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  1. Just got word here that my friend and record collector/dealer/Philly record store owner John Moore has passed away. Some of you in UK probably knew him.
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  2. the best blue eyed soul.....The Magnificent Men
  3. The RE-VELLS were a different group coming out of Trenton,New Jersey to the best of my knowledge. Ken recordsnracin
  4. Don't post here much but read daily and this thread caught my attention and as I read thru I saw a few posts from my old collector friend who bought so many records from me,Bob Abrahamian.How I miss him.
  5. recordsnracin


  6. I was so lucky to be the right age at the right time and the right place.I was in college in south Jersey from 1961-65,just a subway ride from Camden over the bridge and north on Broad Street to Dauphin St across the street from the Uptown Theatre.As a Caucasian I drew stares but didn't have any problems,although I only went to matinees as I wouldn't chance it at night.I was lucky to have seen the original Motown revue along with dozens of the stars of that era,favorites such as Major Lance,Vibrations,Patti and Bluebelles who were outta sight live,Joe Tex,Drifters,Impressions and on and on.Almost all had some dance routines or "acts" that raised the level of excitement of the crowd.But I agree,Major Lance,Vibrations,and Contours were among the best.Oh what memories. 1965 brought graduation,marriage and of course on the down side the race riots. It was only after about 5 yrs of marriage I talked the wife into seeing shows in Asbury Park,NJ near our home with Sam & Dave,Magnificent Men, Joe Tex, 5 Stairsteps and others.Then the family started and the times changed.Now I am able to go back in time a bit with the nostalgia oldies shows and oldies concerts and many of the reformed groups of old.As I said ,right place,right time.Thanks for reading my trip down Memory Lane.
  7. Does anyone here know who Alexander Graham Kowalski was? He was the first telephone Pole. Abit of bad American humor
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  8. Come See About Me was also done by Philly songstress NELLA DODDS on wand....not The Nelodods as quoted by ROBURT.
  9. I live about an hour from The "Count" and have known him for a long time.Every word all you have written I have seen in person. Believe me,you all have hit the nail on the head...his reputation is just as bad amongst us in the USA.Despite the way he treats everyone,I still feel a bit for him as he has led a rough life,now uses a motorized wheelchair and lost a son to substance abuse. His actions and unscrupulous behaviors are well documented.
  10. UK's answer to "The Count"?
  11. that comment screams for a visual
  12. To see more of The Masqueraders in the 2000s, go to Charlie Horner's great website classicurbanharmony.net and see pics and story on when they appeared at 2 events in New Jersey for Charlie.Great pics and story.
  13. Etta James All I Could Do Was Cry every time all the time.What a record!!!!
  14. I always try to accommodate my UK buyers with my $2-3 values.i don't have many big price records but many nice $8-10 range.add me to your search for your low end musical wants.Occasionally a "biggie" might show up.same username as here....recordsnracin. Thank you to all my UK buyers and Happy New Year.
  15. If I recall correctly,Timothy Wilson was Tiny Tim & The Hits on Roulette and is currently very much alive and singing lead with Jimmy Merchant and Herman Santiago with Frankie Lymon's Teenagers.

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