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  1. i used to take 200 box plus Lp bag about 20 lp's inc 12's also maybe some new 45's that i had just got in the lp bag
  2. Still is he was running the rat pit in Stockport don't know if it is still on.
  3. carolines was more or less on the corner of deansgate and john dalton street. yes dave mr happy stubbs did indeed have the market stall
  4. with you on this chalky our nephew (if you know me you know why we have our nephew and niece living with us) has been with us for 2 &1/2 years i can count on my hands the amount of time he has been out on his bike he virtually never leaves his room as he is on the computer playing games other than to get a drink or a snack. if i tell him to go out he looks at you like you are mad. he has stuff delivered from amazon that he can get from the shops which are at most 10 minute walk if we go out and give him money for a takeaway he has this delivered whether its mcdonalds or even subway. the stuff he has had delivered from amazon has been a pcket of biscuits (stroopwaffles a type of cinamon caramel biscuit available from shops nearby £1.50 ) and sweets. i have tackled him about this saying he is adding to global warming by having this stuff delivered but he just looks at you like you must be a lunatic.
  5. i like that one not heard before
  6. lambretta £2500 li125 might just get into that but needs work vespas is way to go as its a 125 Px probably you could go new on a royal alloy gt/gp125 look like lambretta about £2500 for air cooled. best bet is to look online and join a scooter forum
  7. when posting abroad you will have to fill in a customs form like you do for non EU countries now
  8. Attended Peterborough once but have to say was not easily accessible by road from Manchester
  9. wigan casino early 1974, had been going to soul nights since 1972.
  10. same here picked team and totally fporgot about it till read post today, 3rd from bottom
  11. never liked the northumberland growing up it was the throstles and conservative club next door some good card games and darts game for money in there, quadrant was a call in on the way to the village, seymour for a change of scenery. and also most of the irish clubs st brendans english martyrs, and st johns

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