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Soul Brothers Six I'll be loving you Mispressed


Hi there,

I found last week this misspressed copy of Soul Brothers Six - Some kind of wonderful / I'll be loving you (Atlantic) with Young Rascals "I'm so happy now" label paper on "I'll be loving you" (and it plays "I'll be loving you")...did you see this before?...Thank you Romain

soul Soul Brothers Six 2

soul Soul Brothers Six

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No never seen that one. Story goes from the Brits. that young trainees in the pressing plant chain where tested with spare printed labels and whatever templates was lying around to learn the work. And so some odd mismatch (even with distant catalogue number like in this case) labels are to be found occasionally if ever they managed to escaped the bin.

Some such British releases are said to fetch some money on the market with few collectors of the likes of the Beatles and such collector's band (Yawn !). But if ever you'd venture in such a field my dear friend, I have a single sided promo Johnny Sayles 'don't turn your back on me' on Mar-V-Lus playing Gene Chandler 'think nothing about it'... Open for trades 😉 LOL !

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