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  1. Dde


    No fish drinking, but Grumpy Soul could gave a great display of the Scots givin' it a right good kick of the ball!! McLean's Sambucca stock finished, Tequila a go-go Brilliant night - one of the best for atmosphere alone, let alone the brilliant music.
  2. Definitely hard to find - as my posts on here looking for a copy will testify. Too Much the side for me, and finally got a copy this year after looking for years
  3. Dde


    isnt it Barm Pot? A balm pot is a pot of balm. A barm pot is a nutter. Barm is the foam that forms from the brewing and distilling process and someone over exposed to it could be described as 'barmy' So there you go you bunch of barm......fucking nutters
  4. Dde

    Grumpy Soul Deeside

    Another top night in Grumpyville (am I in Wales? Am I in England?) despite the ‘end of the world 2’ weather warnings still a great turnout. Had a spade, sleeping bag, emergency rations in the boot of the car just in case, and ended up having one the easiest journeys to and from Grumpy yet. Thought Roger Banks was on fire - love watching him put a set together - is there a more enthusiastic presence on the scene. Loves every note of every record he plays - brilliant. top night
  5. Dde

    Grumpy Soul Deeside

    counting down the hours
  6. Dde

    Grumpy Soul

    Right then, only a week to go and I'm chomping at the bit. Heading down from Perthshire with Haydn and Alice in tow (who themselves are making the trek from Aberdeen). So who else is coming? Tell you what Phil, if you can throw some toilets with in built water feature, I think you may have created Utopia
  7. For the clanging call to arms that the piano intro is surely, 'Jeanette' by Wade Flemons is worth a shout
  8. The only dates I've booked off at work for 2017 are the Grumpy nights - much more important than my Dad's 80th birthday, or any other high days or holidays. To say I'm absolutely gutted at Grumpy's demise is an understatement. I personally think you should move Grumpy Mk 2 North of the Border - McGrumpy Soul sounds appealing
  9. Still looking for a copy of 'Too Much' Sebastian Williams on Sound of Soul. Any one help? DM condition and price please. Thanks Dale
  10. Dde


  11. Dde

    Grumpy Soul Runcorn

    Weekend is nearly here. Picking Mr Howard up on Saturday and looking forward to our first instalment of Grumpy Soul 2016.
  12. Dde

    Grumpy Soul Runcorn

    All Grumpy dates booked off work
  13. Scotland in the summer? You're just coming up for the one day then??
  14. Grumpy Soul with Andy Rix guesting - just the best night of perfect dancefloor filling soul music from start to finish

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