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  1. Alexander Patton/LeeBrackett

    thanks all for the info...i really like LBs Excello 45...both sides
  2. Alexander Patton/LeeBrackett

    does anyone know if Lee Brackett ever recorded "a lil loving sometimes"...wondered about this for years
  3. Valerie Simpson thread

    love this version of California Soul
  4. Valerie Simpson thread

    my fave
  5. Sheet Music..?

    Pockets...this photo was taken after presenting their manager with the dry cleaning bill........
  6. ive always wondered about the Incredibles/Carl Gilbert...has anyone ever seen an Incredibles ISSUE that plays Carl Gilbert..(like the vinyl demo)..............ive never seen one (maybe a green label)?
  7. Tempests on Smash....Hazel Martin on Marco.........."Out of my Life"
  8. Title: impressions coca cola jingle last one Artist: impressions Track: Label: usa Record information: 2. The Impressions - It's The Real Thing 60s last one.wav
  9. Title: impressioms coca cola jingle first one Artist: impressions Track: Label: usa Record information: ill just say..........WOW The Impressions - It's The Real Thing no1.wav
  10. [Rs] dells coca cola jingle second one

    Title: dells coca cola jingle second one Artist: dells Track: Label: Record information: i got these from a coca cola jingle collector in Canada...they are from a radio station reel to reel tape 2. The Dells...
  11. [Rs] dells coca cola jingles

    Title: dells coca cola jingles Artist: dells Track: Label: usa Record information: 1. The Dells - It's The Real Thing 60s.wav
  12. Diabolics on Togetherness black & yellow Q?

    i bought both first black then yellow when i noticed it was nearly a minute longer...i was pleased when i got it as it seemed a different take....added flute etc........conjecturing that these were recorded at the same time........lovely sweet soul..........b...
  13. Ted Massey

    all the best for your recovery Ted
  14. Ralph & the Telecasters

    i think the feel is like porgy williams "lonely mans hum" but a lot slower......but im known for cloth ears
  15. price check on Woody Carr funk45 Jerden 924

    thanks a lot for the info

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