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    ,drumming, live music, all types of soul music, scoots, RnB , pike fishing and a few other things
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  1. Someone should show mincing Marc the correct lyrics too,. "Take my tears". Arrgghhhhhhh 😖
  2. Nobody has dared to mention Soft Cell ? nauseous tripe !
  3. Ric Tic Review Hinckley 21/1/83

    Us too. Absolutely crushed, surprised they didn't cave in
  4. Does this poster look suspect?

    Ah, so it's a printers' balls up. A big one too Thanks all, (it's a photocopy print off a work colleague, secret santa stuff🙄)
  5. I'm a tad confused by dates (or lack of) on it... As far as I know, The Real Thing didn't have a number 1 until 1976, plus Feel the need in me wasn't too far before that. Is this a 'faux' poster, or did the Torch carry on after the Niters stopped earl...
  6. Jumping at the go go RCA

    Anyone selling? I seem to have 'misplaced' mine ,.
  7. Couldn't agree more.... I loved tunes many years ago, but like you, I cringe now. Its more of a song Naming thread, long since forgotten etc 😎
  8. I was chatting to a guy from Grantham, in adelaide, he had a few records to sell. One was by "Strawberry Jam' per so nally..... I'd forgotten all about it, but remember it on polydor? Pretty bad, but a part of the story I suppose. Any more?
  9. £5’ders

    Mystic merlin is a fabulous record ,. As is Teena Marie
  10. I sold the SHARP album a few years back,. Used to play it all at one time, love The Moments take, but Chuck does it for me , I saw him sing it live at Nottm Sherwood Rooms, so it has a special place. Spooky n Sue is quite nauseous to me
  11. Charity All Dayer At Knottingley Town Hall

    So we have York , Harrogate and now knottingley all putting charity all dayers on the 25th? All within a stones throw of each other too . You'll probably say "it's all about choice" or words to that effect.... But choice doesn't help , it's numbers through doors you want. If all three are full,. I'll personally donate £20 to each cause.
  12. Question

    I was asked to pay entry... I also turned up to spin at a nameless venue, three weeks ago , to be informed that ' we don't pay the DJs here'
  13. Question

    The question was "should a DJ pay" Regardless of times etc he turns up
  14. Question

    Should a DJ have to pay to get in a venue he/she is spinning records at?
  15. Mark Freemans Wigan Casino Oldies All-Nighter

    I kick started the night,. With Viola Wills - Run to the nearest exit,. Then finished my spot with Bunny Sigler's - follow your heart. Two records at different ends of the 'Wigan' spectrum. Larry Houston, Gerri Thomas, Ben Zine, I spun those and others too. Folk were up and at em pretty much from the off,. By the end of my spot, the place was really quite busy. It was Wigan memories all the way,.rob gray followed me with some stonkers, then mick Taylor played more stonkers! all in all, a superb night, most of which I spent just listening to records that were the start of my journey, 40 years ago. Ally Mayer did it for me..... Billy Purcell, Heartbeat 🎶🎶😳😳👍👍,. Blimey that took me back when's the next one?