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another weekend a longer things to do list

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a busy weekend on soul side

enjoyable times at Conniseurs weekend Rhyl and New Century Niter for me, hopefully few more details later when time allows

As always, if out and about let us know how it was for you!

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Enjoyable time too at Rhyl although I have to say buying and laying our own dance floor was a bit of a first .....started out as a joke but actually worked quite well........hope the carpet still had pile when it got taken up..... all added to the fun though of which there was quite a lot.... (OK you had to be there !!)

Thought the music was excellent all weekend .....rare for me not to stray into a 'Northern' room with a proper dance floor the whole of a Sat nite !!!!.......even a hardened Mr M's guy was converted...well almost.....thanks to all the organisers, DJ's and all my soul companions .........Take care Linda x

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