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    interests outside soul scene.
    Archery, reading - crime thrillers & science fantasy.
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    Poets-wrapped around your finger-J2

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  1. mark b

    Happy Anniversary Space Invaders

    use dto love it was fairly good at it but was better at Galaxianns
  2. the other side think this was the side played first wasnt it, but i still prefer crazy things
  3. mark b

    BBC Biggest Weekend - I Enjoyed It. Anyone else?

    Caught Liams last song on the radio he sounded like frank sidebottom to me :-))
  4. mark b

    Fantasy football league

    is the league full as it says this game finished when i tried scrap that just realised code is for old one when is the new one up and running
  5. mark b

    Poll: Version Battle - Not My Girl

    Johnny Hampton 2 reasons one its just a rawer dance track and two probably because I heard johnnys version first years ago
  6. mark b

    What did they wear at the mecca.

    when i first went to the mecca it was a nice pair of parralells 16" bottoms possiblt two tones, button down shirt either ben sherman or jaytex, jacket blazer with lancashire rose badge and red hankie in the breast pocket and tie that was in the jacket pocket by the time you hit the escalator good pair of leather soul loafers (tassels) never had any brogues early 1972/3 all the lads were really smartly dressed, and the girls were equa..
  7. mark b

    earliest youth club memories

    st alphonsus school disco Dj was one of my freinds big brother and his mate, 1968/9 onwards 6X6 was my favourite but all the usual stuff Carl played all stax, atlantic, motown, so all the usual stuff elgins marvelettes supremes four tops temptations some blue beat, an introduction to soul.
  8. mark b

    British seventies soul, Sweet Sensation.

    in an aside to this my best friend in the early 70's was supposed to have a fight with marcel king we all trooped into whalley range (we lived in old trafford about 10 minute walk) about 8 or 9 of us, fight never happened lol think we got chased by about 15 of marcels friends.
  9. ernest mosley is the better of the two for the dancefloor but sheppards takes it on the group soul style. i had the sheppards never owned acopy of erernest mostley
  10. mark b

    What did they wear at the mecca.

    it was more like the other clubs where the jazz funk guys were wearing different stuff as blackpool mecca you had to be fairly smart jacket and tie job to get in, but it was loud shirts peg trousers with pyjama cord belts floppy haircuts whistles were in use a lot. clubs like angels burnley, Ritz alldayers were a mix of the two northern and the jazz funk crowd
  11. mark b

    Talking pies- your best

    Baker in bollington pies are superb also there is a pie shop in macclesfield unassuming little shop part of an old warehouse
  12. mark b

    Talking pies- your best

    Best pork pies by far
  13. mark b

    Manchester airport

    the majority of shares owned by all the local manchester councils, manchester is the main one but all the rest get a share of the profits
  14. mark b

    ebay Q re 'buy it now' v 'make best offer'

    if you think the price is fair buy it now, or just make an offer bear in mind while you dilly dally with the offer someone may buy it now
  15. mark b

    Mainly Deep Soul and a few Crossover wants

    Matt check with Les at King be for rythym rascals pretty sure one of these went to him with my collection mark