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  1. Rufus without Chaka. Helen Lowe sings this one just fine. Great arrangement, a hook that doesn't let go and some tasty guitar. Very under rated track....
  2. Wicked groove with a thoughtful lyric. Mesmerising track from a very talented artist ......
  3. Great Deep 60's duet. These guys could really sing. Didn't record much unfortunately.....
  4. This is a good one. Very nicely put together and performed....
  5. David Sea - Do it right now Fine performance from a very good singer. Written by the great Roscoe Robinson whose recording is a must listen...
  6. This one swings along very nicely. Love those horns!
  7. Willie is a tip top singer. Really fine version of the Joe Simon classic...
  8. Pembrokeshire Murders was very good. The Serpent is an engrossing watch. The lead character is seriously creepy. Spiral is absolutely tip top. I'm catching up on the Vera series. Only started watching them a few weeks back but Brenda Blethyn is so good as Vera that she's moved into my top 3 of TV detectives along with Jack Regan and Christopher Foyle.
  9. High class vocalising from the brilliant Tracy Hamlin. Pianist is no slouch either...
  10. That's a nice one. Alex sounds a bit like Thelma Houston to me. That isn't exactly a bad thing, of course.... Belting track from a one off album that featured Kenny Hamber on vocals.
  11. This is bold. Pretty good all round effort i reckon. Ryan's one of the best contemporary male singers.
  12. Agree completely with this. I've discovered a lot of music/artists i wasn't aware of via youtube. Its a fantastic resource, where you can dip into all sorts of music that isn't available elsewhere. Internet radio can be very good and podcasts are an invaluable addition to the listening choices we now have.
  13. Good read. Nice to shine a light on Carolyn, who was terribly under rated and under recorded. So sad that she never got the recognition she deserved and left life far too early. What an extraordinary trio of talented sisters the Franklin's were.
  14. Terrific mid 60's swayer. Great horns, guitar, background vocals and a tip top lead effort from Stacy......
  15. That's a great find. Donny in imperious voice. What a singer, what a talent..... Edit - see also fine version by Zulema

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