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  1. ste


  2. thought the Donn Thomas was album only as well? if not i want the 45 as well
  3. clicking on it did it for me Pat
  4. Shake A Hand is one of the records that helped shape my musical tastes many moons ago
  5. got mine through post today, #394 from mymediawelt in Germany, £46 inc postage. don't really want to open it but must one day to check, when i get a turntable to play them on i think
  6. ste

    Chubby Checker - Looking At Tomorrow £30

    had 2 of these at one time, Jimmy Wensioras old copy and a $4 buy from States via Paisley Haze? just the one now, with Jimmys white sleeve ;-)
  7. ste

    Mamie Lee

    .....................was loads of issues in Mansfield area late 70s courtesy of Vallances, got from Record Corner for princely sum of 75p if i remember correctly. steve
  8. ste

    Larry Wu & David Emmanuel 12" Versions

    ....................... gave my 12" away when i picked up 7"demo, mistake methinks. steve
  9. was a want on here last september, sorted two spares copies out and still have one left Benji. recommend his "Smoking Room" as well, cheapie. pm me if still interested. steve Info needed on two Randy Brown tracks: 1) "Always in the mood" I know it's on Parachute 45, how much would I have to spend for a copy? 40-ish? 2) "If it's love that you want" What label? LP or 45? Only know it from an old Kent compilation TIA Benji
  10. ste

    Whats Your Favourite Soul Concert Ever?

    Sam Dees - Thorne. loved this night, never saw video Rob Wigley took though ( i think). got a Voices signed, "After All, The Show Must Go On" BUT, best for me was: Chairman of the Board at Hucknall Welfare, Notts, on night they split up, AWESOME steve
  11. ........................... Same goes from me Johnny, sold up a few times to save a roof over my head so been there. think most people on here can relate to it. all the best steve
  12. ste

    Who Discovered What ?

    ........................... have a blues and soul from '73 with the same guy championing something a little bit different: Dan Folger - Way Of the Crowd. when was this first played out though? steve
  13. ste


    Nothing much more to add to posts already in praise of Annesley and such a wonderful last night to treasure, don't think i danced so much for nearly 30 years, if thats what you could call it ;-) Little Anthony to finish it finally, "its not the same" and neve will be now! thanks pete / steve and all concerned over the years, you'll be sorely missed. steve
  14. ............................ needed it last time, 2.30 i staggered home, long walk from there!!! Cressy, can bring my records tomorrow if you like, should be there cheers steve
  15. ............................ don't think so Ray, looking forward to it though, u know what i like ;-) steve


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