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  1. on one

    Burscough British Legion

    Same as Carl looking forward to seeing you tonight Tony Livesey
  2. on one

    Uncovered Cover Ups But Who

    Kirsty, Dave Molloy was and is privy to any Searling cover ups, whether he decides to confide in you is down to him, always comes up trumps for me. That said he was our best man at our Wedding. By the way two Dave's have been quoted Mr Flynn and Molloy, if Molly is who you contact he his often on face book.
  3. on one

    Album Track Carvers

    Exactly my wife insist on lugging her tracks everywhere she DJs rather than have me drop them or loose them. Maybe because the time I did oblige I locked the back door and left the box on the doorstep.
  4. on one

    Invoations - Stay On The Case

    Joanie I you really sure T ha ha
  5. Hi Rich truly awesome what some may not be aware of the single white demo was given away as a freeby with the LP when it was first issued. Many people get mistaken thinking they have a British white demo copy of the record but in fact it was released without the larger American middle and has serrated edges around the run out just like many British records do. I am only aware because a friend still has the LP sealed with single inside unopened, Oddball?. All the best Tony L Preston
  6. Hope you don't mind me mentioning this and it is probably a fact you are aware of, but the same record was recorded twice on Volt that version being the more 70s track. The reason I know is that I had the record stolen maybe twenty years ago and when I eventually got another one it was a different cut. fortunately both tracks are blinders and I still have both. Sorry if I am informing you of facts your probably aware of but though would be worth a mention. All the Best Tony L Preston Lancs
  7. on one

    Forum Upgrade - New Members

    mike sorry to bother you but having problems logging in and now been allocated new password cant shange back to my original password etc all the best Tony Livesey
  8. on one

    Soul Or Nothing First Anniversary

    Be great to see you's all again Baz ... will be a top nite indeed!!! Tony L
  9. on one

    Sound Of The Weekend

    First heard 'What a way to go' on a tape a lad called Pete Miles from down Aldershot way did for me in the mid-late 80's. Haven't seen him in years. Anybody know what he's up to now? Can still see him clear as day peeking out his curtains, telling us all to "Shhhhh..... they're out there......!" Top lad ...... and boy, did he have some records!! Last time i heard it out was about a year ago at Mick H's do in Nottingham, when the lovely Derek Allen played it .


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