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    interests outside soul scene.
    Archery, reading - crime thrillers & science fantasy.
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    Poets-wrapped around your finger-J2

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  1. mark b

    Onsey mack

    Tried this one when I used to run a soul night but never took off but I love it
  2. mark b

    Worst Cover Version Ever? Any Genre

    cant find on you tube but a terrible cheesy song even worse https://audioboom.com/posts/563022-danny-la-rue-copacabana
  3. mark b

    Selling Again

    sold mine 18 months ago for family reasons those who know me know why, sold them all in a job lot to Les at king bee in chrolton(whom i have know for a long time) he was very fair. yes i probably could have got more if sold private but would have taken a long time. i did sell a lot of the very rare in demand type stuff before. but as i tended to buy obscure and underplayed or stuff i had never heard before it would have been a tough sell to a mainstream dealer. Les is good because he also collects and i know quite a few have ended up in his collection.
  4. mark b

    Iris ?? on MGM

    thats a bit of proper northern not heard that one steve
  5. mark b

    Iris ?? on MGM

    wasnt iris harvery - betrayed - columbia ?
  6. mark b

    On The Buses "Getting around" (Back In The dDay)

    bus into manchester and train from victoria to wigan back on sunday morning train think first train was 10 O'clock then first sunday bus home was about 11.30 so we used to have a coffee in the italian cafe near the station, living in old trafford made it fairly easy for clubs buses mainly Blue rooms sale sometimes bus mostly train from warwick rd, carolines manchester, blackpool was in mates car as was cleethorpes all dayers in burnley birmingham tiffanies newcastle sunday nights, even peterborough and Yate. covered some miles in the 70's in pursuit of soul.
  7. rod shard used to have a few contracts from motown and basically all the performers and writers and production staff got a fee. i presume the company made the bulk of the money until they got famous like the tops, supremes, temptations. suppose they then got better management and agents and sorted better contracts
  8. Roburt it was a shithole it was an old tram depot concrete floors covered in dust huge place no real dancefloor toilets were worse than wigan if thats possible. it was cold the place didnt have any redeeming factors.
  9. james phelps for me but the production on the magnetics is probably the best
  10. mark b

    New Doctor Who

    i dont particularly like her but i really enjoyed it. didnt enjoy peter capaldi as the doctor.
  11. i really like the cj & co sean, joe mathews is pretty good but the cj side for me ordered one
  12. in the 70's probaly 1974/5 on a trip to london buying records we went to a northern night in the upstairs of a pub think it was the duke of wellington not too far from elephant and castle maybe mistaken on the name of pub
  13. mark b

    Soul Patrol Save Your Love

  14. mark b

    Soul Patrol Save Your Love

    should be around £100 for a mint or near mint £250 sounds ambitious to me


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