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  1. Having unfortunately witnessed the pre fight knockabout with these titans of the sporting world, i can only hope that they each land a knockout blow in the first minute and they are both laid sparko.
  2. The O'Jays in great form. Love the way Eddie phrases the lyric. The harmonies are, of course, sublime.......
  3. Another one slightly out of left field. Susan is essentially a blues artist but with a hint of soul and country in her repertoire (check out the Tedeschi Trucks Band). She's just really good........
  4. Immaculate cut from Lamont. His 70's albums are first rate..
  5. Early A & S. Short but oh so sweet....
  6. The Dells sounding just fantastic. Marvin.....what a singer. Simple arrangement but that can't detract from the wonderful vocals.
  7. Irma in majestic form. The MS guys are just superb. What a combination, what a track....
  8. The Isley's have a fantastic catalogue to draw upon but really the quality dried up by the late 70's. Now down to a duo. I dunno, I think it might be best just to retire gracefully and remember them when they were in their pomp during the 60's and 70's.
  9. The Gene Middleton track is a sure fire winner. But flip it over and you get this gem! Great double sider from a very good singer. Shame he didn't record more.
  10. Billy made some great records, often with a heavy Gospel flavour. He was a brilliant musician and no mean singer. Loved this when it was released. Still sounds so very good....
  11. Memphis Soul par excellence. OV was one of the greats.
  12. Great artist with a fantastic back catalogue. 50 years making great music. You could drop a needle on almost anything he recorded and hit on a top track but i really liked a lot of his later recordings for Malaco. This is a real gem.....
  13. Very nice Rick. A new name to me. Here's something a bit different. Contemporary US Band who mix soul, blues and rock to very good effect. Maybe not for everyone but i think this is really nice and plenty soulful enough....
  14. Cracking track from New Birth, who made some great records and featured one of our music's most under rated singers. Wonder what would have happened had Leslie Wilson gone solo and been properly promoted. We'll never know....
  15. Another one from Cissy, this time fronting the Sweet Inspirations. Just sublime....

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