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    interests outside soul scene. Archery, reading - crime thrillers & science fantasy.
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    Poets-wrapped around your finger-J2

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  1. Perhaps done for the beach scene
  2. New by and Johnson was a Uk promo never realised that it was that hard one went with my collection when I sold up. Picked it up for probably around 25 pence in the 70s
  3. Latest trip to cinema to see American fiction really enjoyed this film very clever and extremely funny,
  4. If it fits to the tune then what the problem. Years ago Wayne and Jackie blow used to jive to tunes like the original savannah band at the Mecca it’s just fitted in a they were good.
  5. This week Iron claw based on true story of a wrestling family in Texas in the 70’s surprisingly a very good film, it’s really about the family and the way the father rules the whole of the sons.
  6. This week the hold overs this is an excellent film really enjoyed it, the end where we started (Jodie comer) for me failed to live up to what ai is supposed to be. Can’t fault the acting but there was just something missing.
  7. We all went to yate (long journey from Manchester) the once and hated it we spent most of the night in mates car listening to tape
  8. I honestly can’t see it selling for anywhere near that I think he may be stuck with it
  9. Funnily enough lockdown put me off reading I used to read one or two books a month since lock down can’t seem to get back into it but I have got about 50 books on my kindle ready to go at.
  10. Had a look around he has it at £1000.00 it’s actually June Harris on UK CBS A SIDE stand back b side over and over again. Only 3 copies apparently. Over and over again also done by the three belles. Probably quite well known, it’s a poppy tune sort of Wigan style. Sorry if I spoil his sale.
  11. Don’t you just remove the red or black screw top and the banana plugs then fit

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