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  1. Willie Hightower's another chap in his 70s who still has a decent voice.
  2. Agreed, what a night. Percy's still got it too.
  3. BigGordy


    I called out a general party DJ on Facebook for playing a tired set of tunes from a laptop and got ripped to shreds for it from people suggesting that he can play what he wants from whatever format he wants. I'm glad that proper DJ values are mostly adhered to on the soul scene and if I called out a DJ for playing from laptop or boots or whatever on here I'd be amongst like minded people mostly.
  4. BigGordy

    Biggest Northern Soul record of 2018

    The album's great too.
  5. BigGordy

    Precisely what is it...?

    It's mostly about the singers for me. Started this journey loving the voice and the lyrics of Curtis Mayfield in the early 90s. I don't go out much and definitely can't dance so while the beat IS important, it's a secondary factor when I look for a tune (hence my love for deep soul too).
  6. BigGordy

    RIP Aretha

    A legend of legends. Rest Well Lady Soul.
  7. What's the latest? I didn't pay upfront like others, just buying on release, but it'd be nice to have the full set. Thanks Gordon
  8. BigGordy

    Old Profile

  9. BigGordy

    Jamaican Soul

    Another nice sound from Tony:
  10. BigGordy

    Old Profile

    I've had to create a new profile as I forgot the details of my old one. I signed in using Facebook and it says I created this current profile last year but I have no posts. My other profile had several posts on it. Is there any way I can recover my old profile? Thanks, Gordy.
  11. BigGordy

    Jamaican Soul

    Lovely modern sound that's had a few plays I believe. (Note that being a Jamaican press all copies have a small bit of crackle in the background).
  12. BigGordy


    As the original poster said, took a punt on hundreds of great CDs, most for less than the cost of a pizza.
  13. BigGordy


    Buying too many soul 45s as well as my beloved ska and rocksteady 45s would bankrupt me so CDs are a good way of hearing as much soul as possible without breaking the bank. Can't go wrong with 20 plus tracks for under a tenner if you know where to buy from. Most recent purchase - Complete Tri-Phi Singles Vols 1&2 for THREE quid each! Budget label (Hallmark) but surprisingly good sound quality.
  14. BigGordy

    Record Store Day

    Out of the 15 singles featured, only five are what I'd call super rare. A great set for casual reggae/ska fans though. Some of the 45s were recently available from reggae dealers around the world for about 7 quid a pop, like the Cornell Campbell, Ken Boothe, Larry & Alvin. But they are drying up now as when I was in Jamaica a couple of months ago there were hardly any records to be found. I had better luck in New York on a layover on the way home.


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