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    ,drumming, live music, all types of soul music, scoots, RnB , pike fishing and a few other things
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  1. IanP

    Fire Fighters Fighting Off Scum

    This is absolutely true... 30 years ago, i was a retained firefighter, with lincolnshire fire and rescue. we were called to a local council estate, to a garage on fire (part of a block). lo and behold, we were pelted with rocks and other debris, from a grass bank. i turned and knocked a kid off his feet with High pressure hose reel, which stopped the others in their tracks...... but 5 minutes later, the little shits' mother came hurtling round the corner, playing merry hell. (bear in mind this was after midnight) The Jnr officer in charge had to calm the situation, we went back to the station, where a commanding officer was waiting for us (me), i had to fill a report/witness statement and apologise to the boys Mother, there and then.. thankfully she took it no further and walked off with a dirty grin on her face so nothing has changed, apart from it getting worse, which includes ambulance staff, sadly !
  2. Leslie Uggams please... I'll message you
  3. IanP

    Forgotten Monsters From Wigan Etc Days

    I played BRANDED at Rugby, also Nuneaton Great record
  4. what a great record, with a great story
  5. IanP

    What’s the most you’ve paid for a record

    £350 Stateside Demo of the Invitations I've only ever wanted 4 records, All UK, this was one of them !
  6. IanP

    Forgotten Monsters From Wigan Etc Days

    Fantastic read....
  7. its 2 minutes of Dynamite, fabulous record ! Rita & the Tiara's .... wonderful . Lou Barreto's little interview was an interesting read, history in the making. Gloria Jones made a fine job, no question, but when you're brought up on Rita Graham blasting out of the speakers, its always gonna be her ....
  8. IanP

    White Wigan patch with green trim.

    1st Anniv had green trim, i recall https://www.popsike.com/Wigan-Casino-1st-Anniversary-Woven-Northern-Soul-Badge/160081536234.html
  9. IanP

    Unusual Invitations Boot ?

    i have one of those, it had a Dyna voice label stuck over it, i peeled it off and hey presto
  10. IanP

    st.ives allnighters

    We were young then, blimey
  11. IanP

    st.ives allnighters

    Blimey, just come across this thread. as a 15 year old in 77, our peers were all enjoying St Ives etc, sadly i wasnt.... until Sept, when i got there , just in time i hasten to add, i believe it was the last one? The Theatre (oldies room) was pitch black, the main hall had the biggest speakers i'd ever seen , with a curved ? staircase near the entrance. 100 years ago it seems, but i was glad they revived it for the all dayers in 79' . lots of us from these parts went to those. I know Ken Cox was responsible for EASC, but no idea who organised the later all dayers. top venue
  12. Fascinating read... as a punter, you never realised, or worried, who ran this or promoted that. Ken Cox had his finger in some pies during those days, straight in to Peterboro when St ives closed. i used to buy records off him, Casterton Rd, Stamford i seem to recall. Fleet, Cresset, Wirrina, we went to em all, never any bother , apart from a bomb scare (Eddie Holman & Jnr Walker)..... St Ives was another story
  13. IanP

    TV Quiz Shows That Wind You Up

    Pointless , SHIT ! Celebrity Squares , SHIT! (Hello Bobby, Hello Patty,, grrrrrrrr ) the worst ever, has to be Blankety Blank, my god that was drivel.... they repeated the question 487 times ffs, absolute tosh ! closely followed by Catchphrase , take me lord, take me now
  14. IanP

    best under priced record under 20 pound

    if anyone is selloing a Clifford Curry, PAMA, giz a shout
  15. IanP

    best under priced record under 20 pound

    or this Masterpiece.... possibly the greatest record I've had the pleasure of listening to (Ric Tic should be under £20)


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