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    Denbigh, North Wales, United Kingdom
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    Al Kent - The way you been acting lately - Ric Tic
  1. Alan Pollard

    Couple Of Wants

    Hi Chris, The Little Anthony tune shouldn't cost you anymore than £30 but it's tracking one down as they tend to stay put in collections as it is such an awesome tune, my favourite by him, I paid £15 for mine about 15 year ago. Just a hint too improve your searching on the internet the record is by Anthony and The Imperials not Little Anthony, I know it probably won't make any difference but some sites you have to search ..
  2. Alan Pollard

    Wanted Barbara Long - We Call It Love - Jetset

    Hi Ian, I've had my copy for about 10 years, paid £400, I don't know whether that was the right price but I don't regret a single penny of it, awesome tune and a great double sider, good luck with your hunt for one. Regards, Alan
  3. Alan Pollard

    Harry Deal & The Galaxies

    I would say there is very little diference between the promo and issue with the issue probably just a bit harder to find, does anyone know which is harder to find the Atco released issue or the black and silver label Eclipse design, which I assume is a local release prior to Atco/Atlantic picking it up. There is another brilliant release on Eclipse by Harry Deal called 'What Am I Gonna Do', a lot cheaper too. Regards, Alan
  4. Alan Pollard

    Bobby Paris - Personally - Canadian Polydor

    The Canadian catalogue must be vast as nearly every day something else is found, my personal collection of canadian 45's consist of:- Alexander Patton - A 'lil loving sometimes - Capitol. Kurt Harris - Emperor of my baby's heart - Apex. Eddie Spencer - If This Is Love (I'd Rather Be Lonely) - ARC. Garnet Mimms - Looking for you - United Artists. Marie Knight - That's no way to treat a girl - Columbia. W..
  5. Alan Pollard

    Most Soul Female Voice?

    There are many great female artists and I find it very hard to single out one, here are a few that do it for me. Regina Belle. Linda Jones. Tammi Terrell. Florence Ballard. Regards, Alan
  6. I have always loved instrumentals, I would agree with most of the posts re Milton Wright & The Terra Shirma Strings both sides are incredible productions The Gallop and Like a rolling stone which I have featured in my sets in the last year or two. Like alot of posts are saying that instrumentals aren't featured in sets anymore but I don't set my sets out so they don't include so called souless or pop instrumentals if they ar..
  7. Alan Pollard

    Anyone Where This Comes From?

    Hi Pete, I reckon its Argentinian. Regards Alan
  8. Alan Pollard

    Joe Valentine - I Lost The Only Love I Had

    Hi Steve, hope you are ok, thanks for backing up the info that Sebastion came up with, I knew Soul Sourcers wouldn't let me down. Regards, Alan
  9. Alan Pollard

    Joe Valentine - I Lost The Only Love I Had

    Many thanks Sebastion, Regards Alan
  10. Alan Pollard

    Joe Valentine - I Lost The Only Love I Had

    Hi Keith, Thanks for the reply, you say you can tell the difference but how ????????? Regards Alan
  11. Can anyone help me in identifying an original of Joe Valentine as against the legit re-issue from a couple of years ago please and also what are the values of each. Were there any illegal bootlegs ever done of this record ? Thanks in advance, Regards, Alan.
  12. Alan Pollard


    Anglo had one last week for £70 but it was only vg++, I would say more around the £100 in nice condition, great tune, I paid £40 for mine about 15 years ago. Regards Alan
  13. Alan Pollard

    Bari Track.... Was It Booted?

    Hi Pete, I know what you're saying and I agree with you that it isn't 100% proof but I found it strange that he mentions it, we really need John to make a comment on it all. Regards Alan
  14. Alan Pollard

    Bari Track.... Was It Booted?

    I have found what I believe to be confirmation of the information I was offering about SIR bootleg copies of Bari Track, I mentioned at the time that John Manship would be able to help confirm it one way or the other, I know John posts on here but he probably hasn't read this thread, anyway on John's latest record sales list (list 1039) on the next to last page he has a selection of current auction titles and on there is indeed a co..