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  1. What is this?

    The Autographs - Love's Gonna Do You In. On a yellow Joker label.
  2. Bjorn Nilsson

  3. Greetings and ID

    It's Otis Clay -Holding On To A Dying Love
  4. Soulsource Record Club Your Choice For Autum 2014

    A 70's instrumental from me. Rare style but not a rare record. "Linda Williams - Oh Honey"
  5. Remember one of the other songs from this album was posted here some time ago. "Make Me Believe" Here is another one from his highly recommended album "Black & White Raven". I admit it has a very AOR-sound but a great dancer anyway! "Archie James Cav...
  6. Low Rider Scene

    Also just got the Kal's Kids 45. They are not just kids, but white kids! You can really hear that they're not exactly virtuosos on their instruments too. Usually not a fan of "kid soul" but this is just fantastic!
  7. Low Rider Scene

    Great thread! Bought a lot of this stuff lately. Here are some of them: "The Ordells - Sippin' A Cup Of Coffee" "Steve Parks - Still Thinking Of You" And a "B-side" of a 45 I had for years but always thought was too slow. Perfect now though! ...
  8. Joe Dunlop Sales

    A great guy! First met him in a caravan in Cleethorpes and he's been over in Sweden a couple of times too.
  9. Manhattans Unsung Tv Programme

    Thank a lot for the tip! Great show and group! Watching the episode on The Delfonics now.
  10. Will pay £250 for a mint copy.
  11. Urgent Help Please Eddie Wilson Toast To The Lady

    I've got the multicouloured issue on vinyl with the (west coast?) Monarch #.
  12. Urgent Help Please Eddie Wilson Toast To The Lady

    Yes my issue too! Just forgot to include the "x"..
  13. Northern Tracks That Don't Fade Out

    Both sides of Donnell Brown on Brown & Brown. Too Late To Cry and With Love We'll Make It. Also Locke's Theme on Atco!
  14. Urgent Help Please Eddie Wilson Toast To The Lady

    Pretty sure they are both originals. At least they are sold as such. I'm sure there's someone that knows better so don't take my word for it! My issue has a Monarch delta #54680 Also this is actually Frank Wilson.

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