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  1. Soul on Wax Newquay weekender


    It's building up now Matt, ticket sales going well and D.j.s all looking forward to it, be good to seeya bud.
  2. Soul on Wax Newquay weekender


    Great news we have now added and confirmed Jordan Wilson to the line up of great D.J.'s
  3. Soul on Wax Newquay weekender


    Great interest building for this one matt, and after St Ives People will be seeking tickets.
  4. Soul on Wax Newquay

    only just seen qll posts, hope all got sorted.
  5. Leon Thomas L.O.V.E.

    I'm after decent copy of Leon Thomas 45 L.O.V.E. on Flying Dutchman. P.M. Me Thanks.
  6. Soul on Wax Newquay weekender

    After 2016's amazing 1st Soul on Wax weekender at the fabulous 2 roomed venue at theVictoria hotel Newquay, I'm thrilled to say We're Back to do it all over again. Further more I'm incredibly pleased to anounce that every single D.J. that wowed you last year have all confirmed and return in 2017 to do it again. DAVE STABLER-DEAN CARR-HARRY MORGAN-JO MARCH-JERRY HIPKISS-LEE VOWLES-MARK SARGEANT- MATT TROWBDIDGE- PAUL ROCKEY-TOM YUEL- JORDAN WILSON now added Once again it will be 8pm - 3am on the Friday, 3pm - 3 am alldayer on the Saturday, and a yet to be decided wind down session on the Sunday, probably starting earlier and finishinng later than 2016. This is all a work in progress, further info to follow. check out info on Soul on Wax Facebook soul group.
  7. Soul on Wax Newquay Summer Bash.

    3rd Soul night of the year leading to the Newqauy weekender in Novemnber. Again another 3 am 2 room eventD.J's .....Jo March,Lee vowles,Mark Sargeant, Trickster...Guests to be confirmed. More info to follow.
  8. Soul on Wax Newquay

    soul on Wax spring event, 2nd of 3 soul nights of the year building up to the November Newquay weekender. D.J.'s Jo March ,Lee Vowles,Mark Sargeant,Trickster.....plus guests to be confirmed. 3.am finish 2 room event.
  9. Soul on Wax Newquay

    Soul on wax's first 3 am 2 room Newquay soul night of the year at the Victoria hotel Newquay. more info to follow with D.js Dean carr,Jo March, Lee Vowles ,Plymouth Dave,Trickster. Since using 2 rooms at the Newquay Soul on wax weekender in November 2016 and applying a 3am finish, we have decided to run with this format for Soul nights, making them almost mini nighters. We will stage 3 such events leading up to Novembers 2nd Newquay Soul on Wax weekender. We aim to be as across the board at these events as we were at the 1st weekender, embracing the best genres of rare soul, and being diverse and original. we promote an original vinyl only policy and hope you enjoy the quality of music. # Notification :- Line up change, UnforunatelyMark sargeant has other commitments for this one and has to pull out but will be resident for other events. We are pleased to announce the Newquay debut of Plymouth Dave. find out more on event page.........https://www.facebook.com/events/1024375301007479/group.. Join us too at the Soul on Wax Facebook ...https://www.facebook.com/groups/groovesown/requests/?notif_t=group_r2j
  10. wanted Don Pierce - This Funky Thing on Majesty would like fair priced decent copy, label condition not too important, vinyl quality matters, wanted for deejaying. Thanks in advance.
  11. newquay soul on wax weekender

    Glad you enjoyed it andy, the weekender should be good, generating a lot of interest, especially after July's Soul on wax St ives weekender, it was off the dial.
  12. Curtis Lee - everybodys going wild

    Nice one Joe, Just been on site, done and dusted mate ;-)
  13. Hi Pals I;m after a nice condition nice priced copy of...... Curtis Lee - Everybody's going wild /get in my bag on Rojac. P.M. me Thanks.

    Bugger, just missed it. well cheap Rudzy.
  15. push on jessie jackson - pacesetters

    cheers matt, but want u.s. copy to d.j. with bud.