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  1. Gardening and building a pergola
  2. It’s just getting your head around it as you have to do several postage charges for UK, EUROPE, and rest of the world or maybe just not updated their sales
  3. I was with British Gas had a smart meter but changed through look after my bills but most smart meters won’t transfer, but I wasn’t bothered as they are waste of time as they only show you what you are using but you can’t change that if having a drink kettles on cooking dinner do you want it hot. The only way you can save is changing your methods led lights more efficient boiler, increasing efficiency of your property.
  4. Learned to sort of dance at school disco 1970ish to soul stuff my friends brother was the DJ he was a mod, then changed the style 1972/73 when started attending northern nights the pendulum, sale Mecca, and Blackpool Mecca
  5. Was there with my brother it was an old tram/bus depot as was already stated it was a shithole dusty concrete floors, cold toilets were worse than Wigan’s, don’t know how many were there but didn’t seem like 6000 also most of the acts advertised never showed. Possibly the worst nighter I ever attended.
  6. Brief encounter we want to play, sweet tender loving. California playboys self titled trying to become a millionaire, whole album really. Bruce cloud just walk in my shoes, why can’t I be born again
  7. Never really listened to house music but I admit that I find them very repetitive and too bloody long some have good vocals but that’s about as far as it goes for me.
  8. Sonos system in 3 rooms, also on iPad you tube etc, on the main computer also, before I sold up collection I used a project experience turntable through a Dino trichromatic phono amp into a ruark r5 which also played cd’s.
  9. This one looks good Andy https://www.plusaudio.com
  10. It’s quite good but goes a bit weird in the middle with the clangers
  11. had a friend who had this used to put on tapes but don't remember it being played out
  12. I am same we can have a charger fitted very easily and have a drive but not everyone has this facility, also what happens when you have a household with 1 car each for parents an 3 kids all with their own, 5 cars starts to become a stretch doesnt it also all new builds will have to be built with charging facilities

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