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  1. Sonos system in 3 rooms, also on iPad you tube etc, on the main computer also, before I sold up collection I used a project experience turntable through a Dino trichromatic phono amp into a ruark r5 which also played cd’s.
  2. This one looks good Andy https://www.plusaudio.com
  3. It’s quite good but goes a bit weird in the middle with the clangers
  4. had a friend who had this used to put on tapes but don't remember it being played out
  5. I am same we can have a charger fitted very easily and have a drive but not everyone has this facility, also what happens when you have a household with 1 car each for parents an 3 kids all with their own, 5 cars starts to become a stretch doesnt it also all new builds will have to be built with charging facilities
  6. I read this yesterday just threw it in my post as 1 of the portly thought reasons
  7. forget the batteries and charging infrastructure where is the average person going to get the money from to buy the car even with the paltry subsidies, if I traded both my cars in I would still be short by about 18 to 20 thousand on an average electric car, the starting point is around 25 thousand, then there is your charging point what happens on a street with 100 terraced houses and everyone one with a car, that will be a charge point on the front of every house and massive fights about parking outside your own house to charge it also all the trailing leads across the pavements, people in ap
  8. No but lots of mods so late 60,s very early 70’s
  9. My brother always used to say to me why didn’t you buy British release he has always been an avid British collector i preferred the US issues as the labels are generally nicer
  10. Hi Dave did al birkhead get one of the Earl Jackson’s have vague memory of him talking about it, used to knock about with al for quite a few years from 74 onwards

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