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Modern By Moonlight - Coming Soon

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Latest news from your cuddly collective known as The North Herts 6T's Mafia is that we are hosting an evening of the very best in Modern and Crossover Soul, 7T's-Y2K, at the Plinston Hall, Broadway, Letchworth, Herts on Saturday 16th April 2005 from 8pm until 2am.

The DJ line-up, so far, is SOUL SAM; GARY DENNIS; TAFFY; NATHAN; SIMON T; IVOR JONES and THEBIGO in both the Main Hall and the 'Groove Pit', the SG6 bar. If all goes well with advance and reserved tickets (i.e: we have 300 accounted for before the night) then we will be opening the Ghetto! and look to include Adam, Terry Jones amongst others for the night! So, the moral is get off your butts and reserve your tickets NOW!!!!

Tickets are £8 on the door or reserved for this special night and can be brought via the plastic friend from the Box Office on 01462-672003 or reserved for picking up on the night via: nh6tsmafia@aol.com.

If all goes well with this night then we are looking to opening on a regular basis with a mighty tip-top DJ line-up BUT in order to do this we need your support so please spread the word and let's get a regular Modern Soul night established in the South, or in North Herts at least!!!

Plastic sandals, whistles, Hawaiian shirts, Tribe banners will all be encouraged brothers and sisters!!!! 8-)

Full details to follow!

TheBigO :-P

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