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    interests outside soul scene.
    Archery, reading - crime thrillers & science fantasy.
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  1. Talking pies- your best

    Baker in bollington pies are superb also there is a pie shop in macclesfield unassuming little shop part of an old warehouse
  2. Talking pies- your best

    Best pork pies by far
  3. Manchester airport

    the majority of shares owned by all the local manchester councils, manchester is the main one but all the rest get a share of the profits
  4. ebay Q re 'buy it now' v 'make best offer'

    if you think the price is fair buy it now, or just make an offer bear in mind while you dilly dally with the offer someone may buy it now
  5. Mainly Deep Soul and a few Crossover wants

    Matt check with Les at King be for rythym rascals pretty sure one of these went to him with my collection mark
  6. Pendulum Club

    no but he wiped out a few tables in his dancing career lol
  7. Pendulum Club

    hi dave, how are you not seen you for a long time. yes driving gloves always wore them lol. not seen him for a few years last time was at ross's funeral, still see tony and budgie.
  8. Pendulum Club

    do you mean alan birkhead from hattersley (not birket)
  9. Elvis does Soul

  10. Winter Break - Premier League ?

    dont think a break is needed as said no replays in cup competitions both cups should start earlier, and Fa cup should go back to being last game of the season. i think making premier league smaller would be detrimental, as we all know end of season relegatio...
  11. Urban Myths of Northern Soul

    my copy of gerri grainger i go to pieces went to him several years ago
  12. Urban Myths of Northern Soul

    i came down the stairs from the balcony one week on about 3rd or 4th step from the bottom was a bag of pills i told the bloke (drug squad) who was watching them he politely told me to piss off. true, dont know how often they did this kind of thing. but ...
  13. Pendulum Club

    were you in submarines ?
  14. People still read books ?

    read a good amount of books mainly crime/thriller used to read science fiction/fantasy. Only read of kindle now makes life easy not got the problem of hundreds of books on the shelves as Karen is an avid reader as well.
  15. Wigan DJ’s

    Didn't Levine do one spot but was then banned from doing anymore by Mecca management ?

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