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  1. Really nice one from Willie. Definite touch of the Hi sound but that's perfectly fine by me......
  2. As good as I hoped and expected. Walter Jackson sets a ridiculously high bar with the stunning opener, and then we have the brilliant and oh so under appreciated Jimmy Radcliffe and Junior Lewis (CL Blast) to round things off. Can we have a companion CD featuring the great female voices of the era now please?
  3. She's a considerable talent. The comparison with Roberta is a good one.
  4. Lizz is one of the best singers out there. Fabulous version of a great gospel song....
  5. Great track from an artist who put out consistently good recordings during his career.
  6. Looks a cracking compilation. Have ordered my copy.... Another top notch offering from Kent, who have done a fantastic job in putting out so much classic soul music over the last 20 odd years.
  7. Welcome article on a very under rated singer. The 3 deep cuts mentioned are quite outstanding.
  8. What an utterly sublime track. Jean's vocal is superb, but thats a given. She is a brilliant singer with a unique sound. The production, arrangement and playing are all exemplary. The guitar work, featuring that lovely tasteful solo, is typical of the craft and skill that the Philly guys had in spades. The care and attention that went into this recording is mind blowing.
  9. Nice Memphis style groove from Derek on this one. Tip top all round...
  10. Here's a different take on a Beatles song. Lakeside were really good on the ballads and mid tempo material. Mark Wood was an excellent singer...
  11. A track I really liked when it came out. Still sounding good. Nice blend of voices...
  12. This one is out of the top drawer. Those harmonies are just fantastic and the band....well, EWF could play a bit, couldn't they?
  13. One of the greats. That voice..... Brilliant early track.
  14. This is a good 'un. They did some fine tracks, though much suffered from the flat production which was in vogue in the 80s/90s. This features a fuller production and real instruments, along with a very strong all round vocal performance.
  15. High class vocalising from Glenn Jones and Genobia Jeter on this modern gospel belter. The way Glenn comes in around the 1'40' mark is just thrilling.....

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