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Poll: Version battle - Key In The Mailbox

Version Battle - Key In The Mailbox  

This poll is closed to new votes
  1. 1. my shout is...

    • Susan Phillips
    • Vivian Copeland
    • Barbara Jean English

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  • Poll closed on 30/09/19 at 18:47


another version poll show up

this time around its another suggestion from Paul Temple aka @Rictic66

here ya go...


My key is always in the mailbox. Features some great soul names including Richard Tee, Bert Keyes  and George Kerr. I have all three bought at different times over the years.  None expensive £15-20 ish  early 70s  

1 Susan Phillips on All Platinum

Susan Phillips - Key In The Mailbox


2 Vivian Copeland on D’oro  

Vivian Copeland - He Knows My Key (Is Always In The Mailbox)


3 Barbara Jean English on Alitalia album and Contempo Uk

Barbara Jean English  - Key In The Mailbox


there ya go, 3 versions

if up for it all you need to do is listen and then share your take via vote or comments or both

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Tough one.

BJE for me, but no stand out reason. Maybe a bit less sombre..


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Vivian Copeland and Susan Phillips are very similar. BJE more sweet soul. All VCs three singles on D’oro are worth a listen if not a purchase especially the sublime I don’t Care with Oh No Not my Baby a la Maxine Brown and so many others - but a great version. SS had an interesting topic on SP some years ago as Discogs inferred she may also be aka Sharon Soul, but this is still a mystery. PT

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looking at closing this one monday evening

so if aint voiced your view yet then you need to be quick 👍

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Vivian singing performance for me holds the best the tune. The fact that the instrumentation is rawer must also participate some in that.

Susan version is close musically (with some flourish instrumentation additions) but her singing sounds somehow less convinced/ing to me.

Barbara Jean interpretation is new to me and "refreshing" to hear even if at first sight sounds a tad "light", more "poppy" and "cheesy"... 😜

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Posted (edited)

oI like the Vivian Copeland version best.Record  was written and arranged by fellow New Jersey Shore,Asbury Park related writers and producers,Ray Dahrouge of Ray and The Darchaes and prolific writer Billy Terrell.

Edited by recordsnracin

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I'll go for the Vivian Copeland version. Production is a bit stripped down but very effective with good lead and background harmonies.  

Susan Phillips has a rather thin voice despite a very good horn arrangement and backing harmonies.

Don't care for the BJE version at all. Far too lush string arrangement and that harp!!

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