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    Ironman triathlons, and keeping fit. Been doing Ironman races now for over 35 years. I still enjoy listening to northern soul and collect CD's. I used to be involved with the soul clubs in LA but they seem to have stopped now which is a shame. From Rhyl north wales, left back in 1980
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    Westlake Village California USA
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    Dena Barns - If you ever walk out of my life

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  2. I really do appreciate everyone’s input and advice, I have started to make up the record listing, by no means is there any super rare stuff it is probably what is considered middle of the road stuff I guess so apologize if it got anyone excited thinking there was this super rare collection coming out, it just ranges from stuff like Rubin, Velvets, Doni Burdick, Ivories, high keys, etc. . Unfortunately I am still quite sick at the moment and so it is taking me a bit of time to sort out, what with continuous doctors’ appointments, hospital stays and generally just feeling like crap. What I will
  3. Sorry I never thought to list how many I have, it is not a large quantity by any means roughly 500 45’s the majority are originals. The collection ranges from what was being played back in the 70’s as I started to collect around 71 to 78 time frame, although I sold the bulk before I left Wales. I have around 50 albums relating to Northern and Motown. I guess I need to just make a start and make a list up as that seems the most logical. I have plenty of time for that now I am on disability recovering, I don't think I need to rush that fast as I can cover some of the medical bills over time hop
  4. Hi I am looking for some advice in selling my record collection due to my ill health and pending medical bills as I live in Los Angeles. The majority of my records I actually brought over here with me back in 1980 when I moved to LA from North Wales. I have not played them in over 25 years I figure they will give more pleasure to people who collect today than just sitting in my record box here. Trouble is I am not sure about how to go about selling them should I put together a complete listing and post on here, put them on eBay, my other concern is grading them correctly to today’s standa
  5. Well I am glad to have made you happy in the day! I have another one wonder if I can get a bit more than seven pounds now. Cheers Rob
  6. I like to listen to Dee Irwin, I only get this feeling as it certainly has that soulful voice and words.. cheers LA Rob
  7. Nick, I have a copy of this album if you want it, I would say around 15 pounds, plus the cost of postage, not sure how much that would be from LA to the UK but I would just charge you what ever it actually was. Funny as I was just going through my albums this past weekend to make a list of what I have for sale and this was in there. More than happy to take a couple of pictures of the album and sleeve if your interested.. Cheers LA Rob
  8. Thanks I really enjoyed the short lived all nighters at the pier myself, the only reason they came to an end was the manager did a bunk with his girlfriend from the bar, took some money from the owners so when they sent in a new manager I had to go and speak with him about the up coming all nighter and he said everything could continue just the way things were, but then the local police stepped in and told him no more all nighters or he wouldn't be able to get his liquor licence. I forget how I found out but it was a mad dash to try to convince him to let it go on, but no luck, then the police
  9. I know when I used to run the Riverboat in Rhos On Sea, the Highwayman in Abergele, the all nighters at the Pier in Colwyn Bay and others back in the early 70's I would always try to book soul Sam as I always thought he was one of the best around at the time, used to enjoy it when he would go to Bob Fosters home in Llandudno. Always a good night with Bob and Ritchie Andrews as more than likely Bob would pull something incredible to play for us from his collection back then. Cheers LA Rob
  10. If anyone is interested I have a mint copy I will be putting up for sale.I am just starting to go through my record box and make a sales list as they have to go, no good sitting in the box most unplayed in the last 30 plus years. I can supply pictures or what ever is needed. Thanks Rob
  11. Yes I did buy it, got it last week, brilliant as is most of the stuff, lucky for me they have most of them on the US Amazon site so I can get them on there in dollars, what they don't carry I have to get from the UK. Silly me though I only tried the DVD in my lap top and they worked as I didn't think to try them on the TV, will have to give that a go. Cheers LA Rob Do you get over to LA very much Ian? as I am sure you would really do wonderful here producing etc.
  12. Thanks for that, it isn't like I want to download stuff for free, as I try to buy as many soul CD's and records etc as I can, it's just being over here in LA and not beoing part of the soul scene back home anylonger it would have been nice to get some stuff I can't get over here to just listen to.. Thanks LA Rob ps I will purchase your DVD just as I have most of your CD's..
  13. Thanks, at least I will be able to play it on my PC, I do have a new TV and DVD player, as we are switching over to HD next Feb and so I got myself a nice large wide screen sony HD TV, so it would be great to watch it on that.. I do have another techie question for those in the know.. not having an ipod yet but if I get one, can you down load tunes from some of those youtube video's etc? as it would make a nice change from all the soul CD's I have. Cheers LA Rob
  14. Ian, will I be able to play this over in Los Angeles CA? on my PC or is it only for a DVD TV? Cheers LA Rob
  15. Hi Pete, I guess your right, I know that the high keys, pointer sisters, etc are all origionals. Excuse my lack of discriptions etc, but as you well know I have been out of touch for so long, I just went through my record boxes and listed a bunch for sale, working on my second list now. Regards Rob

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