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    Been into NSoul from the age of 9yrs. Career wise, the majority of it has been spent underground as a Fitter, first in several Coal Mines and then in the Tunnelling Industry. Am single and never been married and live in my own house. I've lived in North Wingfield, Chesterfield all my life, apart from a couple of years in Dublin. I have a daughter Rachael from a previous relationship, born in 1994, she is a English Teacher in China

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    Melvyn Dolby
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    Northern Soul and collecting vinyl records, MUFC,
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    Chesterfield, England
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    This is the house(where love died) - first choice

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  1. Hiya Chalke, it was his eyes that made him look evil. In reality, he was a pussy, all mouth. He had the funniest of laughs though, if you heard him laughing, you'd start laughing yourself. I remember him playing football for Holmewood, he got a game when they was short. He volleyed a ball into this kids face and shouted "Rioch", could be so funny at times
  2. Hiya Sammy, I was at the 100 Club niter, London about a year ago, also in that night was Johnny Wright, Maria Bowdler, Sue Morris, Sue Tilley, Denise Power, Wack and wife and Gary Churm (Mansfield)
  3. Sammy, the Right Track Soul Club, Grass Moor, was Brit, Gray W and myself. It was named RTSC cos that was Brits favourite record (Billy Butler)
  4. Hiya Chalky, Beetle, Rat real name Philip Deakin, passed away about 6yrs ago. His older brother Dabber is still knocking about. Hiya Sammy, that's not me in the photo, looks more like Johnny Green to me. Hope everyone is healthy, Knocker
  5. Another NS legend that will be sadly missed. When the camera came out, Sue took photos of everyone, whether she knew them or not. She captured the whole event. Will never forget her dancing at Heywood Civic, where the stage ran down the wing and not behind the goals. About 50m each way, or Heywood to Rochdale and back again ! RIP Sue x
  6. They was all fed with tunes mate, mainly by one man, arise Sir John Anderson. The all time no. 1 single contributor to the NS scene
  7. What a lovely story. Its testament to the people and music of our scene, always trouble free and so welcoming, sharing our love of the music. To the people involved, his carer, wow what a guy, Karen n Jason, so kind and very inspirational, Richard Searling, always had time for everyone and you could see he was very moved, and finally the Cobbler (Bobby Bland ?) who gave Anthony some top shoes for his future on the dance floor. Will look forward to meeting Anthony at some point. Stay Soulful, Knocker x
  8. My best mate, Mark Mahony came 2nd in the 1978 final. He was better known to many as "Mona" and he was from Chesterfield.
  9. Knockerdj

    Soulville Sunday Sounds

    Looking forward to spinning some good soul records this afternoon. Had lots of 45s come through through the letterbox in the last few weeks
  10. Joey Dunlop has one on his site £250. wwwsoulmountain45.co.uk
  11. Have you heard "That girl" by Royal Jesters Rae. Awesome tune
  12. Do you still have the Drake & Ensolids ?

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