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Lucas "Dance Children Dance" £2,000?


Hi Guys, Just seen this UK Polydor 56114 on Rare Northern Soul .Com.Listed as the rarest Polydor /Uk soul record ever!! The blurb continues " A Full On Wall of Sound Stomper, etc,etc. { they erroneously title it ," Little Children" , ditto other Motown efforts are credited to BArry Gordy and Ivory Joe ??} 

This is the Mike Cotton, Lucas ? and listed in Manships Uk First guide as at £20 , after 20 years it has risen to £2,000. by the year 2040 will it be £200,000 ? It is actually a mediocre Ashford Simpson Song as done by Mary Love on Modern .

This is a UK production in the tortured style of those mid 60,s uk soul shouters /screamers, attempt at the sock it to me soul of Wilson picket etc. As a fully Recovered Brit lable Popaholic collector ,this is Baad!!!  Your thoughts Please.  Cheers ,John.

PS . Dont be sad RNS,No such thing as Bad Publicity ,every diehard Brit lable Fanatic will be rushing to your site !!




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you will find steve jeffries always list stuff at quite high prices

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