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Memories Of The Crystal Palace Bowl

I live just over the road from there - Saw Curtis Mayfield , James Cotton  and Wilko Johnson there in 1983-great gig.Sadly, too young to have seen Freddie King,Pink Floyd etc there in the 70's.I have'nt seen anything in the local press about a revival of the bowl (sadly,it's not a 'bowl' anymore,the attractive seashell structure was replaced by an ugly, rusting slab of metal in the 1990's) but then,the main local newspaper the South London Press seems to have become an early victim of the Coronavirus  recession,sorry to say-have'nt seen a copy for weeks

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Fingers crossed it goes ahead 🤞

I had 10 great years living in Gypsy Hill and then down the road in Anerley .. 

Had many happy weekends in the park and at some great gigs at the bowl - Level 42 a good one and lots of Classical Bowl concerts . 

Sadly there have been lots of rumours and stories about developments around that area that never got off the ground. And a heard a disturbing story the other week that someone vandalised the nose of one of the very distinctive dinosaurs that are dotted around the park. There was also a maze and a statue of Guy the gorilla I seem to recall .

Must make a visit if it does reopen ! Thanks for the info Firecrest . 

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Yes,I was saddened and disgusted by the vandalism to the  nose and mouth of  the Megalosaurus on Dinosaur Island in CP Park .The great dinosaurs are Grade I listed and have stood there for almost 170 years and are childhood friends of mine and thousands of others.I hope the perpetrator(s) are caught and made to pay for the restoration.

On a happier note  the Guy the Gorilla statue is still there and popular-there were children and young families posing for photos with him the other day when I walked  through the park.

In 1966 cult Mod/Freakbeat band The Creation posed for a photo with the Gorilla statue in a photo shoot in the park -and in the dinosaur area too,as Cream did with the dinosaurs themselves not long after.

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