a "label run" are so very attractive.

So here is a record in it's "black" clothes that is part of the very fabric of Northern Soul, it's history and it's racing sound, that the dancers required to use up all that energy those little pills had provided..

This is real Northern Soul of it's time. This is a seldom seen STOCK copy looking so inviting still in it's birth sleeve..

Noting this slab of relentless Northern Soul, comes from Bobby & Peggy Baskerville no strangers to stomping rhythms, check out Bobby's "Dot" 45 another steamrollering experience.

Condition Report

Vinyl has light surface hairlines, plays clean excellent (listen) visually vg+, both labels are flaw free, except the usual tiny cut-out bb drill the majority of these MGM 60's 45s were subject to.

  •  £161.00

Sorry, this auction has ended.

  •  27/09/2017 18:00
Invitations - What's Wrong With Me Baby / Why Did My Baby Turn Bad - Dynovoice promo


What's Wrong With Me Baby ? / Why Did My Baby Turn Bad

Dynovoice: 210 (45s)

There are Northern Soul classics, then there are records you would take to the grave with you, as being some of the greatest recordings you ever heard. Indelible from the very first listen to the last, triggering euphoric recall from the Soul times of your wonder years..life defining songs that steered you on a path, you have seldom veered from and always come back..

"What's Wrong With Me Baby" is one of those Soul club experiences you never forget, I remember with a little flutter in the stomach the first Stateside UK press I ever owned, and I treasured it! It was after all one of the most-wanted 45 in the UK for a very long time during the late 60s. But before you today is a different vision, a flawless Mint minus USA press still in it's birth-sleeve.

This listing is not just about how dear to Northern Soul hearts this Charlie Calello steered masterpiece is, it's is about the spanking condition. 

Take note of the two unblemished labels, sitting inside an uncommon Dynovoice cover, just beautiful but the climax comes when the 45 leaves the sleeve, glistening vinyl that's hardly seen a turntable. Just a few very mild sleeve contact hairlines take it just a whisker away from Mint!

One for the Northern Soul top 500 Classic chasers, who's paramount concern is condition and want the best looking their very best.. this is it! 

In 2017 a gleaming Invitations - What's Wrong With Me Baby - is a sight to savoir

Condition Report

As described above, we are very unlikely to ever find a finer copy!

  •  £164.00

Sorry, this auction has ended.

  •  27/09/2017 18:00
John Parker - A Big Mistake / Just a Thing Called Love - Brunswick

John Parker

A Big Mistake / Just a Thing Called Love

Brunswick: 55427 (45s)

A rarely encountered and gorgeous "sample" BLACK stock copy housed in the correct Brunswick sleeve.

Here's a record shrouded in mystery, the writer and the producer seem to only have this 45 credited to them (maybe a pseudonym) because both sides offer up such high quality Soul that surely this can't be Samuel Stewart's first attempt at making a record, and John Parker could be anybody off a long list of John Parker's involved in music, one thing we do know for certainly it is not the respected British Soul collector / DJ John Parker... as there's no hint of a North Of England accent in those touching lyrics

It may be steeped in obscurity and present us with vinyl conundrum, but isn't that how we all like it...

Because this John Parker delivers a vocal delicacy, that surely could only be served up by a seasoned Soul man. Likewise those sympathetic horns could only have been directed by a talented producer.. "A Big Mistake" for me is one of the finest "Sunday Chill Out" candidates on the circuit at this moment. That's why any copies were snapped up a long since. To hear Soulful quality of this level is not an every day occurrence! A mood-changing delight, that digs deep into your senses drawing out those emotions that shaped you as a Soul Guy/Girl in the first place...ideal for Carib Soul, Feed Your Soul, Horse and Groom, Tuff Love, Diggin' Deeper etc. are all illuminated by this style of Pure Soul..

In contrast the flipside, in an upbeat slab of Northern Soul again all the better for those blasting horns, that takes on a more "Latin" stance as that expressive vocal ups the pace, for a solid dancer dripping in charm..

So who are you Mr. John Parker, and who is Samuel Stewart? There is no way Soul of this calibre is created by "beginners" ... is there?


Condition Report

Those seldom seen BLACK labels; the side we lead with has a "Sample" sticker on it, flipside carries an X (see scans). Vinyl has a couple of faint surface brushes (one each side) neither affecting play. So close to Mint - (sound is Mint) A mighty clean copy inside the correct Brunswick sleeve. A beautiful looking 45.

  •  £81.00

Sorry, this auction has ended.

  •  27/09/2017 18:00


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