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Hayley label catalogue

Has anyone ever compiled a catalogue of tunes on the Hayley label?  I remember having quite a few of these but there must be more. would it be classed as a legit label nowadays? Thanks for any help.  T Bone.

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It always has been 'legit' you cheeky sod. 20th Anniversary next year.

For those who asked, here is the current availability situation for the last TEN Hayley Records and BKE releases.

HR 026 STYLISTS I need your loving (to satisfy my soul) b/w JOHNNY GRIFFITH BAND Please operator. AVAILABILITY.

HR 025 TONY HESTER Keep a hold on me b/w PERFECTIONS Just can't leave you. AVAILABILITY.

HR 024 BOBBY SHEPPARD Surely b/w GILFORD & SCRUGGS Don't let ,me lose it. AVAILABILITY.

HR 023 JIMMY DELPHS The flip side b/w BAND TRACK Don't tell me maybe. AVAILABILITY.


HR 021 SHARON McMAHAN I have no choice. SOLD OUT.

HR 020 JIMMY DELPHS Where there is love SOLD OUT.

HR019 DEON JACKSON Pain in my heart b/w I've got so much love. SOLD OUT.


BKE 001 AL WILLIAMS I am nothing b/w Try them. AVAILABILITY.

BKE 002 MASQUERADERS I got the power b/w One more chance. AVAILABILITY.

All singles are £15 each inc. post (UK only) except JJ. BARNES Lucille which is £25 inc. post (UK only)

OR visit the website www.hayleyrecords.co.uk

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