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Family Circle Soul Club, Stockholm December 21st

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Playlists for Family Circle Soul Special at bar venue Söders Hjärta in Stockholm last Saturday 17:0 - 01:00. Great atmosphere and lots of great music. Next Family Circle event is Saturday January 31st at Bar Brooklyn 22:00 - 03:00.

Jens Chreisti 
1st set
The Unifics - Tables Turned
Chicago Gangsters- 5-10-15-20(25-30 Years Of Love
The Mystiques- So Good To Have You Home Again 
JJ Barnes - Lonely No More 
Dobby Dobson - What Love Has Joined Together 
Frankie Redmond- Yesterday I Believe I Lied 
The Imoressions - I’m So Proud Of You 
Otis Leavill - Let Her Love Me
Dee Edwards - You Say You Love Me
The Temptations- Since I Lost My Babys Love 
Lloyd Williams- In Love With You 
Aretha Franklin- Cry Like A Baby 
The Appreciations- No No No
Ernie Johnson- I Can’t Stop The Pain 

2nd set 
Ann Byers - I’m Happy Without You 
Maxine Brown- Seems You’ve Forsaken My Love 
Melvin Davis - This Love Was Meant To Be
The Autographs - On A Hot Summer Day In The Big City 
George Soule - Midnight Affair 
Patti Drew - Stop and Listen 
Vicky Labat - Got To Keep Holding On
Count Demon - Work With It
Bobby Bland- I’m So Tired
Cynthia & Imaginary Three - That’s What I Am Without You
Ann Bogus- Don’t Ask Me To Love Again 
Prince Paul- In the Beginning 
Brad Lundy - Breaking Point (70’s dance version)
Kelly Brothers- Crying Days Are Over 

3rd Set
Little Ann- Lean Lanky Daddy
Satisfactions- Take It Or Leave It
Caressors- I Can’t Stay Away 
The Appointments- I Saw You There 
The Moonlighters- Lonely Baby 
TNT Band- The Meditation 
Four Tops- It Could Almost Drive Me Out Of My Mind 
ZZ Hill- Universal Love 
Chuck Jackson- What Am I Gonna Do Without You
Out Of Sights- The Rest Of My Life (Boddie version)

Early doors:
Curtis Mayfield - Show me love (Curtom)
Bobby Duke - I gotta be with you (Verve)
Five Stairsteps - Danger she’s a stranger (Windy C)
Olympics- Baby I’m yours (Loma)
Judy Clay - Lonely people do foolish things (Scepter)
Freddie Scott - Where does love go (Colpix)
Jimmy Bee - Why did I lose you baby (20th Century)
Mel Britt - Love invented misery (Fip)
Counts - What’s it all about (TM)
Joseph Cotton - Day by day (Pashlo)

Mary Wells - If you can’t give her love (Reprise)
David Ruffin - What you gave me (Motown LP)
Robert Tanner - Sweet memories (Megatone)
O.V. Wright - I can’t believe (Backbeat LP)
Bobby Patterson - Everything good to you (Paula LP)
Spinners - Sweet thing (Motown)
Little Reuben - In the name of loneliness (New Records)
Webs - Don’t ever hurt me (Dynamic)
Four Tops - Baby I need your loving (Motown)
Temptations - I want a love I can see (Gordy)
New Sound - Tell me your name (Turbo LP)
Freddie Hughes - I just found out (Janus)
Calvin Richardson - I’ll take her (Soul 4 Real)
Temprees - That’s Why I love you (Kent)
Precisions - My lover come back (D-Town)
Willie Tee - Teasing you again (Gatur)
Cloudburst - I’m loving you (Stormy Monday)

Last slot:
Al Scott - What happened to yesterday (Genuine)
Ledgends - A fool for you (Red Balloon)
Soul Bros Inc - Pyramid (Golden Eye)
Johnnie Mae Mathews- I have no choice (Big Hit)
Miracles - Whatever makes you happy (Tamla)
Maxine Brown - I can’t get along without you (Commonwealth United)
Sammy King - Your old standby (Marathon)
Mavis Staples - It makes me wanna cry (Volt LP)
Executive Force - Midnight lovin’ (New Age)
Tony Hestor - Just can’t leave you (Giant)
George Freeman - Down and out (Valiant)
Edge of Daybreak - Eyes of love (Bohannon’s LP)

Henrik Åkerberg

Set 1
Clifford Bins - Take it from me (Carrie)
Cicero Blake - You’re gonna be sorry (Renee)
Joe Haywood - I cross my heart (Front Page)
Jimmy Ricks - Oh! What a feeling (Festival)
Little Herman - On out of a hundred (Arlen)
The Falcons - Love you liked you never been loved (Big Wheel)
Betty Harris - I’m Evil tonight (Sansu)
Silky Harvgraves - I’ll keep trying (Wheelswille)
The Sparkels - Try love (Old Town)
The Twylights - I’m gonna try ( Rocky’n Records)
Robert & Johnny - Brown, pretty brown eyes (Sue)
Sam Fletcher - I’d think it over (Trollie)
Paul Sindab - I was a fool (Knox)
Ronnie Savoy - Big hand, little hand (Phillips)
Cleveland Robinson - A man gets tired (Nosnibor)
Sensations - I won’t be hurt (Way our)
Tennyson Stevens - Rain, Rain, Rain (Back Beat)

Set 2
Eddie Bo - Lucky in love (Blue Jay)
Nat Hall - Why (Loop)
TNT Boys - Musica Del Alma (Cotique)
David Coleman - Drown my heart (Barry!)
Bobby Quesada - Bataola boogaloo (Fania)
The Jokers - Soul Sound (Sko-field)
The Trends - If you don’t dig the blues (ABC)
Fred Hughes - I Keep trying (Exodus)
Gino Parks - For this I thank you (Tamla)
Bobby Sanders - The way I feel (Pick-a-hit)
Zilla Mayes - All I want is you (Tou-sea)
Eddie & Ernie - Turn Here (Eastern)
Johnny Dollar - Fool I want to be (McCormick)
Cleveland Robinson - Boy (Nosnibor 1006)
Chosen Few - Birth of a playboy (Canyon)
Timmy Smith - Everybody talks about the devil (Starville)
Detroit Soul - All of my life (Music Town)
Lee Rogers - I want you to have everything (D-Town)

Andreas Dienelsson:

1st set
Cassietta George - Don’t Give Up - Audio Gospel
Jean Austin - Don’t Have To Worry - Song Bird
Rev. George Morton - This Is My Story - HiQ
Little Mack Simmons - Getting Out Of The Ghetto - Biscayne 
Tolbert Family - Ride The Gospel Train - MTF
Lavell Hardy - What Kind Of Women - Rojac
Webb People - I’m Sending Vibrations - TCB
Blade Family - Sweet Dream - King James
E.T. White - Loosen Up - Great Potential
Angela Davis - My Love Is So Strong - Flaming Arrow
Rising Sun - Good Loving - Kingston
Honey And The Bees - Love Addict - Arctic 
Bardo Martinez - Bad Education - Timmion 
Authentics Ft Ronnie Walker - Lord What’s Happening - MD
Johnny Davis - You Got To Crawl To Me - Bandit
Jackey Beavers - Lovers Come Back - Sound Stage 7

2nd set

Marvin Gaye - This Love Starved Heart Of Mine - Tamla
Jesse James - Hang On In There Girl - Era
Billy Hambric - She Said Goodbye - Drum
West Coast Distributers - Girl I Love You - Jam-Cha
Senator Jones - Do You Love Me - Shagg
Sugar N’ Spice - Lucky We - Lira
Roy Roberts - So Much In Love - Sugar
Montclairs - Hey You, Don’t Fight It - Arch
Fantastic Epics - Let’s Get Together - Kelton 
Beginning Of The End - Gee Whiz It’s Xmas - Alston
Allison - Born To Be A Lover - King
Brother Love - Precious Dove - M.T.R. Inc.
Papa Bear And The Cubes - You’re So Fine - SMS
Woodward Ave Players - Fire Him Hire Me - Cannonball
C.J. & Co. - Let Them Talk - Diggin’ Deep
Winfield Parker - 28 Days She Loves Me - Spring
Ballads - Butterfly - Balja 
Flame N King - Ho Happy Day - NYCS

Jan Hjalmarsson:

18.00 - 18.45
Family Connection - This Time (Jabali)
The Inclinations - I’m Gonna Make Love Last This Time (Janus)
The Compliments – Borrow Till Morning (Midas) 
The Three Reasons - Go Right On (Carnival)
Maxine Brown – Seems To Forsaken My Love (Epic)
Barbara Brown – Pity A Fool (Sounds Of Memphis)
Jeff Dale - Don’t Forget About Me Baby (Atco)
The Dew-Vels – I’ve Known (Capitol)
The Webs – It’s So Hard To Break A Habit (Popside)
Reuben Bell With The Casanovas (Murco)
Tommy Turner – I’ll Be Gone (El Bam!)
Linda Clifford – After Loving You (Paramount)
William Bell - Crying All By Myself (Stax)
Wendy Rene - After Laughter (Stax)
Lady Margo – This Is My Prayer (M.T.H.)
Nobody’s Child - All My Friends Call Me A Fool (Sound Of Soul)
21.45 - 22.30
Checkmates Ltd – All Alone By The Telephone (Polydor) 
Donny Mann - Treat Me Like A Stranger (Avalanche) 
Albert Jones – Fifteen Cent Love (Kapp)
Pat Livingston - You Bet I Would (Money)
General Crook – In The Warmth Of Your Arms (Capitol)
Deon Jackson – I Can’t Go On (Carla)
The Falcons – (I’m A Fool) I Must Love You (Big Wheel)
Sunday – Ain’t Got No Problems (Chess)
Lee Williams And The Cymbals – It’s Everything About You (That I Love)
Serena Johnson – All Work & No Play (Big 2) 
Margie Joseph - One More Chance (Volt)
Bobby Patterson – I’m In Love Wirh You (Jetstar)
Jean Plum – Look At The Boy (Hi)
Jackey Beavers - Bring Me All Your Heartaches (Grand Land)
The Visitors – My Love Is Ready And Waiting (Tangerine)
Shirley & The Shirelles – Never Give You Up (Never Gonna Give You Up) (Bell

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