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Hello! Mini Clearout of discs I have with me in Australia, all at reduced prices!!!

If you see anything there Contact me on or, I'm English so would prefer payment in Sterling, Cheque or Cash..

You pay postage, just indicate where and I'll get back in touch, Australian Post now charge a flat $9.99 AUD rate on all packages, but will calculate as and when.

** Any Dealers looking to buy a job Lot, get in touch **

Prices are quoted in Sterling...

Originals USA 7" (all Mint - Mint Minus unless otherwise stated)

Maxine Crayton - Don't take your Love / Steel Town          30 UKP

Great Femme crossover track, Ex Shifty spin)

Melvin Davis - You made me over / I'm worried / Invictus           50 UKP

(Class both sides, one Deep one 7ts Floater, this books at 70 Pounds!)

Ace Spectrum - Don í…¡t send nobody else / Atlantic                35 UKP

(like the day it was made, MINT!)

Just Brothers - Sliced Tomatoes / Music Merchant (2 copies, 8 UKP per disc)

JG Lewis - What am I Gonna Do / IX Chains 5 UKP

(This is Johnny Gilliam!)

Barbara Mason - Give me your Love / German Pic sleeve      5 UKP

Ex (Plays with a bit of noise, otherwise Brill track)

Homer Strickland - I'll get over you / Jadan 20 UKP

(Far better male version of Kennya Collins)

Ray Pettis - Think it over / Dee Dee          8 UKP

(Nice Crossover track with decent flip)

Theola Kiglore - This is My Prayer / Serock  5 UKP each

Classic deep track!! have 2 blue stock copies)


Parliaments - look at what I almost missed / Revilot                5 UKP

(Great Group version of Pat Lewis on Solid Hit)

Jimmy Ricks & Ravens - On Chapel Hill / Jubilee                 4 UKP

Tyrone Davis - I cant make it / Dacar                                  5 UKP

(Allot of his records are underrated)

Debra - What's it Gonna be / Gree-Jack                                5 UKP

(Good one, seen this at 15 quid last week, bargin at a Fiver!)

Ruby Winters - Were Living to give / Diamond                        5 UKP

John Ovenchip overpriced this by 20 quid!!

James Gadson - Got to find my baby / Cream                         5 UKP

(Great underrated 7ts dancer)

Bette Jean Plummer - Baby I want you back / Salem             8 UKP

(Nice Crossover track from a great label)

Dells - The Change we go through / Cadet                                    4 UKP

(This is a nice little Nice Dells track)

7" Re-Issue Soul

Kurt Harris - Emperor of my Broken Heart / Ruby Winters - Better   10 UKP

(Two class Diamond tracks look alike copy!!)

Expansion Special Reserve Discs all 5 UKP each

The Whispers - Where there is love / In Love Forever / Expan Special          5 UKP

(in demand track from this all time group, flipped with a great mid tempo item)

Connie Laverne - Cant live without you / Expansion Special Reserve      5 UKP

(What can you say, this is up there with the BEST! originals only made it to Demo stages)

All Grapevine 2000 releases are 8 UKP; these are always sold for 10 quid!!

George Hobson - Can't it be real / Grapevine 2000                            8 UKP


Cynthia Sheeler - I'll cry over you / Grapevine 2000                          8 UKP

(Sweet and then Some, this is SEX on a DISC believe me!!!)

Matt Brown - Thank you baby/Sweet thing / Grapevine 2000         8 UKP

(Both sides, classic 7ts / Modern track that cost 400 plus on original)

Goldmine 7's

Patti & Emblems - Gonna love you a long long time 

Ann Byers - I'm happy without you / Goldmine            

(Classic northern with a Mid Tempo beauty from Ann Byers) 3 UKP

Bob & Fred - I'll be on my way /

Parliaments - Heart Trouble / Goldmine                        3 UKP

(Both Classic northern)

Antiques - Go for your self /

Utopias - girls are against me / Goldmine                  3 UKP

(Both Classic northern)

The Innersection - let me Luv yuh /

Will Collins Will Power - Is there anything I can do / Goldmine    3 UKP

(Both sides, classic 7ts / Modern tracks) Green Labels

The Thymes - Do your self a favour /

Pentagons - Gonna Wait for you / Kent     5 UKP

(Both Unreleased tracks from the Lee Silver Kent CD)

Soul 12" / 7ts & 8ts Modern etc.

Players Association - Turn up the Music / Vanguard  10 UKP

(Classic that crossed over everywhere!!)

Funk Masters - It's all over / Master Funk             10 UKP

(Sweet track, you will be singing this for weeks!)

Mica Paris - Stay / Contempo UK                        5 UKP 

(TOP TOP late 9ts track from Mica, buy Blind with confidence, this is a stunner!!)

Romina Johnson - taste of Bitter Love / Dome             5 UKP

(Classic Ashford Simpson penned track RECC)

Cornell Stone - Never get enough of your love / FER             6 UKP

(Classic 2002 FER Track has made some great records this guy!!)        

Headquarters Feat Anjelia Anuforo -I want you / FER             6 UKP

(Lesser known Great Modern Soul Track)

Mr Day - Soul on Wax / Rotax            8 UKP

(French made disc made a big Stir last year, Great Track period!)           

Kim English - Simply Grateful / SuSu                                      5 UKP

(Massive Modern Sound!! Recc)

Cynthia Biggs Project - Cant Out love this Love / FER             6 UKP

(Lesser known from the label)

Cooly's Hot Box - Over & Over / Take it / Happy Feelings        6 UKP

Dome EP (4 tracks from their LP, all class recordings)

Jean Carne - If you Believe / Expansion   8 UKP

(Was her first record in 8-10 years a corker!!)

Roland Clarke / Urban Soul - Happy / Blaze Remix 8 UKP

(lesser known, I hear this places though)

Star Suit - Mondo Grosso Blaze Remix / King Street             8 UKP

(INST, 15 Mins of JAZZ INFLUENCED CLASS!!! from the Blaze guys)

Blaze Feat Amira - I think of you / Restless Soul Mix) / Slip N' Slide     5 UKP

(SHEER BLAZE BRILLIANCE!!) She's got one hell of a voice I can tell you!!

Jocelyn Brown - Somebody Else í…¡s Guy / 4th & Broadway                10 UKP

(Classic 8ts track no intro needed!!)

Jazzy Grooves Vol 1 / Eight Ball   10 UKP                                                            (Early 9ts 6 Track EP that was collectable on Issue, try finding this now!

Coffee - Casanova / De Lite                                                                5 UKP

Kick Ass version of an Armstead Classic Recommended)

Anthony White - Stop and Think it over / PIR             5 UKP 

Classic Reissue 12" (backed with Teddy Pendergrass!!)

Beauty & the Beast - Love x                         5 UKP

(Picked up interest back in 2002, Great Modern House / Soul track)

Jo Jo - Tonite / Best friend / Urban Star      5 UKP

(Tonites a killer track Well Reck)

Dazz Band Feat Miss Cherokee - Ready for your love / Urban Star   5 UKP

(All these urban Star releases are underrated IMO)

Manzel - Its All over / Dope Brother   5 UKP

(New York Inst, Good one as well!!)

Ronny Jordan - Sacred Rhythm / Blue Note 2 demo discs  8 UKP

(Brill workout from Ronn, 15 mins of Wizardry!! Highly Recc!!)

Amel Larrieux - Sweet Misery / Epic    

From the LP Infinite possibilities, only made demo on a 12" RECC!!) 8 UKP

Colonel Abrams - Don't Give me a love that I cant use / Sirrah             8 UKP

(Caused a Stir on release HIGHLY RECC)

John Cutler - Its Yours / Chex                         8 UKP

(** MASSIVE** Deep house track from 3 years back, Highly RECC)

Circle in the Round - Devil of cruelty / Dorado                         8 UKP

(My TIP, loved this, well worth a Punt for the money if you don't know it, piano led track that got that something, Highly RECC!

Hope you find something there.

Cheers Ears!!          



Malcolm Collins

Headpress Pty Limited

Level 4, 46-56 Holt St Surry Hills NSW 2010, Australia

Phone: 612 9698 6140 Fax: 612 9698 6141



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