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  1. I will never forget his name. RIP. And hopefully his friends and family are coping better as time passes by.
  2. Hi Rob Welcome! Long time lurker and recent Joiner myself (a few posts back). Whereabouts in Portugal are you? We are frequent visitors there (Cascais).
  3. Home gym equipment has seen a lot of price gouging the last couple of months. That's if you can get hold of it. Doubling of prices overnight for many items in March. Current price for some home gym friendly punchbags is 3-4x normal.
  4. Our Internet is dropping out every so often then returning. Phoned BT a few times and day after day got recorded message saying it is a known problem in our postcode and should be fixed in '2 hours'. After a week of this (we are both homeworking and It reliant) I got through to a human. They made enquiries and found subcontractors are doing infrastructure work, Inc digging up roads and the problem may persist for 6 weeks! Most of the time it's fine and speed is good, just dropping out.
  5. Thanks for the replies on the mystery bird photo. I will snap a pic of something on the same bit of fence for scale, as it did seem a lot bigger than even an adult blackbird. Concensus does seem to be blackbird though.
  6. It was big though. Much bigger than an adult blackbird. I suppose it could have very fluffed up feathers if it was a juvenile?
  7. Sorry, poor quality photo. Snapped it a while back as it was a strange looking bird. Quite big, even though it looks young? Just wondering if any of the bird experts on here can tell me what it is....?
  8. ^ ^ ^ Interesting, as I had the S8 before the S10 - and the S10 is quite a bit better (especially security wise, but also screen res, speed and particularly sound/speakers). So maybe the S9 was the big improvement year?
  9. Did you have a dog with you? Plenty of stories in recent years of people walking dogs being killed by cows. Well done anyway and thanks for posting. I will be a bit more wary of any I come across during lockdown walks after reading it.
  10. A lot of the young uns I know nowadays don't do the park bench spliff and vodee thing. They are more likely to be vegan, teetotal, gym bunnies obsessed with their appearance. Wanting to look like someone off Love Island while flexing on social media...... And a bit miserable with it. Makes my/our generation look like a bunch of pi55heads. Seems that Absolutely Fabulous mother/daughter relationship was a bit ahead of its time. Sorry.... Off topic.
  11. I have got the S10. Not sure on all the difference models available now - it was the only option when I got it. But its fine for me. Security is very good on it. I wouldn't want to go any bigger though.....if you need bigger than that for what you using it for, I reckon you would be better using a tablet / laptop and a smaller mobile (not a phablet fan).
  12. Don't go and spoil my fantasy** with irrelevance like that! **one of them is a hairdresser too!
  13. Having given it some thought, I have decided I would like to spend lockdown with these 3...
  14. I certainly appreciate all the nature/wildlife photos. I am learning a lot.... Thankyou.
  15. The financial ramifications of CoV are huge, but won't pan out for some time yet..... Cash - interest rates slashed /safety of banks / rising inflation. Equities - UK dividends being slashed or withdrawn / capital losses / collapse of sectors or companies Fixed Interest - coupon default risk across the board / Issuer collapse Property - many property funds shuttered again / Tennant rent default / drop in property values / lack of mortgage availability. Hopefully it will be painful but relatively short. Hopefully *fingers crossed*

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