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    King Bee Rhythm And Blues Club

    Lee writes....... Well we think you've just about recovered from last Saturday/Sunday morning's Shindig so here we go again. I can't put into words how pleased I am to announce that the man that has put together one of the top three books ever written about the Mod scene has chosen The King Bee to officially launch it. The September King Bee will see Tony Beesley author of Sawdust Caesars Original Mod Voices be there in person to chat to about his journey putting the book together. If you have a copy bring it down, if you want to buy one on the night pm me, Tony will be more than happy to sign it for you. From the scenes origins right up to the present day it's all covered in the people that were there's own words. The King Bee Club itself gets covered in depth and there are photo's of and pieces from King Bee regulars Ben Stone, Kris James, and Vicky Walsh Knightley amongst others. So who could we possibly have as guest DJ on such a night..........well in my opinion only one person could do the night justice. I've known him longer than I care to remember and to me he sums up everything great about The Mod scene. He invented the genre New Breed R'n'B almost single handed, helped create one of the greatest clubs we've ever had, epitemises the cross over that The King Bee represents with the rockin' crowd and Mods Jiving and doing the block hand in hand.......the one and only Mike Warburton
  2. Roy Hamilton on Deep Soul - £20 maximum Deloris Ealy - i would have said £60 on a good day.
  3. Last time I went in Reddingtons (heading up for 20 years ago) I got the square root of knob all out of there. Wouldn't waste my time.
  4. If it says 1973 on the label it's a reissue... It's that simple.
  5. Flicked through some albums, with quite a few worthy contenders (Temptations Sing Smokey, Wish It Would Rain, The Dells There Is.... etc) then came to this one and it was "Game Over": Etta James - Tell Mama - Chess
  6. I've got about 7 or 8 Okeh picture sleeves, and the majority of them came with demos - some of which were deadstock, so i know they weren't married up later.
  7. Comparing Tommy Dent and the United Sounds is like comparing apples and oranges. I'm just glad that only Soul Sam has the TD, that way I only have to miss his spot to avoid hearing the bloody racket.
  8. Most LPs only have one track - so it's common sense to get a double sided carver cut of 2 tracks, if you are likely to play quite a few album only tracks in your sets. Sometimes you can't adjust the volume on a system without screwing the entire sound up for the evening - most DJs aren't Sound Technicians, and really shouldn't be allowed within a country mile of the master volume - so again, a carver cut louder than an LP is also sensible (although in my experience carvers/modern acetates aren't as loud as a 45)
  9. I had a Cats Spoon, but it ran away with a dish...
  10. pikeys dog

    King Bee Rhythm And Blues Club

    Lee Radforth writes..... We don't let the grass grow under our feet here at King Bee Towers and it's now all systems go for our August 9th Summer Special. Starting at 1pm we have a host of fantastic dj's spinning tunes in Shakespeares fantastic beer garden. We've got record sales, vintage stalls and the legendary King Bee Barbecue, staffed this time you'll be pleased to hear by professional chefs. And as always the night kicks off upstairs at the usual 8.30 'till late. Two guest DJ's like last year to grace the decks alongside our unbelievable regular tune spinners Arno, Dutton and Wright. So i guess we'd better get on announce the first guest DJ. I've been lucky enough to hear this fella working his magic on a couple of occasions and can assure you you're in for a treat. Without further ado I'll hand you over to the one and only Craig Simpson: "I’ve been really fortunate to have been invited to DJ at many great club nights, band nights, all-nighters, weekenders, rallies and festivals over the years that I’d be hard pushed to recall them all. Standout events would be The Roots Room (Derby), Tea & Fig Roll Charity events (Nottingham), Ska’n’B (Cambridge), The Jelly Roll (Peterborough), Sounds & Pressure (Mr Bush), New Untouchables (Mr Bailey), any events that had a burlesque performer!, The Moon (Derby), The Melting Pot (Scarborough) and anyone else who I’ve missed (apologies!) but worked with on a rolling basis. I’ve met some truly great people through the shared musical interest, DJ’d in support of household names such as Imelda May and played alongside lots of my Rockabilly Idols. Those who know me will know that I collect a wide variety of genre’s, admittedly mainly 1950’s and 60’s sounds, but spanning pretty much every musical category within that golden age of music, and I’m not afraid to sway outside that and throw in a 40’s swing, or modern blues bopper if it gets the dance floor movin’. I first got behind the decks 15 years ago (1999) and shortly afterwards co-promoted my first regular club night, Bert’s Apple Crumble, in my home town of Derby. Over those 15 years I’ve DJ’d at countless Mod clubs, RnB clubs , Funk nights (I did a weekly mid-week funk event for over a year — must have been mad!), soul all-nighters, 60’s Psych/Freakbeat, Ska/Reggae, and Rock N Roll events. I currently run ‘The Hoochie Coochie Club’, which is just about to enter into its fourth year in Nottingham and still gives me a fantastic buzz! Fellow resident HCC dj’s are Kev Connellan who I’ve Dj’d alongside many times via No More Doggin, Sureshot RnB, Shoutin’ The Blues, etc.,. and Tom Lawrie who had great success with his Garage/Rockabilly club The Rubber Rooms in Nottingham a few ago, but first hooked up with me on the funk and soul circuit around a decade ago!! The club mixes up Rhythm N Blues, Rockabilly and Sleazy Tittyshakers, which I hope to play a little of for the King Bee crowd …. See you in August! Thanks
  11. pikeys dog

    King Bee Rhythm And Blues Club

    Lee writes.... Well it's full steam ahead into summer with the July King Bee gathering speed and hurtling toward us faster than the peloton (that hopefully Chris Froome will be leading, as Wiggo is unfortunately not riding) that will soon be hurtling through this beautiful part of South Yorkshire as Le Grande Depart hits Sheffield. And following closely on it's heels is the second August King Bee All Day extravaganza where Shakespeares beer garden will once again be the daytime setting for tunes, beer, and world class catering! But first July.....as he's heading over again to exchange top notch vinyl for our hard earned cash we thought we'd make him do a bit of work. Along with Mik Parry who graced the decks last month arguably the best DJ on the scene (who's not a house regular of course), a top fella, and always a dance floor filler, the one and only Mace
  12. I've got a feeling that a couple of early tracks came out on 78 in India.
  13. There are a few Kent LP collectors out there - there's even an appreciation page on Facebook - but as stated, you'd struggle to get over £15 for any issued LP (The promo one with Art Gentry on is a different story...) Wouldn't mind a full set myself.
  14. Whilst not exactly common, it can be found relatively cheaply. I believe it was part of RCAs budget series.
  15. Never seen a yellow issue - had double figures of the multi coloured issues - I reckon they were just using up the old stock of white labels for demos.
  16. Starting price is still about £45 more than it's worth though....
  17. Go onto Paypal and click the 'request money' tab - then click create invoice - you can then put in the total amount and their e-mail address etc.
  18. This is terribly sad news. I didn't know Clive particularly well, but there was always a friendly smile and hello whenever we met. RIP.
  19. Moved to Soul Nites - as 'nearly' isn't enough....
  20. News/Article/Feature Highlight: came across this interesting kickstarter on Indiegogo for a documentary about an explosive talent that is fortunately very much still with us... View full article
  21. Whilst browsing the web, I came across this interesting kickstarter on Indiegogo for a documentary about an explosive talent that is fortunately very much still with us... https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/indiegogo-go-go-power-for-sugar-pie-desanto Clip from site: The Perks: Get To Know The Sugar We want you to get to know the real Sugar Pie DeSanto through this documentary film, even before its release. The perks for supporting the film are all about that. Receive personal shout-outs from the creative team, posters, and postcards, Sugar Pie's' music, exclusive access to film and music releases, a film wrap-up "basement" party, master classes with Auraeus and Sugar Pie (learn about filmmaking and music performing, respectively), a music recording session, private film screenings and receptions, and the film's premieres. By supporting this film and taking advantage of the perks, you will get to know her more intimately and understand what makes her a first-rate musician, admired by many including other legends of popular music. We will use the Indiegogo funds to produce the first third of Bittersweet. We will create a teaser for our supporters to view in advance. This is our "Thank you!" to you for believing in us and showing Sugar Pie your love! The preliminary work we produce using the Indiegogo funds will help us raise the rest to complete the film. We will try to get a deal on the film's distribution. Of course if that doesn't happen, we will do the distribution ourselves...we're not distributors but we know enough to get the completed film directly to you. Promise! Video Explainer http://youtu.be/rAO-_Pf0qn4 https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/indiegogo-go-go-power-for-sugar-pie-desanto
  22. And since all posts so far have been positive - let's keep it that way by locking the thread...

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