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Freddie Williams

Spaghetti Weston

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desperate for freddie williams-gotta live while i can-hollywood.

please help. :ohmy:

great tune John, was looking for one of these a while back and had no luck thumbsup.gif so good luck, nice fast tempo to get the adrenilin going :D

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Guest Johnny Mack

I seem to remember someone telling me that this was issued with 2 different flip sides although I've never checked this out - the issue copy I have is Hollywood 1121 which has a nice deep flip side - "Heart can you hear me". This appears to differ from what's listed in JM's 2001 Price Guide, which lists "I just cant believe it" as the flip - so maybe there are 2 releases under the same number with differing flips. Either that or maybe there's a typo in the old price book I have.



Are there 2 versions of this.


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Tony..Would post a clip but dont know how to..Jimmy Holidays LP version is slower..Freddie's is the dancer..both good,bit like Artistics v Johnny Howard.

Good luck John hope you get a copy soon mate. thumbsup.gif

Hi Nick it's easy if your browser allows it and you can record on your PC or Mac and it can take a long time to down load 15 to 20 mins if you have dial-up.

If I don't see you before 100 anniversary is the next time we will meet up.


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