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  2. Drivers who refuse to use their indicators relying instead on clairvoyance, especially on roundabouts, changing lanes on motorways & when turning down the same road you are waiting at for them to drive past.
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  3. Speaking of JR have a listen to his slowed down version of the Velvelettes - Lonely, Lonely Man Am I + Isleys - All because I Love You with a killer guitar riff, two great tracks.
  4. Forgot about the Anchor, never went across the locks, thanks for the memory jog Derek
  5. Went to the club a few times from Sheffield around 69/70 & saw the awesome Edwin Starr there , we used to knock around with a group of local girls, great club, think it was a converted barn, as you had to go up outside wide wooden stairs to get to the Wheel entrance & once inside downstairs to the dance floor & stage, not licensed, so you got a pass out & went to the Ship or Red Lion, if memory serves me well. Great times in that club, there was also a club in Worksop around the same time, but can't remember the name of that one.
  6. R.I.P. Aretha, someone who had more talent in her little finger than most of today's so called singers, the Queen of Soul will be sadly missed, but has left a wonderful legacy to us all.
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  7. Just signed, my daughter recently got a cross from a rescue centre, still only young 12-15 months, but as soft as grease, very friendly & trusting, just loves company gets very excited, i've always found that its the small dogs that you have to be wary of.
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  8. Sad to see that Pete has died, he was instrumental in the rare soul scene in Sheffield in the early 60's holding all nighters at the King Mojo until it was curtailed as his license was revoked due to locals complainting & the police activity. Went on to start the Down Broadway club (under 18's only) below the Bata shoe shop in the High Street which is where I started to frequent because of the music played & was where I was introduced to was was later named Northern Soul. Great music Willie Mitchell, Billy Stewart, Contours et al, superb atmosphere Wednesdays being standing room only. He started me on a love of a style of music that has lasted for around 50 years R.I.P Pete
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  9. All the above comments, & great to see Sam Moore can still do it, Beverley Knight awesome, Tom Jones & Steve Cropper on Dock of the Bay, with Booker T & Green Onions what a Great Night, wished I could have been there.
  10. Thanks for the link WB puts it all into context now.
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  11. Finally got round to watching Legend on TV recently, great film, and great acting by Tom Hardy playing both the Kray twins , what I found really interesting was looking for who played the female singer in the club that the straight twin owned. When the credits rolled, surprised to find Duffy ( the welsh singer, not the nurse from the BBC hospital drama) played the part of Timi Yuro didn't sing It'll NBOF Me but I did wonder if this was factual that she played in his club as a cabaret type artist, or poetic licence in the film, can anyone shed any light on this?
  12. Sons of Moses already mentioned so its got to be Hank Jacobs - Elijah Rockin, with notable mentions for Earl Van Dyke - Philly Dog, Mike Post Afternoon of the Rhino & Bubblegum Breakthrough
  13. At last some good news for you, this is a very positive encouraging step forward that you will benefit greatly from, Good Luck with the treatment & keep on fighting.
  14. Too many to list, as said previously, different ones depending on the mood I'm in, current faves are Isleys - All because I love you, Martha Reeves - My Baby Loves Me, Earl Van Dyke - Philly Dog, Hattie Littles - Love Trouble Heartache & Misery never tire of this, part way in all the brass section kicks in, they hit it with everything they've got, even probably the kitchen sink, most 4 Tops 60's stuff, when Levi Stubbs starts to sing his voice is just perfection, Temptations 60's ditto
  15. Some more to throw in Harold Melvin - Wake up everybody Chocolate Boys - Voltaire Pier Ramsey Lewis - Saturday Night After The Movies don't think Wade in the Water has been included either

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