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  1. westender


    Lovely beer but I like Boltmaker just a little bit more. There really is a tremendous choice available nowadays. Current faves - Harviestoun Bitter n twisted, Theakstons XB, Dartmoor brewery Jail Ale, Badger Tangle Foot, Bath Ales Gem, Fullers London Pride, Ridleys Old Bob, Wadsworths 6X, Hook norton Old Hooky, Black sheep ale and keltek Magik.
  2. westender

    Stax Dancers

    Some good 'uns already up here and why wouldn't there be? Stax made so many great recordings and boasted a brilliant roster of talent. I'd add just a few, Soul Children - Hearsay, Sam & Dave - You dont know like I know, Barkays - Soul finger, Staple Singers - City in the sky, Eddie Floyd - Big bird, Otis - Shake
  3. Thats a shock. A singer very much of the old school. RIP Sharon.
  4. westender

    People still read books ?

    Just received a copy of "Respect Yourself, Stax Records and the Soul Explosion" Looking forward to getting stuck into it. Have just finished the 3rd and final book in the Ravens Shadow series by Anthony Ryan. Outside of GoT I haven't read much fantasy but these were good reads.
  5. westender

    shorts and trainers

    I cant see as it makes any difference whatsover. As long as you are decent, then it should be down to you what you wear. Shorts in summer seem fine to me. Go with what you are comfortable in I'd say. I would though draw the line at the wearing of hats indoors. Its' one of the things that bug the hell out of me.
  6. westender

    (Anti) Social Media

    Its a question of degree. Using these devices at the right time, unobtrusively and sparingly, is utterly fine. The technology is great if used in the right way. Problem is that some people get obsessed to the point it takes over and they lose all sense of balance. The dancefloor is for dancing, not for some soppy prat to film on. That really is taking things to extremes. By all means use the tools that are now available, but don't get to the point where you cant leave a device at home, or cannot spend 5 minutes away from FB without getting withdrawl symptoms.
  7. westender


    I'm glad to do it was a killer deep cut. Dont think he recorded much after that. Another artist who recorded far too little.
  8. Southern Soul and Country have a proud and deeply satisfying connection. A good country song, performed by a soul singer is often an unbeatable combination. There are dozens examples of such a happy union. To each his own of course but to hate the timeless music of Hank Williams, Loretta Lynn, Emmylou Harris and Johnny Cash strikes me as a little extreme.
  9. westender

    A few deep soul recommendations please

    Fantastic track. Great vocal but boy those Muscle Shoals players were something, weren't they? A few more to consider When she touches me - Rodge Martin Another mans woman - Laura Lee Oh what I'd give - Tommy Collins Just a touch of your hand - Al Gardner You hurt me for the last time - Otis Clay Asking for the truth - Reuben Bell We gonna make it - Roger Hatcher Anyone but you - Barbara West Mr Independent - Soul Twins Easier to say than do - Betty Lavette I want to be free - Connie McGill & the Visions
  10. westender

    A few deep soul recommendations please

    Yep, its Wee Gee. What a cracking record.
  11. westender

    A few deep soul recommendations please

    Just a few of my favourites Aint gonna do you no good - Betty Willis I feel like crying - Sam & Bill What did i do wrong - Betty Harris Down to my last heartbreak - Kenny Ballard Self preservation - Bill Brandon Satisfaction guaranteed - Judy White My new found joy - Jimmy Richards You dont have to be crazy - Marvin Preyer Its all over - Johnny Robinson I'm going for myself - Eddie & Ernie I'm never gonna live it down - Knight Brothers When he touches me - Gloria Jones I made it over - Jimmy Robins I'll go crazy - Tony Ashley I dont wanna leave you - Debbie Taylor Half a man - Shirley Wahls Take me as I am - Mitty Collier Its got to be tonight - Willie Johnson Let nothing separate us - Arthur Conley I've come a long way - Wilson Pickett How can I put out the flame - Candi Staton Good to me - Otis Redding
  12. westender

    Rio Olympics - halfway ?

    We'll finish with 67 medals and be 2nd in the table. That really is an impressive feat. So many standouts but the 16 year old winning a gymnastics bronze and the hammer bronze really made me smile. The hockey gold was a brilliant all round team effort by a group of players who simply refused to lose.
  13. westender

    A few deep soul recommendations please

    Dean, Head over to John Ridley's outstanding site at http://www.sirshambling.com/ You'll have the chance to learn a whole heap about the artists and to hear bucketloads of brilliant deep Soul.
  14. westender

    Rio Olympics - halfway ?

    Its been terrific. I've enjoyed it enormously, particularly the cycling, rowing and gymnastics. Our team are going great guns. 50 + medals is really quite an achievement.
  15. westender

    Gregory Porter in Concert

    Think the pianist was Chip Crawford who has played with Gregory for a few years now. He is a mighty fine player. Gregory is just class.


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