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  1. A wonderful DJ and a wonderful man who has time for everyone on the scene, old and new.
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  2. A1 Records in the East Village had some nice cheap stuff in for a few dollars. 45s at $2 to $5 that might cost £10 or so in the UK but I didn't see anything rare.
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  3. Thanks Russ - we'll be going on Wednesday morning, the 24th of this month and coming back on the Friday afternoon the 26th (my actual birthday). Last time I was there, Cafe Batavia near the Central station had some soul stuff as background music and the bitterballen were decent too, so might head there again. Not after expensive tunes, got about 250 euros to spend and want to get at least a handful of records for that. Will make a list of a few places, we're staying across from the station, not far from the aforementioned Cafe Batavia. HA! Where's my glasses, I just noticed your night is at the Cafe Batavia
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  4. Just to add, I'm a fan of the vintage type stuff coming out nowadays and the last great album I bought was the Ben Pirani "How Do I Talk To My Brother". So anywhere selling stuff like that, thanks!
  5. Going to Amsterdam for a few days for my 50th. A treat from my younger brother, all I have to pay for are my records. Speaking of which, are there any good places to pick up new release 45s/LPs there? Last time I was there a few years ago I visited Backbeat which used to be owned by the great Arthur Conley of course but I found it to be a bit pricey. Also any dedicated soul bars or clubs? We'll be going midweek, as that's my brother's regular days off work plus one holiday day he booked. Cheers.
  6. Gutted. When I first started going out and about in the late 90s I'd bump into Winnie often and like others have said, he was always taking newcomers to the scene under his wing and giving them a warm welcome. I haven't been out beyond local nights for some time now but we'd keep in touch on social media and he always had time for everyone and was only a message away when you needed someone to chat to. Rest Well Winnie.
  7. It's to describe those who start OVO threads. Oh Very Original.
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  8. First visit tonight, won't be the last. Great across the board music selection and not your usual top 500 stuff. Rest of the family aren't diehard soul fans like me but enjoyed it too! Tunes of the night - Steve Alaimo's "Everyday I Have To Cry" and the Susan Maughan version of Wade Flemons' "That Other Place".
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  9. Willie Hightower's another chap in his 70s who still has a decent voice.
  10. Agreed, what a night. Percy's still got it too.
  11. I called out a general party DJ on Facebook for playing a tired set of tunes from a laptop and got ripped to shreds for it from people suggesting that he can play what he wants from whatever format he wants. I'm glad that proper DJ values are mostly adhered to on the soul scene and if I called out a DJ for playing from laptop or boots or whatever on here I'd be amongst like minded people mostly.
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  12. The album's great too.
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  13. It's mostly about the singers for me. Started this journey loving the voice and the lyrics of Curtis Mayfield in the early 90s. I don't go out much and definitely can't dance so while the beat IS important, it's a secondary factor when I look for a tune (hence my love for deep soul too).
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  14. A legend of legends. Rest Well Lady Soul.
  15. What's the latest? I didn't pay upfront like others, just buying on release, but it'd be nice to have the full set. Thanks Gordon

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