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  1. Really interesting article and great detective work. Note: I had forgotten about Bok to Bach I bet its about 40 years since I last heard it!
  2. UP Bean to cup coffee machine at home DOWN Paying 3 quid a pop to coffee shops
  3. You are certainly right about the media Len, especially BBC news. I used to watch it all the time for decent news coverage. But it seems 'Breakfast' has dumbed down and is now a cross between 'TV AM' and 'Blue Peter'. And the rest of the BBC news is just so negatively biased. They just skim over anything positive or ignore it altogether. Have switched to Sky news and have to put up with the ads. Wish I had time to read The Times every day. If I get a chance on the weekend I read it, you learn more in an hour about what's going on around the world than a full week watching the
  4. Our industry is a bit different, as income is mostly reflected from how financial market are performing. We were hit early on and suffered an immediate and direct loss comparative to market falls globally. Things have slowly improved with the V shaped recovery, However, we do also have to generate new business which has been far more patchy. I do worry about the economy in general now, with unemployment set to double between now and Christmas. That is a truly shocking thought over 3+ months.... I don't think a lot of people have got the slightest idea how bad its going to get
  5. I think the personal responsibility behaviour with CV as a bit like drink driving. If you go out for a night, have a few beers and just go slightly over the limit then a short drive home, you are probably unlikely to have an accident or get caught. There is a very small risk that you might kill or injure someone (most likely not yourself) - but it's highly unlikely. But if everyone in the country suddenly starts doing it, the hospitals and morgues suddenly start filling up.
  6. We may well already be past the tipping point to lockdown 2 if you ask me. The new 6 person social distancing is just the start of it. People were given an inch and took a mile, in many cases unfortunately. And knowing people who were at the sharp end in spring, I feel so sorry for them if we get a repeat. It's not fair on them....let alone the victims. They were broken and completely exhausted by early summer. They would have preferred people to have just acted more responsibly throughout.... instead of clapping at their front doors and painting rainbows everywhere one minut
  7. Thanks for posting. I for one will get onto it.
  8. @PeteEccles We are in Lymm......assuming you are in Eccles? Pretty close. We have got 2x BT boxes. One linked to BT line (lounge) and the other (kitchen) not.....just used as a Standalone Freeview through the aerial. Both boxes and TV getting ITV OK since retuning couple of weeks back. Sounds like your TV tuner maybe.
  9. I am not at all surprised. The thing is, there are so many people in the world nowadays with spectacular levels of wealth. From footballers to oligarchs to tech wonderkids to property tycoons......etc. They are now surprisingly common and the Internet makes the world into a global village. And even if they are not into soul music, the bragging rights of owning the worlds most expensive single for a mere £125k would be a bit of fun for them. And once the £100k Frank Wilson sale made global news (I read it in The Times) its open season. All imo. Sad but true.
  10. Apologies for my extremely limited knowledge on current vinyl prices (not collected for decades).... but for a lot of other collectibles (antiques, watches etc) a high profile sale like this can bring the spotlight onto the sector and raise prices generally. A rising tide lifts all boats as they say.
  11. Sounds like it's in safe hands to me. Huge sum of money - but bought for all the right reasons. Fortunately he can afford it and sees himself as its custodian. The fact he has already been offered more for it from various sources.....
  12. I think this statement to be slightly naive tbh ..... Just because you know a person does not mean they cannot be an asymptomatic carrier. A high proportion (c70%) were found to be asymptomatic from the Diamond Princess cruise ship evidence......which turned out to be a perfect isolation lab test of the disease, as everyone was isolated for weeks and then tested. Likewise, it does not mean they won't be there happily mingling and dancing away, as they won't have been tested if they are asymptomatic. By definition, they won't feel ill. Also they may have the disease b
  13. Also just wanted to say that if anyone thinks Tyson Fury is a strange choice of person to look up to when it comes to emotional resillience, it's worth watching this.
  14. Firstly, it's good place to get stuff off your chest. I did it recently with the loss of a pet thread and sometimes it helps hearing things from a load of strangers on a forum, rather than people you know (who just tell you what they think you want to hear). And I also don't necessarily like sharing stuff with people I know. It sounds like life is really hard going for you at the moment. But everyone goes through these times. 2005-07 was my time for getting the rug pulled from under me, every time I tried to get back up. A truly cr@p time. But, life is like a roller-coa

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