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  1. Alan Millington used to play it in Mr M's...and a lot of people who disparage it on various forums were dancing to it I saw ya'll so don't deny it
  2. Hi, I've just booked into the hotel through your link but cant seem to upload the entertainment pass Dave
  3. Wow...can't wait...brilliant book by Stu Cosgrave
  4. last hour in the Hallam Suite was a real eclectic mix...I remember Doris Duke - Congratulations Baby being played
  5. SKF were the only initials I was bothered with
  6. William Bell - Never Like This Before..always loved it
  7. Agree with everyone...it's a must purchase if only for my two fav Millie tracks..Loving Arms and From Her Arms to Mine
  8. i use this which copies from you tube...loads on to your music and goes into your ITunes... "C:Program Files (x86)FreeYouTubeToMP3TURBOConverterYouTubeToMP3.exe"
  9. Absolutely...and whats more it was my 3 year old daughters favourite record so I probably heard it more than most people as she would get it out of my box for me to play as she recognised the label...lol
  10. The Tower Of Power were on off Strip the last time me and the wife were in Vegas...great show
  11. reminded me of the awards show where Curtis Mayfield and Teddy prendergast were presented with lifetime awards both of them in wheelchairs...I had to switch off as it was so upsetting and my grandaughter was asking me why i was in tears
  12. Spot on Carmen and Spike...but to be honest i think we've always carried the Wheel with us no matter where we have been...like they say..... it's not just a soul club it's a way of life....looking forward to NQ live for the next re-incarnation Dave Hill

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