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  1. Happy Bithday for yesterday lovely lady. Hope you had a great day and Richard spoilt you. soap and lin xx
  2. len barry did a version on us decca and uk mca
  3. nice to be asked back to play a few tunes at shirebrook .sounds like being a cracking day at something different.see you later
  4. flattered to be asked to play a few tunes for such a worth while cause. see you tonight
  5. i really appreciate being asked and it was an absolute pleasure to play a few tunes bob.it's always a top day at soul not dole. what a great way to spend a sunday afternoon, great music, lovely people and cheap beer. what more could you ask for? .so a big thank you to bob,terry,waggy and dean for all the work you do in making this event what it is
  6. looking forward to playing a few tunes. always a top day
  7. top day and thanks again for asking me to play a few a tunes. i really enjoyed it. keep up the good work lads for putting on such a good event.and a special thank you for mrs scott for supplying us with the cobs, pork pie, sausage rolls etc etc
  8. flattered to be asked to play a few tunes.looking forward to it. see you all on the 25th
  9. my guess judging by this guys location is that he has had a change of name on ebay. the same titles of these legitimate second issue's appeared regularly by someone with a different name but from the same area. while people continue to buy them,they will continue to be sold no matter how many name changes
  10. the young lady pictured on the sleeve was a cleethorpes regular called steph.if my memory serves me correctly she lived in the walcott/sleaford area nr lincoln and at that time was married to a guy called tony. i seem to think tony was a doorman at the winter gardens
  11. flattered to be asked to play a few tunes. always a top day.
  12. Soap

    Darnall Horti Soul Club

    top night, thanks for asking me to play a few tunes. i really enjoyed it
  13. the ellusions you didn't have to leave. sorry i didn't read the full post. i thought meant the first track

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