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  1. funkyou

    Gold - What About The Child

    Thanks for the reply Simon. I'm after the original although the reissue is a nice mix.
  2. funkyou

    Gold - What About The Child

    Anybody? Cash or trade waiting... Thanks!!
  3. Anybody have a copy of this for sale?
  4. funkyou

    Almost 1,500 Soul 45S On Ebay

    Auctions end today, Monday & Tuesday. Many thanks to all bidders. Jason
  5. Hello- We have just launched a new ebay auction of almost 1,500 45s on our new Funkyousounds ebay id. This is a new id created by Funkyou! so that we can offer more records. http://shop.ebay.com...14&_sop=1&_sc=1 We hope you see something you like. Thanks, FY!
  6. funkyou

    Brian Poust Aka Agent45

    Anyone had any dealings with him? Anyone know how to get in touch with him? Trying to settle a record deal made on this board.
  7. funkyou

    Marilyn Barbarin 'reborn' Bo Sound

    thanks just paid.
  8. funkyou

    Hamilton Movement "she's Gone" For Sale

    OK thanks for the info. I will entertain any reasonable offers for it then! J
  9. funkyou

    Need Everyones Help On Here, Particularly Italy

    Hi, You can add me to the list of those scammed by Diego. Diego bought a soul 45 from me last year for over $600 US. We sent it to him registered mail and he claimed that when the package arrived there was no record inside. He insisted that I was a thief and sent him an empty package! I tried to plead my case with paypal, but of course they ended up refunding Diego his money. I hope there will be some legal action taken against Diego and that we can get him off ebay once and for all. As for paypal, I would love to stop using it, but it is such a vital part of my business I really have no choice. J
  10. funkyou

    1200+ Soul And Funk 45s On Ebay

    many records are ending in less than 24 hours. thanks for looking.
  11. please bid on these: http://search.ebay.com/_W0QQfgtpZ1QQfrppZ25QQsassZfunkyouQ21
  12. today is the last day for offers on the earles. thanks,
  13. KING TUTT You've Got Me Hung Up FUN CITY 45 for sale. VG++ condition. plays excellent. $450 USD


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