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  1. Most of the last bits of my collection on eBay: Kurt Harris, Tommy Navarro, The Arabians, The Dynells, Cody Black, Belita Woods and many more in demand records: https://www.ebay.co.uk/sch/Northern-Soul/27349/m.html?item=332528880153&ssPageName=STRK%3AMESELX%3AIT&_ssn=784tp
  2. A few more for sale: Cynthia & The Imaginary Three - That's What I Am - Big Hit 110 Ex- £250 ON HOLD The Caesars - Girl I Miss You - Lanie 2002 Ex £300 SOLD George Wydell - Funny Feeling - TRC 953 (issue) VG+ £125 ON HOLD A lot of light marks and slight label wear The Mark-Keys - My Sweet Baby - TCB 1447 Ex+ £250 Priscilla Page - I'm Pretending - Topper 101 Ex+ £135 ON HOLD Version with tambourine https://youtu.be/cH_OpfU_xm8 Johnny Gilliam - Find Yourself Another - Bomar 5004 WLP M- £200 ON HOLD Fabulous Apollos - The One Alone/Determination - Valtone 101 VG++ reduced to £375 ON HOLD A lot of light marks but nothing nasty, slight rub to label on Determination side otherwise labels clean. Soundfiles: http://www.paulsrecords.co.uk/music/ebay/fatoafull.mp3 http://www.paulsrecords.co.uk/music/ebay/fadet.mp3 Postage: £7.65 special delivery in the UK Overseas: tracked & signed for (cost dependent on country) Payment: PayPal (friends & Family or add 4%) or bank transfer. As many will know I've been selling up to fund my cancer treatment and am just starting again with the last box. It hasn't been easy to sell up but needs must. There's a load more on ebay, search for 784tp If you want to know more have a look at https://uk.gofundme.com/savepaulfromcancer and http://www.tryingtobeatcancer.org.uk Thanks Paul
  3. Today's offering is a classic piece of Detroit soul. I'm putting it up for offers today and I'll let it run to Friday evening. If I get an offer before then that I can't refuse or really like, I will take it and sell the record. Jock Mitchell - Not A Chance In A Million - Impact 1023 WLP I'm looking for offers over £500 (preferably well over! ) The record is in VG+ condition, it has light marks on both sides but nothing nasty. There is very light ring wear on the label and 3 red "X" marks on one side. It plays really well. Sound file from actual record: http://www.paulsrecords.co.uk/music/ebay/jmnaciam.mp3 I will only post it tracked and insured for the full value. Payment by PayPal (F&F or add 4%) or bank transfer. Drop me a PM or email me at paul {at} paulsrecords.co.uk if you'd like to make an offer. Thanks
  4. Billy Kennedy sold, JJ Barnes & Howard Guyton on hold
  5. Thanks very much, I'm really well at the moment but not quite out of it.
  6. I hope this is OK, I'm putting the following records up for offers as they are quite rare but have "issues". J.J. Barnes - Lonely No More - Mickays 4471 - Offers over £200 Sold http://www.paulsrecords.co.uk/music/ebay/jjblnm.mp3 This is probably G+ to VG, but pays really well with some pops and crackles. The vinyl has a lot of marks but is very glossy, the label has ring wear, a bit of writing and a small tear on the "Lonely side" I probably paid more than I should for it off eBay But I'd always wanted one but couldn't afford £600 for a clean copy. Billy Kennedy - Sweet Things/This Is A Groovy Generation - Thelma 109 - Offers over £100 SOLD http://www.paulsrecords.co.uk/music/ebay/bkst.mp3 http://www.paulsrecords.co.uk/music/ebay/bktiagg.mp3 I bought this M- off Pat Brady ages ago but when it arrived the package had a posties boot mark on it. To my dismay about an inch and a half of the run in was crushed with crack marks extending about half an inch into the vinyl. I claimed most of the money I paid for it back from the PO but kept the record. With careful cueing both sides play almost perfectly with just some light noise where the cracks/crushed bit is. Johnny McCall - You Can't Get Away - Satellite WLP - Offers over £150 SOLD http://www.paulsrecords.co.uk/music/ebay/jmycga.mp3 This looks and plays Ex and I sold it recently as such but had it returned as there is a quarter inch crack from the outer edge into the tune. Despite the buyer stupidly taking a photograph holding the crack open (!) it is really tight and you can hardly hear it when it plays. I hadn't noticed it but I was really ill at the time I sold it. Howard Guyton - I watched You Slowly Slip Away - Verve Demo - Offers over £100 SOLD http://www.paulsrecords.co.uk/music/ebay/hgiwyssa.mp3 This looks pretty bad with loads of marks, but plays fantastically! The label has pretty bad ring wear as well. I've DJ'd with it no problem I'll add some photos and try and find time to do some sound files but these are accurately described. If you think I have massively overpriced them then PM me an offer, just bear in mind that I am raising money to pay for my cancer treatment which has cost me £170,000 over the last year and I'm waiting for a bill for another £20,000 or so. If you want to know more have a look at http://www.gofundme.com/savepaulfromcancer or http://www.tryingtobeatcancer.org.uk Thanks Paul
  7. Oh yes, one other thing, I don't want your wants list!
  8. I've been selling up for a while now, I'm doing it because I need to raise money to fund my private cancer treatment. It is not an easy thing to do for many reasons; I don't like having to sell them, some took ages to get and I've only bought records I really like. It takes up a lot of time; grading, pricing, advertising, sound files, photos, haggling, chasing payment, buying mailers, packing, posting etc Some records are really easy to sell, others don't sell unless you make them really cheap, others don't sell at all, some records take a year to sell. Most buyers are honest, friendly and efficient, some are flaky, some are just arseholes There are less buyers for expensive records than you think there are. Anyone thinking of selling up for the money should consider the above and decide whether they want the hassle. If you want a lump sum you are better going to a dealer and selling the lot, you won't get as much as you want but you will get it all in one go. I hate selling up and am busy sorting out my treatment and other stuff so I only do it in fits and starts. Anyone looking at their collection as an investment for the future should have a sit down and re-evaluate things, record prices go up and down, today's must have in demander is tomorrow's over played dud, if something sells for 500 one week it might not be worth that next week as the guy that paid 500 has already got one. The best collections are in the hands of people over 60 with only a few exceptions, they will all come up for sale at some time and might all come up over a short period of time. if records become cheap again, I and many others might buy them back! If we're still alive. At the moment I've resigned myself to never having a collection of 45's again. Enjoy your collections, they are better than a hot box.
  9. Billy Kennedy - Sweet Thing/Groovy Generation - Thelma Saw it in Pat Brady's sales box at Cleethorpes early 2000's, mint, didn't buy it. Regretted it afterwards so phoned him up and he'd still got it, phew, did the deal. When it turned up (posted special delivery) one corner of the mailer was crushed and there was a clear boot print on the mailer. I carefully extracted the record from the mailer and it was crushed and cracked along one edge, but only in the run in, both sides still played. But it wasn't worth £200 any more, so I put in a claim with the PO. After a bit of messing about on their part (I had to get Pat to verify that it had actually cost that much, he was really helpful; sent a letter and example lists to show record prices) a PO investigator visited me at work to view the record and packaging. I explained it was a really rare record and I was unlikely to find another one in the condition it had been in before the PO had got hold of it. He said he'd reimburse me but he'd have to take the record with him, I said I wanted to frame it as it was so rare (and it still played), we haggled and eventually settled for £175 and me keeping the record. Years later I told Pat about it and he said I should have taken the money and got another, I said "but it still played, both sides". He gave me a really odd look and said accusingly "So you got a Billy Kennedy for 25 quid !?!", "Yes, but you still got 200 for it", "Yes, but you got a Billy Kennedy for 25 quid!", "Yes but it is all crushed and cracked in the run in for about an inch on one side" "Yes, but ..." Etc etc. I'm still sure he thinks that I somehow got one over on him. Funny old game. Still got it.
  10. Reduced, selling up to fund my medical bills: The Falcons - Good Good Feeling - Big Wheel 1972 VG++ £400 Some light marks PM to reserve or email paul@paulsrecords.co.uk Postage is £7.65 special delivery in the UK Overseas; tracked & signed for Payment by PayPal (F&F or add 4%) or bank transfer.
  11. Some more sales, selling up to fund my medical bills: The Falcons - Good Good Feeling - Big Wheel 1972 VG++ £450 Some light marks The Adventurers - Easy Baby - Compass 7010 Ex £300 SOLD Tommy Neal - Goin' To A Happening - Palmer 5024 Ex £200 SOLD The rarest format John Bowie - You're Gonna Miss A Good Thing - Merben 105 VG+ £400 SOLD Some light marks, small tear on b side label. PM to reserve Postage is £7.65 special delivery in the UK Overseas; tracked & signed for Payment by PayPal (F&F or add 4%) or bank transfer. Thanks You can read more about my treatment and progress (and bung me a fiver!) at https://www.gofundme.com/savepaulfromcancer
  12. Thanks Pete, I think the link is in the full article. Cheers Paul

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