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Last Weekend - it was

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Set up this category justr for quick event info/views.

Heard WILTON was a very good one last Friday, knew it had a cracking lining line up and those who spoke to said it was a great nite

Two Niters on Saturday GOLDBOURBE and LLANDUDNO!

LLANDUDNO was a good one, most enjoyable for me and the dayer afterwards was just as good, hopefully a more detailed view later on.

What was GOLDBOURNE like?

Also Saturday saw in North Wales Soul Sam and Brian Ellis Soul Nite at BROUGHTON...any reports?

As always other events on all over the gaff, now forum "appears" to be solid and working as it should, lets see if can help get things going on here with a few views/words on what went on, short and sharp? long and detailed ? Entirely up to you :)

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Most active in this topic

Most active in this topic

Two Contrasting Nights.

Firstly Hull Soul Club, went their last weekend and really enjoyed it, true accross the board music from Fats Domino to Kenny Thomas, excellent night really nice crowd who made us feel welcome, well worth a visit if your in the area. I think the next one is at the end of October. 9/10

Secondly Trilogy II in Rotherham Sunday night. Could have been a great night instead it was one of the worsed nights have had in ages. Full of Townies taking the mick, full of drink and looking for a fight. We left early and it was a shame cos we wer'e really looking forward to it. The only other thing was the dance floors (described as supurb) Modern Room (OK) RnB (No dancefloor - as usual an afterthought) Northern Room (looked like it had never been clleaned since it was put down in the eighties and it had holes and cracks all over it. Though the night has great potential if they just sort out the venue and the door policy. 3/10 (and the 3 is for Roger Banks set - supurb as usual)

Gareth (North Lincs)

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