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York Sc Last Nite

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Weak turnout at York last nite, the usual thing, too many other venues etc but those who attended got a real treat! Guests for the nite Carl and Maria Willingham played for at least 90mins dropping the needle on some HEAVYWEIGHT TUNEAGE!!! Wow! Magnetics,Karmello Brooks, George Pep, Teri Goodnight etc etc, top quality Rarities galore, well put together by the master spinner, and all round nice guy. Those of you that missed it :thumbsup: Nice to see John Purvis and his lovely lady, Jerry and Jayne, Stuart and Sandy making the effort to travel over. Well worth the effort. Tony and Tracey put a great effort into this, not going down the 'same old same old' route, and John Parkers records are always sublime! (Headmasters report: Those who missed attending "must try harder!") :rolleyes:

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A really good night even though I was already knackered when I arrived (note to self: must sell pub). Had a bit of a move around on the dance floor through the evening though, top tuneage throughout the night as always.

Some marvellous stuff from Carl but still confused at hearing "Hey Girl, Don't Bother Me", is this some rare version or summat? Enlightenment please. He does seem to drop something like this into each of his sets, last time it was a version of that Johnny Bristol tune.

Must say tho, if I was not confined to nipping down to York on Saturday evening and having to head straight back up to the pub first thing Sunday morning (11 am viewing then Sunday lunch etc) it would have been quite a difficult choice on where to go. Thorne, Drax, Sunderland and York all within an easy drive of each other for me. Tough call and easy to see why everyone comments on the number of events going on, all top nights but which one to go to?

Anyway, thanks again to John, Tony & Tracey, looking forward to Steve Woomble guesting at York in June :thumbsup:



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