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Prestatyn 2004 - Second Modern Room and Soul In Sun


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Fresh from the Midnight Hour Web Site latest Prestatyn 2004 news

Word is if not booked you better move fast to avoid disapointment


Great news for all you sun worshipers, Eddy Edmundson and the Tenerife crew are holding their annual get together again at Prestatyn.

it will be in our new venue House of Soul @ Redemption (see earlier article for details)

Starting at 5p.m on Saturday evening till 8 p.m. you'll hear all your favorite SunShine sounds and have a chance to show off all you "white bits" the temperature will be "hot" and its up to you to get it boiling!

So for authentic holiday sounds get yourselves down to Redemption (between the Northern and Modern Rooms corner of the arcade)


"House of Soul" @ Redemption 

Due to the fantastic response from the Soul fraternity, we have now been able to add a second Modern Soul related Venue to our event at Prestatyn #3. 

To be know as the House of Soul @ Redemption the venue will be created in an existing area next to the Main Modern Room, with wall to wall dance floor and its own Bar. 

It will run from 2a.m. till 7.00 a.m. (or later) on the Friday/ Saturday all-nighter after Phil Perry has finished his set in the main room with a 70s / 80s connoisseur's Session. 

On the Saturday/Sunday it will be run as a full all-nighter in its own right featuring the best in Y2k sounds and new and pre-release Modern / Soulful House and top dance tunes. 11.00 p.m. to 7 a.m. (or later) 

We are sure that the venue will reach the same high standards as our main modern arena plus become an event in its own right at many future Prestatyn weekenders and as always provide you with even more choice at what is already the best value rare soul weekender ever staged anywhere ! 


Check out


for all latest news and info

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