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  1. Happy Birthday Ste, hope the day been a good one. Xx
  2. Happy Birthday to you. Happy Birthday to you. Happy Birthday dear Sandra. Happy Birthday to you. Hip hip hooray .Xx Enjoy your Day Xx
  3. Happy Birthday to my partner in crime Hope your having a lovely day. Look forward to celebrating your birthday at the 100 Club my lovely friend Xx
  4. Happy Birthday to you Happy Birthday to you Happy Birthday dear Sandra Happy Birthday to you Enjoy your day my lovely friend Joyann Xx
  5. Joyann


  6. Happy belated Birthday Hope you had a good one Joyann X
  7. Happy Birthday to a very special friend aka my partner in crime Have a lovely day Sandra Love you loads Joyann Xx
  8. Still miss me grumpy moaning mate RIP Luv Xx
  9. Looking forward to us all getting together been awhile & all for a good cause Hope to catch you all Saturday Joyann Xx
  10. Joyann


    Looking forward to celebrating my birthday here especially as Ive got Sandra to go lol Xx
  11. Happy belated birthday Joan hope you had a fab day lovely lady Xx
  12. Happy Birthday Sandra have a lovely day my lovely Friend aka My partner in crime lots of love Joyann Xx
  13. Coach full from Rochdale X
  14. Going to put a coach on from Rochdale so please let me know if you wanna book a seat X

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