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Cheltenham, Saracens info

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Has anyone got any info on forth coming nights at the Saracens Rugby club Cheltenham. Can't see any thing posted on events page, but have seen dates posted somewhere but can't find now.

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got in touch with promters for you and here's reply from Pete f

hope of use

Cheltenham Saracens Soul Nights

March 12th (Friday)

Rob Smith, Dave Greet

April 9th (Good Friday)

2 rooms

Soul Sam, Derek Allen, Modern Room

Ali & John Holdengale + Others

May 15th (Saturday)

Kenny Burrell, Terry Davis

June 18th (Friday)

One off charity night

Dave Rimmer, Tony Ellis, Dave Thorley

Chris "Pecker" Woods Memorial Night

All of course with residents Pete French & Neil Self

Pay on the door (inc. free membership)

All 8-1am

Except April 9th 8 - 2am



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