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    interests outside soul scene.
    Archery, reading - crime thrillers & science fantasy.
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  1. rod shard used to have a few contracts from motown and basically all the performers and writers and production staff got a fee. i presume the company made the bulk of the money until they got famous like the tops, supremes, temptations. suppose they then got better management and agents and sorted better contracts
  2. Roburt it was a shithole it was an old tram depot concrete floors covered in dust huge place no real dancefloor toilets were worse than wigan if thats possible. it was cold the place didnt have any redeeming factors.
  3. james phelps for me but the production on the magnetics is probably the best
  4. mark b

    New Doctor Who

    i dont particularly like her but i really enjoyed it. didnt enjoy peter capaldi as the doctor.
  5. i really like the cj & co sean, joe mathews is pretty good but the cj side for me ordered one
  6. in the 70's probaly 1974/5 on a trip to london buying records we went to a northern night in the upstairs of a pub think it was the duke of wellington not too far from elephant and castle maybe mistaken on the name of pub
  7. mark b

    Soul Patrol Save Your Love

  8. mark b

    Soul Patrol Save Your Love

    should be around £100 for a mint or near mint £250 sounds ambitious to me
  9. I sold my copy for £100.00 about 9 or 10 years ago
  10. mark b

    Fantasy football league

    well of to a flyer both my coalkeepers injured so have had to make transfers so will be -4 points
  11. mark b

    Simon Soussan Djing @ Wigan Casino

    Remember him DJ'ing but from memory can't remember where could have been Wigan he played a lot of dodgy instrumentals that he recorded. Not the greatest of spots.


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