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  1. What's the programme like (is it a series or a film?). I read a bit of it in the press last week that sounded quite promising and was thinking of watching it.
  2. Make sure you post a photo up here of the model once it's finished Alison.
  3. I am also interested in what the models will be like..... What sort of size etc and will they be for sale? Or is it just a personal project type thing? Personally, I can see a potential market for them. Soulies sure love collecting stuff.
  4. I imagine the OP has probably gone elsewhere looking for help. She was just asking (very politely) for some assistance, so she can get the feeling of 'body posture' in the models she is making. I don't think she is aiming to recreate the subject of the photo. Just get a feel of the movement. I reckon the younger soul crowd is the place to go. They can still do the moves and I have no doubt would be more willing to help out. Good luck Alison. It would be good to see the models once finished.
  5. I hunted down Ghost Town on YouTube in recent weeks. The current political climate reminds me of that era - and that song epitomises that time. Never understood why two-tone never really made a mainstream comeback like most genres do? A sad loss.
  6. I will eat my words from the start of this World Cup. It's the best one I've ever seen for so many reasons (no fan trouble, no fake dives to name but 2). The actual football won over all the controversies. The match times and watching on a cold wet winter night have also added to it. Much better than watching on a hot June day. And then the most dramatic World Cup final I have ever seen. It has been epic.
  7. Yep.... Looking forward to it. Its a lot less stressful being neutral! Not too fussed either way, so let the best team win!
  8. The reason I started the original thread was I see so much input on here relating to purchasing vinyl. As someone mentioned - maybe it's these members who are most active? Any road up....I am impressed by the sheer level of knowledge that members have on the minutae details of soul records (index numbers / label colour / run offs.... whatever - which you dont get with CD/MP3s afaik. I know if I had carried on collecting (vinyl) that this wouid be me now, as if I get into something, I tend to go full steam. So when I read these posts, I wonder whether to be a bit jealous (as I missed out on a hobby I might have enjoyed) or relieved as it looks quite addictive/obsessive/expensive and I dodged a bullet. Out of interest, I sold all my 45s in the early 80s. Have a good few of my old (jazz funk etc) 12"/LPs - which never get played. Thousands of assorted mostly soul/Jazz CDs - which also seldom get played. I don't consider myself a collector, as I related this to vinyl??? I mostly listen to Internet radio at home (and in the car now ). Primarily Solar and Starpoint Radio. Usually for many hours every day. What I love about it, is when djs play something I haven't heard for years and completely forgotten about, which I then track down on YouTube/CD/MP3. This never happened listening to my own collection. It's a very easy and lazy way to hear a wide variety of soul music. However, there is just one vinyl 45 I want to buy - Wilson Williams 'Work out fine'. I don't know why that is.
  9. Just interested...... I notice the vast majority on here are keen record collectors,judging by the posts. I was just wondering if there are many members who love the music and are active on here, but who don't collect vinyl? I sold the majority of my Northern collection back in the mid 80s to a well known DJ / member here. I still have a small collection of (newer) vinyl and a stack of CDs. But mostly am just a listener now and in no way a collector. Just wondering if I am very much the minority?
  10. Agreed. Really interesting thread. It gives you more of a flavour of what the music was about when you see whereabouts it came from.
  11. Foreign Managers - Yes. Foreign players - No. .......unless they are really good and then you can look for any tenuous link to your country, to qualify them, in most sports.
  12. Preferences for the final? I think I'm edging towards wanting Argentina to win. But mostly hoping for a good match.
  13. I am beginning to think Morocco might win in now. They look more resilient and determined than anyone and with all the local support. Its all pretty open. Been an excellent tournament imo...Opposite of what I predicted. Its been great watching matches on a cold, wet December evening. When it's on during a hot, June afternoon, you dont really want to be sat inside watching telly with the curtains shut.
  14. I agree.... It could be anyones as they have all played well, but also show weaknesses. I am looking forward to all of it. And just remember that of 32 that started 31 end up with tears on the pitch/terraces. You have to be very good and fortunate if you are to be the 1. So may the best team win.
  15. Some amazing matches in the World Cup now. Lots of underdogs through. It's turning out to be really good!

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