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  1. Heisenberg


  2. Heisenberg

    David Bowie

    Yes, the Thin White Duke had a thing for Romy Haag :-) His passing made me sad unlike most prominent death cases. If I had to pick a really soulful favourite tune by him it might be "Word on a Wing" from "Station to Station", recorded in 1975. You can feel the pain he was going through trying to get away from self-inflicted hell in LA back to Europe. RIP Old Genie
  3. Does Tammi Lavette's version of "Kiss my Love goodbye" count ? Normally the Levine-Instrumentation doesn't really cut it for me but this version is simply wonderful !
  4. Heisenberg

    Modern Motown Magic; Your Faves

    Nice thread ! How about these LP-only gems Dynamic Superiors - Don't Give Up On Me Baby https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7rEDmWGq0D0 Valerie Simpson - Keep it comin' https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=41sDNgy74Y0
  5. Heisenberg

    Larry Levan rare interview

    thanks a lot for the find ! Larry, the sound perfectionist - maybe he should have told the interviewer to find a place a little more quiet
  6. Heisenberg

    Non soul play

    tricky question... the lines that get drawn between "proper northern soul" and 60s-pop / beat do sometimes look like rather blurred lines to me
  7. Heisenberg

    Features: Soulshakers Bamberg Celebrates 10 Years

    I could "only" come for the alldayer and nighter on Saturday but it was a fantastic day / night. I hope Malayka got her voice back. Recently a friend had donated me a small pack of old german allnighter-flyers which contained one for the first Bamberg weekender in 2006 and when I showed it her as a present in Cafe Kranen I thought at first she was speechless because of that
  8. Heisenberg

    Censored Covers

    yup - and to think this masked lunatic was Clarence Reid who recorded great soul like "Running Water", one of my favourite 70s albums ever.
  9. Heisenberg

    Censored Covers

    Thanks Guys, but I probably should have named the thread more precisely "censored SOUL-covers"... Of course there are a lot of quite well known censorship-cases across the history of popular music in general. But maybe soul history hasn't produced enough cases - maybe then mods could let run this thread in another section ?
  10. Heisenberg

    Censored Covers

    Hmm... Supreme hookers... But: Is there really a different 1962-pressing ? Eventually with this picture ?? http://www.discogs.com/Supremes-Meet-The-Supremes/release/5486383 Beg your pardon, I've never seen any originals. Discogs lists the second print of "Meet The Supremes" with a changed cover not earlier than 1964, two years after the original release. From what I've read the first Supremes album just wasn't very successful at the time and re-pressed after their first hits...
  11. Heisenberg

    Censored Covers

    Thanks for your contributions ! Please keep them coming if you know about any examples. Hip-Hop, Heavy Metal et al. probably would be way more fruitful here, but as you see it's quite interesting - and fun !
  12. Heisenberg

    Censored Covers

    Recently while digging a friend showed me two different versions of Pink Floyd's "Ummagamma". The original US-pressing - obviously for some rather strange copyright-reason - doesn't depict the "Gigi"-soundtrack-LP leaning on the wall but a blank white cover instead, seen here http://www.discogs.com/Pink-Floyd-Ummagumma/release/6482019 Are there any examples where details on the cover of Soul-records have been censored / modified ? Not the common case of completely different covers for different pressings of course.
  13. Heisenberg

    Dj's And Discovering Records

    MK - that's Martin Koppel, right ? Is it true that Tim Brown's collection actually surpasses Butch's ?
  14. Mick L, I hear you, but I think it does matter to a certain extent where the music as such simply doesn't fit in anymore. Bud Harper or Bobby Bland certainly do but Redd does not. Why not play soulful country or samba or calypso then ? I know that NORTHERN Soul has become an extremely vague term over the decades but you have to excuse me - I know folks who would cheer for Barbara Redd but despise very soulful "disco-boogie"/"house" or "modern" in general just because it doesn't fit into their strictly limited "soul"-calendar. Peace H.
  15. Heisenberg

    Female "big Beat" Ballads - Your Faves?

    Nice thread ! Gotta have some more Dusty - a little more upbeat here but soulful to the max:


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