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    interests outside soul scene.
    Archery, reading - crime thrillers & science fantasy.
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    Poets-wrapped around your finger-J2

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  1. mark b

    Fantasy football league

    well of to a flyer both my coalkeepers injured so have had to make transfers so will be -4 points
  2. mark b

    Simon Soussan Djing @ Wigan Casino

    Remember him DJ'ing but from memory can't remember where could have been Wigan he played a lot of dodgy instrumentals that he recorded. Not the greatest of spots.
  3. venue was absoulutely dire.
  4. mark b

    Watts 103rd Chelsea Bank

    nver heard of it ? done a search https://www.discogs.com/sell/release/4089974?ev=rb price varies a bit but no sound files
  5. mark b

    Fantasy football league

    joined god thats hard picking a squad
  6. another we all cut our teeth on before eddie spencer came along
  7. one of my all time favourites
  8. for cheap and pure northern that every collection should have a copy of
  9. mark b

    Happy Anniversary Space Invaders

    use dto love it was fairly good at it but was better at Galaxianns
  10. the other side think this was the side played first wasnt it, but i still prefer crazy things
  11. mark b

    BBC Biggest Weekend - I Enjoyed It. Anyone else?

    Caught Liams last song on the radio he sounded like frank sidebottom to me :-))
  12. mark b

    Fantasy football league

    is the league full as it says this game finished when i tried scrap that just realised code is for old one when is the new one up and running


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