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  1. Billy's version is a classic, no doubt about it, but I think I'd rather listen to Jerry's version these days.
  2. I remember a seeing a guy in Wigan with a pair of baggies made from beer towels. And you think you didn't look cool.
  3. My son bought me the Memphis '68 and the Harlem '69 for my birthday a couple of weeks ago, I've just started the Memphis '68, all very good so far.
  4. Linda Jones and Whatnauts all day long. One of her best I would say.
  5. Could be Pat Swallow or something like that, there was a bit of tension between Llandudno and Rhyl (skinhead days) so we didn't go there.
  6. Gets my vote, but then again I am Welsh.
  7. I went there on a coach with the North Wales Soul Club, what a dump of a place. Sound system was dreadful my ears were ringing for days after. I do remember the Joker being played a few times that night, can't remember the DJs though. I think we had a better time going around some rough pubs in the city centre earlier in the night.
  8. Artistics for me but JH great version also, I'm not so much into the up-tempo stomp stomp stuff these days but ask me in 6 months time and it might be different.
  9. Great record, better than some of the sh*te I've heard over the years.
  10. Edwin by a mile, Doni is a awful singer imo.
  11. A mate of mine still has a few of the original shirts from '70/'71. I seem to remember the box having a wood grain effect on it and If you listen to 'Skinhead Jamboree' by Symarip there's a line 'Ben Sherman shirt fifty nine and six' Just less than 3 quid which I thought was well expensive back then.
  12. The friendship club, that's long gone, there's a school there now. I remember the Pomagne now, foul tasting stuff.
  13. Yes I went to most of them, they were quite good and not a bad venue for an all-nighter. Soul Sam was on a couple of times in the 70's, Richard Searling and Keith Minshull in the 80's. I remember one night in the mid 80's when there was about 20 punters in and on one of the coldest nights of that winter no heating on inside, I only managed to last until about 2:30. I only live about 2 mins. walk from the pier and have been watching it slowly fall apart over the last 20 odd years. the beach looks a lot better now without it.
  14. Not much in it but the Sheppards just nicks it for me.
  15. I'll bookmark this one
  16. Yes I remember that one, all those so called soul fans sitting on the floor looking the other way.
  17. Not a big Stevie wonder fan but 'Never dreamed you'd leave in summer'
  18. Could have been either Dick Collins or Big E, Dick was the one with all the decent records, he took over when E got sacked or left, not sure exactly what happened.
  19. All big tunes at Paynes Cafe Royal just down the road in LLandudno at the same time
  20. My wife used to watch it so I kind of fell in with it. Like you say I found it OK at first, nothing special. I started to find it quite tedious a while back, I think these shows go on too long and the plots start to get silly as they run out of ideas. I don't watch it anymore and I would say from what I last saw of it you're not missing anything.
  21. Don't really care where he's from, this does not sound like a soul record to me, that's just my opinion (I'm sure I'm not the only one).
  22. No it's because he sounds like Val Doonican

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