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  1. I've got a copy of this album. I bought it from a certain Pete Smith, who I believe contributes to this forum occasionally! Bought it aged 15/16 but haven't played it for years.Agree with Polyvelts above about the Grapevine LP, still have that as well.
  2. Freebie

    saturday morning out side wigan

    Trussa, I seem to remember that when he clapped it was like a crack of thunder. And Sean, is that you in the 'A' jumper? I used to bump into you at Walsall college when there on block release. I used to hang around at The Old Vic/Wigan/Locarno with the Kingswinford crowd. I know most of the faces in these photos but I didn't get to know their names, I was very shy and thought everybody else was much 'cooler' than me. I knew a few more of the Wednesbury lot, Chris (Whitehouse?), Joy and Kim.
  3. Caught the start while working last night and just listened back to it on the iPlayer. Found some interesting bits from Richard Searling and Pete Roberts but was mostly frustrated with the presenter butting in, it seemed to show a lack of any research prior to going out.
  4. Hello all, I am not a promoter and don't get out very often so can't really be called a punter, but an article I read in a sunday newspaper may have a bearing in future on the number of soul events taking place. The article was about the cost of the Performing Rights License which I believe has to be purchased by anyone who plays music to the public, i.e. mobile discos, pubs/clubs etc.It stated that the cost was going to increase dramatically giving an example of a wedding DJ at present paying approximately £36 this would rise to £360. Now, if these figures are correct , judging the attendance at the last couple of soul nights I went to the door takings would not have covered this amount. Maybe some of the promoters on here can throw some more light on this subject?
  5. I don't come into this forum very often as I find it a bit scary when you are all quoting labels and serial numbers etc, however, I found this in my record box. An old Inferno picture disc, plays at 45rpm on one side 331/3rpm on other. I don't remember buying it but vaguely remember it being a giveaway at an all nighter. Does anyone else remember this and were there many other discs of this type given/sold on the soul scene? I know this is not probably up to the usual standard of discussion in this forum but I thought it might provide a bit of light relief on a Friday afternoon.
  6. Don't know about making my face screw up, but the full on intro of Let Our Love Grow Higher - Eula Cooper, gets my pulse rate.
  7. Not sure if anyone's interested, but I finally found my copy of Northern Noise that started this thread. I've scanned all of it and will attempt to post it up for folks to read.
  8. I gathered that from your reply, but it was still good of you to respond, no one else did.
  9. I agree. I asked a question a while ago about the three before eight as to when they were first put together as the end of night finale. Only Mr. Webbydublin replied I think.
  10. Here are a couple of photos taken in Mr. M's around 1981. Not very good quality I'm afraid as the condensation played havoc with the lens. These two and another four like them are the only photos I have of this period of my life, bit sad really.
  11. Thanks for the replies. I did have a quick look at past threads but obviously never noticed the one you put the link to. Thanks again Paup-ine, and for the Northern Noise bits you scanned into one of my previous topics.
  12. ). I was recently looking at a record list on the internet and saw Never Had a love so good by Charles Johnson listed as £350. To say I was astounded would be an understatement, I bought my copy (pictured below) years ago from Pep in Wolverhampton when he had his shop next to the Old Vic, I think I paid £8 for it at the time, which I suppose was quite expensive back then. I bought it because I loved it, still do, and won't be selling it, but is it really going for that much nowadays?
  13. There's a series on Channel 4 called No Angels at the moment, although the characters could not be described as "soulies" whoever programmes the backing music for various scenes certainly leans to the soulful side of things
  14. While driving around yesterday doing my job I was listening to a compilation CD with the "three before eight" (Jimmy Radcliffe, Tobi Legend, Dean Parrish) as the last tracks. Whenever I hear any of these the hairs on the back of my neck stand up, not because they are brilliant stand out tunes, but from the memories of the atmosphere of several hundred people acting almost as one when these were played at the end of the night at the Casino. I don't have a long association with the Casino, only going from late '79 onwards due to age and strict parents, but I have often wondered how these three came to be put together as the finale. Was it just a coincidence, and when did they make their first appearance as the three together? Apologies if this has been done before.
  15. I went to the "official" last night in the September and was delighted to hear they had managed to get an extension (I was very naive then). I went to the subsequent nighters and thoroughly enjoyed them, I even bought tickets for the Tommy Hunt special but never got there due to the car I was travelling in breaking down, I was gutted, at the loss of the fiver for the ticket and not seeing Tommy Hunt. It was only a couple of months ago while reading another thread on here that I found out that Tommy Hunt never did appear that night, so were there "technical difficulties" or something more suspicious?
  16. Thanks for posting this up. This is the issue I've got but can't find it in the attic at the moment. I got my anniversaries mixed up, I thought it was from around the 4th Oldies but the Mike Walker feature clearly puts it at the 7th anniversary, mind you, thinking about it now weren't they close together?
  17. Myself and some friends travelled up one Friday night because we had heard of a mid month oldies all-nighter. Arrived just after midnight, walked up to the Casino, no one about, no noise, nothing. Went back to the station and spent the night there waiting for the first train back home at 6.00am. We were joined at the station by another group, I think they were from Gloucester way, who had done the same. It seems from this topic that we heard correctly about the night but we obviously didn't hear about the back entrance and it being held in Mr. M's.
  18. I've recently been searching through stuff in the attic for a copy of Northern Noise magazine/fanzine, I'm pretty sure it existed even though I only have this one copy and don't remember seeing any prior to this one or after it. I think it was handed out for free at possibly the 4th Oldies anniversary, it was about A5 sized glossy paper, can't remember the cover but it did have a record review in the centre pages of the current 'big sounds', two of which were Tailgate by 21st Creation and Pushing too Hard by The Seeds (neither of which became 'big' if I remember correctly). So the questions are: a) Was it a regular publication and not a figment of my imagination? Has anybody got other copies and could they post them up for us to read (even if its only the record review bit)? If this has been discussed before my apologies for raising it again, just point me in the direction of the topic and I'll read that. Thanks.
  19. I've never really been into collecting, but was amazed at the value of the UK 7". I bought one at Birmingham Locarno one Sunday afternoon for a couple of quid and always assumed it was a dodgy bootleg.
  20. I read the Saturday night thread and found it interesting. My reason for not contributing to it is, I didn't start going to Wigan until late '79 due to age and strict parents and then it was mostly to the monthly oldies nights. I went a few times to the Saturday nights on my own without the normal crowd I knocked around with, but being a shy lad I found it a bit intimidating, everyone seemed to know everyone else and there were some scary looking characters in that place. I do however regret not going more often, as I believe that the Saturday sessions gave you a much broader spectrum of music to listen to.
  21. I will probably be crucified for putting this one on the list, but here goes.... Do I Love You - Frank Wilson It just makes me want to sing along and brightens my mood.
  22. You wouldn't have been the only one at the Locarno, I've never been able to get the hang of stomping, but I used to stay closer to the edge of the floor so as not to be seen so easily.
  23. Despite what it says in my profile (Never had a love so good-Charles Johnson), I think the one record that would keep my spirits up on a desert island would be "I love her so much it hurts - The Majestics", a fantastic intro and upbeat tune that you just couldn't help to feel lifted by.
  24. I remember the "Felix" and "KFC" adds but unfortunately can't remember the tunes. Does this mean the ads did their job in that I remeber the product long after the ad campaign finished?
  25. Originally from Kingswinford but moved to Wombourne when I married 25 years ago. You might be interested in the Stax album, I bought it from a Pete Smith in Wombourne when I was a young lad aged about 16, its got a name and village address on the back in the top left corner.It was only this thread that reminded me of it. Could it be there are two of you?

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