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    ,drumming, live music, all types of soul music, scoots, RnB , pike fishing and a few other things
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  1. IanP

    Gladys Knight - Standing ovation (LP)

    SORTED , thanks all
  2. looking for a decent copy of the above album. missed one on Ebay a month ago, (forgot auction end time). sadly that went for under a tenner, but im happy to spend a bit more
  3. IanP

    Pop songs from your youth that make you smile

    Wonderful vocals on the above ^^^^^
  4. IanP

    Marvin Gaye - When I Feel The Need

    I went to a Bretby Niter and remember CK giving it a huge plug/intro, telling us to 'wait for the beat' that was when i heard it, so i guess around 96/97 ? (i got a speeding ticket that night, so dates are pretty accurate)
  5. IanP


    2nd issue, i see the stamped matrix in the photo
  6. IanP

    Pop songs from your youth that make you smile

    THAT , is a masterpiece. its also a lesson in how to do a cover version properly
  7. IanP

    Pop songs from your youth that make you smile

    Keep on Running Shakin' all over Cathy's clown Alone again naturally My Generation You really got me Stuck in the middle ........................... etc etc All wonderful records, in their own right
  8. IanP

    P.P.Arnold, which is rarer ?

    i've heard it a few times over the last couple of years.
  9. IanP

    Pop songs from your youth that make you smile

    Beat me to it ! The GREATEST and most perfect example of quality popular music. a masterpiece of writing and arrangement
  10. ( Everything's gonna be alright ) UK IMMEDIATE or French COLUMBIA E.P. ?
  11. Fantastic stories. thanks for sharing
  12. IanP

    Best Cover Versions

    Classic ? its bloody awful
  13. IanP

    Unusual Invitations Boot ?

    sold mine 3 weeks ago on evilbay... got £23 for it
  14. IanP

    Millionaires Never For Me

    Blunny (Martin Blundell ) is selling one over on FB


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