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  1. Another one thats firmly on the soulful side of dance music. Essentially just a soul record but with more bpm..... And this was really well received on here last year. Slightly less 'house' but an outstanding tune nonetheless...
  2. Didn't 'Tribute' Bob Sinclair get played at Northern nights for a while? Anyway, I am thinking more soulful vocals for this thread. Few quick ones off top of head..
  3. Katie Price/Kerry Cantona type celeb. She would sell the story to the press, post the story all over social media..... and then moan about how everyone interferes with her private life and makes judgements about her. And in the meantime, the conversation would be far from scintillating, as the only thing we have got in common is that we both have two legs and sometimes drink tea.
  4. Another thumbs up for The Serpent. Whole series is on BBC iplayer. Made me want to find a book about it. My favourite TV programme of the last few years has been 'Gone Fishing' with Whitehouse and Mortimer. Bought all 3 series on DVD.
  5. Same here. Never understood what he was singing about when I bought it about age 12. Heard it again decades later and it all made sense.
  6. So the vast majority of soul records are about the usual suspects...... relationships / love etc. But then occasionally you get some with quite bizarre themes/lyrics. I have just started this thread on the hoof, so need to come up with better example, but top of head tune; 'I'm shaft' - RB Freeman I think it's about someone in an asylum where everyone thinks they are Shaft. Which is certainly quite a unique choice of subject matter! Any others?....... fire away.
  7. That - and the fact that you are a tax exile living in The Bahamas
  8. I bought the really tiny USB sticks for the cars. Once in the cars USB port they only stick out a few millimeters. And despite the size, holds something like 64gb....and cheap as chips. Similar to this.....
  9. The biggest change for me was starting to listen to internet radio stations. It happened when I first got Sonos, but also listen on tune-in radio on my work PC now (rather than having the radio on) if there is only me in the office. There are so many Soul stations... you can just put those on instead of the mainstream DAB/FM radio stations. It's great listening to other peoples collections as I keep hearing stuff I've never heard before, and stuff that I've not heard in years. Whereas, I know what's in my own collection.
  10. The Bluetooth turntable thread got me thinking about this..... Plenty of options available nowadays... Hifi separates / All in one / PC / Sonos / Smart speakers etc. New system.... Old system?? Appreciate many on here are vinyl only people. Same question still applies though...... Might be interesting seeing what people use, considering everyone on here is into their music. I gave my separates system away a few years ago. Now got two Sonos systems. Most of the house is on a Sonos 2 App with a stack of music (MP3) stored on a NAS Drive. 4 room set up Inc
  11. That does look really good. Quite a punchy price though! Would he not be interested in one with Bluetooth speaker connection? If he already has Bluetooth speaker(s)/headphones it's a good solution. https://www.whathifi.com/best-buys/best-bluetooth-record-players-budget-to-premium-plate-spinners Personally I think one of these combined with the Sonos Move (or similar) would make a really good all round system, that's very adaptable and upgradeable.
  12. We were only kids at the time, but Docs era was when we started going to Old Trafford by ourselves on the train and watching in The Stretford End. It was quite terrifying - but also exciting being a kid in there. I loved it! I distinctly recall my beloved 'Docs Red Army' scalf with drawings of all the players faces on it. I had a white tartan one and my brother red tartan. Seems a long, long time ago now. Thanks for the memories Tommy.
  13. I think people may be surprised exactly how much data a lot of organisations hold about you. Especially Facebook.... (eg current location / home address / frequently visited locations etc). You can see exactly what info many of the major sites track here: https://www.vpnmentor.com/research/whos-watching-you/#/ Remember, data is the new gold.
  14. Fast Show.... Chip Cobb the deaf stuntman
  15. Amongst all the doom and gloom, how about a thread of stuff that makes you smile. Funny......positive.....awe inspiring......... whatever.......just as long as it brings a little joy! Big pair required for this!

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