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  1. KAZB


  2. KAZB

    Anyone Been To Stax Museum?

    I went a couple of years ago, bit of a dodgy drive through to Stax but okay when got there. Car park at the back with sounds playing, all ok. We were outside the front taking some photos when a car pulled up with blacked out windows, looking a bit worrying as there were loads of derelict buildings around, but the occupants had stopped to take photos too.
  3. KAZB

    Micky Cruise Rip

    Such very sad news, Micky what a Guy, will be sorely missed. Thoughts and prayers with Annie, his family and friends Kaz & Kit
  4. see ya bidds if ya go Kit
  5. Ayup Gaffer,, kit eer ,,, might be able to get tonight ,,, got prob kinda sorted,,call you after 3pm Kit
  6. KAZB


    with another guy now all that leather and you,ll be missing woga,, least you got a lokker there,,
  7. Hope somebody can help me, looking for contact details for Chico in North Wales, please p.m. details if you can, Much appreciated Kaz
  8. hi kaz hope u had a great holiday

    cheers brian x

  9. thinking about unpacking, will have to do it someday!

  10. records sorted 4 tonite,looking forward 2 it. just gonna open my first bottle of becks. Hope you have a good a nite tonight as we did last week up at the Orrell, and hope your new records go down a treat with Skeg crowd, being as you traded Carol and kids for them Have a gud un Kaz xx
  11. KAZB

    Orrell Soul Club

    First time at Orrell Soul Club, met some new folks and caught up with some old faces, was a good night and heard some tunes not heard for a long time Good friendly atmosphere, and as for Hobbo, well what can i say Kaz
  12. KAZB

    Orrell Soul Club, Sat. 9th May

    looking forward to this now bring it cya 2nite
  13. KAZB

    Square Peg At The Bar Life

    Second of the three residents up next, HOBBO who shared the decks with LITTLE JO from Cleethorpes and provided us with sounds such as: Sam Dees - Fragile, Handle With Care, Pages - Heartaches and Pains and the Continental4 - The Way I Love You. Glad the Bar Life is successful, sounds like you played a good spot Bri. Looking forward to the weekender in September and the Sat nite at the Bar Life Kaz x
  14. The Soul Train is back on track tonight......... Lots of great Music with abit of chat..(Not too much)................ Give us a Ring @ the Studio or Text us your requests & dedications.................... "WE NEED YOUR SUPPORT TO KEEP THE SHOW GOING" RING STUDIO :01492 870249 Or TEXT : 60300 - TUDNO.......................... Keep trying to listen in but having real problems with internet, keeps breaking up KAZ


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