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  1. wigan casino early 1974, had been going to soul nights since 1972.
  2. same here picked team and totally fporgot about it till read post today, 3rd from bottom
  3. never liked the northumberland growing up it was the throstles and conservative club next door some good card games and darts game for money in there, quadrant was a call in on the way to the village, seymour for a change of scenery. and also most of the irish clubs st brendans english martyrs, and st johns
  4. so where did you live i lived morland road old trafford frequented the throstles mostly but did go to the seymour and quadrant, watched the games of don being played some heavyweight money in the pots on a sunday, i used to play pool with my mate brian but a couple of mates played don kev quirke and ian forbes.
  5. was a normal thing in pubs clubs in manchester as lots of people used to want to play but only 4 to a game used to be some hefty pots in the sports bar in the seymour hotel chorlton
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  6. iphone 8 have had iphones for quite a few years now started with the 4. Wouldnt use anything else we also have a mac at home and iPads so pretty much an apple home. i hav ejust upgraded not really contract ws due for renewal and was paying £50.00 a month before as i used it for work but i have retired so just went with a sim only with 20 Gig of data more than enough for £21 a month
  7. not much out there on it paul someone in aus on discogs has $400 on it and discogs says lowest $125 highest $200.00 so mus have sold at some point sound like one for the sweet soul low rider collectors
  8. always liked it
  9. Tried this one when I used to run a soul night but never took off but I love it
  10. cant find on you tube but a terrible cheesy song even worse https://audioboom.com/posts/563022-danny-la-rue-copacabana
  11. sold mine 18 months ago for family reasons those who know me know why, sold them all in a job lot to Les at king bee in chrolton(whom i have know for a long time) he was very fair. yes i probably could have got more if sold private but would have taken a long time. i did sell a lot of the very rare in demand type stuff before. but as i tended to buy obscure and underplayed or stuff i had never heard before it would have been a tough sell to a mainstream dealer. Les is good because he also collects and i know quite a few have ended up in his collection.
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  12. thats a bit of proper northern not heard that one steve
  13. wasnt iris harvery - betrayed - columbia ?
  14. bus into manchester and train from victoria to wigan back on sunday morning train think first train was 10 O'clock then first sunday bus home was about 11.30 so we used to have a coffee in the italian cafe near the station, living in old trafford made it fairly easy for clubs buses mainly Blue rooms sale sometimes bus mostly train from warwick rd, carolines manchester, blackpool was in mates car as was cleethorpes all dayers in burnley birmingham tiffanies newcastle sunday nights, even peterborough and Yate. covered some miles in the 70's in pursuit of soul.
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  15. rod shard used to have a few contracts from motown and basically all the performers and writers and production staff got a fee. i presume the company made the bulk of the money until they got famous like the tops, supremes, temptations. suppose they then got better management and agents and sorted better contracts

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