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  1. Most of the last bits of my collection on eBay: Kurt Harris, Tommy Navarro, The Arabians, The Dynells, Cody Black, Belita Woods and many more in demand records: https://www.ebay.co.uk/sch/Northern-Soul/27349/m.html?item=332528880153&ssPageNa...
  2. A few more for sale

    A few more for sale: Cynthia & The Imaginary Three - That's What I Am - Big Hit 110 Ex- £250 ON HOLD The Caesars - Girl I Miss You - Lanie 2002 Ex £300 SOLD George Wydell - Funny Feeling - TRC 953 (issue) VG+ £125 ON HOLD A lot of lig...
  3. Today's offering is a classic piece of Detroit soul. I'm putting it up for offers today and I'll let it run to Friday evening. If I get an offer before then that I can't refuse or really like, I will take it and sell the record. Jock Mitchell - Not A Cha...
  4. Some rare records with "issues" ALL NOW SOLD

    Billy Kennedy sold, JJ Barnes & Howard Guyton on hold
  5. Some rare records with "issues" ALL NOW SOLD

    Thanks very much, I'm really well at the moment but not quite out of it.
  6. I hope this is OK, I'm putting the following records up for offers as they are quite rare but have "issues". J.J. Barnes - Lonely No More - Mickays 4471 - Offers over £200 Sold http://www.paulsrecords.co.uk/music/ebay/jjblnm.mp3 This is probably G+ to ...
  7. Is it time to sell up?

    Oh yes, one other thing, I don't want your wants list!
  8. Is it time to sell up?

    I've been selling up for a while now, I'm doing it because I need to raise money to fund my private cancer treatment. It is not an easy thing to do for many reasons; I don't like having to sell them, some took ages to get and I've only bought recor...
  9. Cherished record casualties

    Billy Kennedy - Sweet Thing/Groovy Generation - Thelma Saw it in Pat Brady's sales box at Cleethorpes early 2000's, mint, didn't buy it. Regretted it afterwards so phoned him up and he'd still got it, phew, did the deal. When it turned up (posted special...
  10. Reduced, selling up to fund my medical bills: The Falcons - Good Good Feeling - Big Wheel 1972 VG++ £400 Some light marks PM to reserve or email paul@paulsrecords.co.uk Postage is £7.65 special delivery in the UK Overseas; tracked &am...
  11. All sold except The Falcons
  12. Some more sales, selling up to fund my medical bills: The Falcons - Good Good Feeling - Big Wheel 1972 VG++ £450 Some light marks The Adventurers - Easy Baby - Compass 7010 Ex £300 SOLD Tommy Neal - Goin' To A Happening - Palmer 5024 Ex £200...
  13. Thanks Pete, I think the link is in the full article. Cheers Paul

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