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  1. AlanB

    Mayor of Atlanta

    I've just spotted that Major Lance's daughter Keisha was elected mayor of Atlanta last December. Nice to see she's done well.
  2. AlanB

    Articles: Soulbowl

    1142/6 Argyle Street, Glasgow was a second hand shop called Silverdales. They had one room for records, and the bigger part was general second-hand stuff. I think the name "Record Bazaar" was just used for their mail order. I don't think Silverdales had any connection with John Anderson.
  3. AlanB

    Man /Woman or just confused?

    I thought The Vals had a female lead for years after buying it.
  4. AlanB

    Guy Darrel – I’ve Been Hurt

  5. AlanB

    Your Best Never Double A Side

    Eddie Parker's "I'm Gone" + "But If You Must Go" would have been the ultimate soul 45.
  6. AlanB

    Blue-eyed Soul?

    I believe they were also Vito & the Salutations, of whom there are plenty of pictures. If that's right, they're blue-eyed.
  7. AlanB

    Rarest of the rare allnighter 1994

    2.52 is start of Del-tours - Sweet and lovely I think
  8. AlanB

    Gypsy Woman (Help Please)

    It sounds to me like Ricky Nelson's recording, but slowed down a bit.
  9. AlanB

    soul people on the TV or in movies

    James McEachin who was involved with the Furys as a writer/producer, and early Otis Redding, had a long running career as an actor and turned up in many TV series. If you watch a lot of daytime TV you could probably see him quite often.
  10. If you have a fairly large number of UK releases, filing them by label order (and separate from US releases) is the easiest I find, because there were relatively few UK labels. Especially easy to navigate where they have distinctive sleeves: Chess, HMV, London, MCA, Stateside, Tamla Motown....
  11. AlanB

    All About The Soul? Well- Sort Of

    Clyde McPhatter - Please give me one more chance.
  12. AlanB

    Re-issues due to the scene

    I think the earliest reissue for the scene, as it was then, to chart was Gene Chandler - Nothing Can Stop Me which Soul City released on 5/4/68 - two months before the Fascinations on Sue which I think is the other contender for earliest.
  13. AlanB

    Re-issues due to the scene

    The reissues of club soul records started in a big way in 1968 with the likes of SOS/Headline News, Nothing Can Stop Me and lots of motown and continued each year thereafter, with in demand records being issued as the Northern scene developed. So I suppose the answer to the original question depends on what you define as the start of the NS scene.
  14. AlanB



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