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  1. Thanks for the reply Simon. I'm after the original although the reissue is a nice mix.
  2. Anybody? Cash or trade waiting... Thanks!!
  3. Anybody have a copy of this for sale?
  4. Auctions end today, Monday & Tuesday. Many thanks to all bidders. Jason
  5. Hello- We have just launched a new ebay auction of almost 1,500 45s on our new Funkyousounds ebay id. This is a new id created by Funkyou! so that we can offer more records. https://shop.ebay.com...14&_sop=1&_sc=1 We hope you see something you like. Thanks, FY!
  6. Anyone had any dealings with him? Anyone know how to get in touch with him? Trying to settle a record deal made on this board.
  7. OK thanks for the info. I will entertain any reasonable offers for it then! J
  8. Hi, You can add me to the list of those scammed by Diego. Diego bought a soul 45 from me last year for over $600 US. We sent it to him registered mail and he claimed that when the package arrived there was no record inside. He insisted that I was a thief and sent him an empty package! I tried to plead my case with paypal, but of course they ended up refunding Diego his money. I hope there will be some legal action taken against Diego and that we can get him off ebay once and for all. As for paypal, I would love to stop using it, but it is such a vital part of my business I really have no choice. J
  9. many records are ending in less than 24 hours. thanks for looking.
  10. please bid on these: https://search.ebay.com/_W0QQfgtpZ1QQfrppZ25QQsassZfunkyouQ21
  11. today is the last day for offers on the earles. thanks,
  12. KING TUTT You've Got Me Hung Up FUN CITY 45 for sale. VG++ condition. plays excellent. $450 USD

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