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  1. another goodie from Karl...Gerald Sims doing the orch fvffrfr
  2. all the best for Christmas and New Year to all on SS,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,ill try and be less grumpy next year
  3. RIP my mate Keith Minshull...............you will never be forgotten
  4. a friend who sells on discogs sent this You can only sell a record on Discogs if it’s on their database, and there’s usually a photo with the entry. You can add a record if it’s not on the database, or add a photo to an entry that doesn’t have one. The main thing is to be sure you pick the exact version when there’s more than one
  5. change the title to"photo rules on discogs" thanks Mike
  6. i sent this message to Max Rees i was unaware that you cant change the photo from the stock one on the listing.....sincere apologiesl
  7. theres no fool like an old fool.....me........read the following from me not happy....the ps you sent had a sticker mark over dustys face.....you used a stock photo of a perfect one..unforgiveable...ill be giving you negative feedback and warn other Soul Source members of your unacceptable sharp business practice from Max Rees Firstly this items sleeve was given a g+ grading which is a red flag for us all that the sleeve will be be far from perfect. Also it is clearly stated in the description that RESSIDUE stains are evident It is part of my terms that all my record
  8. happy birthday Keith...........who got me backstage to see many of my soul heros....and sold me many fine records.......i salute you sir

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