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    Semi known gem
  • Birthday 04/05/1960

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    Rare Soul - Classic Jukeboxes - Pinball - Bruce Springsteen - Newcastle Brown Ale - Travel - Gardening - Viz - Reading - My Lovely Labradors
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    Crackin' Up Over You - Roy Hamilton

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  1. sent you a message.

  2. soulhawk1960


  3. soulhawk1960


    Original Vinyl Event 4.00pm until Midnight Free Entry but there will be a collection bucket at the door with any and all donations going to Children's Neuroblastoma Research at Newcastle University. Ideal for the folks coming to Whitby who have been unable to get tickets for the main event. Nice club with good drinks prices.
  4. soulhawk1960

    Sun Records

    Judy Harris - You Touched Me ?
  5. soulhawk1960

    Sides with a spoken part

    Benny Gordon - Gonna Give Her All The Love I've Got - Wand Truly Lovely !!!
  6. soulhawk1960

    Soul City Soul Club

  7. soulhawk1960

    Easington Welfare Soul Club

  8. Brilliant. Good Luck.
  9. soulhawk1960

    Whitby Weekender(Yorkshire's Original) SOLD OUT!


  10. soulhawk1960

    Whitby 'Met Ballroom'


    Apparently The Met is now on until 2.00am on Sunday.
  11. soulhawk1960

    Whitby 'Met Ballroom'


  12. Steve. Some lads with excellent Modern Collections will be playing in The Buck over the weekend. Call in & give them a try bud.
  13. soulhawk1960

    CHARITY SOUL ALL-DAYER @ Headingley Carnegie Stadium Leeds

    Great day & The Flirtations were fantastic .
  14. soulhawk1960

    Your Current Must Watch Tv ?

    Blacklist is good.
  15. soulhawk1960

    Divs are more abundant than ever......

    Father Dave, Anyone who knows you is aware of the passion you have for the people, the music & the Charity Soul work you do. You are well respected & those that know you like we do think the world of you. You are 'undesirable' in no way, shape or form. Keep doing what you do my friend.