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    interests outside soul scene. Archery, reading - crime thrillers & science fantasy.
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    Poets-wrapped around your finger-J2

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  1. Is Walt Maddox and the marcels the same tune on Super M
  2. I think a lot of them have no idea never had kids but 3 1/2 years ago had to take parental responsibility for our niece and nephew due to bereavmant of both parents no trouble with litter or anything like that niece is pretty good and switched on will walk to where she needs to go if She can, works part time as well as college, and has carved a niche for herself now lives with her friend and will be 18 in a month, whereas nephew couldn't be lazier he will have sweets and chocolate delivered by amazon rather than walk to the shops less than 10 mins walk also before lockdown if we were out and he had money for takeaway he will have it delivered even though all are within a sort walk other than McDonalds. the last time he had his bike out was a year ago also this is my biggest bugbear if left to his own devices would not get up before 3 or 4 pm and just play computer games he only leaves his room to get a drink or a snack. he lasted 3 months at McDonalds before being furloughed after 1st payment they sacked him.this was down to the fact he ditched loads of shifts at the last minute.
  3. Condolences to you Dave stay strong
  4. Paul Humphrey was a jazz musician, don’t think this was tailor made afternoon of the rhino lap track think soundtrack to a film
  5. He was with David Rhodes when he recorded it don’t know how much input Ian had on the tune though
  6. It was played early days before the scene was called northern
  7. I used to play this quite a lot at the greatstone soul club got plays in the 70’s but never made it big
  8. wigan wasn't it did they play the vocal as well
  9. same as you don't like the larger phones but on the prices there shouldn't be that much disparity I could accept 20 or 30 more due to market size but not £100
  10. £419 here $399 in USA $399 equals £320 that's a big disparity in prices
  11. I usually use my friends father in law Neil mutter but can't get to see him during lockdown he ha s a shop in Manchester. been there for many years his father was a watchmaker also
  12. found it on line know it well come from Grappenhall direction
  13. wherabouts I only live 2 miles from Lymm

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