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  1. A few thoughts. Make it easier for people to dispose of litter by having more bins and introduce bottle (glass and plastic) recycling bins. Issue a token for each returned item so there is an incentive to recycle. Further, have recycling points for paper/plastic on all main streets and in shopping areas. Make it the responsibility of all fast food outlets to arrange litter bins close to their premises, and for them to ensure the immediate area is free from litter. Employ more people to collect litter and maintain a tidy area. Overflowing bins are never a good sight and more could be done with increased pick ups. Raise the profile of littering. Make it clear it is an antisocial activity and should be curbed. Fine offenders, whether they be businesses or individuals and ensure it is publicised. Encourage the very best behaviour starting in schools. Now most of these things will require some investment. Councils have tight budgets and the days of the road sweeper is long gone. Expecting legions of refuse collectors is unrealistic. However, a local or national tax could be raised which would go a long way in providing the infrastructure and the manpower to tackle this issue. Ultimately, though, it is down to individuals to do the right thing. Most will, but some will need a touch more encouragement.
  2. Peaky Blinders is back. It looks right, sounds good is very well put together and performed. And yet.......I dunno, some of the storylines are utterly ridiculous, Tommy's ability to distance himself from all sorts of wrongdoing becomes ever more bizarre, while the intrusive music and slo mo shots are becoming just a bit tiresome. One series too many?
  3. Vocal for me, though its a close run thing as the instrumental track is so beautifully arranged and stands up in its own right.
  4. Jeannie was a damn good singer. Here's another one showcasing her terrific voice....
  5. Proper singer, Sharon Jones. The material she had was a bit mixed. This is a nice one, I reckon.
  6. Having one of the greatest voices ever caught on tape gives any group a head start. The Dells were more than just Marvin Junior, recording classic side after classic side over decade's. You could pick dozens of great tracks, but this is one I particularly enjoy.
  7. "Baby wont you please, oh please come back home......" Otis in cracking form (as per usual). The strings and the background vocals of R-C-R are just sublime.
  8. Hate to go against the Chi Lites but i'm going to plump for Three Shades of Soul. Vocally there isn't much in it as all three versions have strong leads and tasteful harmonies, but the 3 Shades take is rhythmically a little more interesting and does feature an organ, which i'm a bit of a sucker for. Yes, on that basis i'm going to go for it.
  9. Great mid tempo swayer. Love that baritone sax/guitar interplay. The whole arrangement is just perfect.
  10. One of the greats. A very important and hugely influential artist. The Duke material is wonderful but I really enjoyed the ABC years and, in particular, some of his Malaco outings.
  11. "Masterpeices" is a bit of stretch, but this has been a good series with plenty of fine tracks to enjoy. The best is left to last with the fabulous Freddie Scott.
  12. Blimey Holman's vocal is woefully bad. The track sounds like a demo to me with a rudimentary rhythm track, no horns or background vocals. Maybe Eddie was larking about, trying a few things?
  13. Fantastic end to CWC19 . Gotta feel for NZ to lose like that. Ben Stokes is some player. Hopefully lots of people denied access to Sky tuned in to channel 4 and were thrilled by the drama.
  14. Tremendous piece of uptempo Memphis soul featuring the great OV Wright..... That sound, raw yet so exciting and uninhibited.
  15. I've become so averse to this particular trend that I tend to turn off whenever I hear someone respond with "So...." I know its just a fad and it will fade into obscurity before too long, but whenever I hear it I want to slap the speaker very hard around the head.

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