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  1. Jst got home from another great nite of rare soul as usual excellent selection of sounds by all concerned!!! The nite was complete with an exceptional helping of quality soul by the one and only Mr John manship !!!!! Can't wait till next month when another great line up is on offer !!!when Gilly (a young man behind many great discovories) over the yrs takes to the decks with Nicola and Saus also so what more can you want See you soon lads
  2. Sorry missed the last one ladswas bad weather and had to get to Glasgow to see the rangers see ya next week can't wait esp now I've seen guest dj will be another exceptional nite of quality rare soul ! With a great crowd of friendly soulful people
  3. What a line up of djs
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  4. Tour t shirt & programme Offers
  5. All can be said excellent dj spots at 100 club & not forgetting TOP OF THE WORLD Stafford . Jst a genuine compliment to Dave Thorley .I can't think of a bad dj that was ever booked at TOTW.without exception .& for those unlucky enough to have not attended.take it from me !!! Had Dave not had the vision back then with the quality of music played then the scene today would not be as it is today !!!
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  6. Not long till another quality nite of rare soul music hope to be there then il carry on up to Scotland to watch "a bit of footie on the Sunday at famous IBROX stadium. See you there !!! (Got spare ticket for rangers game if any of you lads want it )
  7. Phathom Janitor

    Soul In The Wardrobe

    Not long now looking forward to an enjoyable afternoon of quality soul music
  8. well worth a visit what a line up !!!!!!!! scotlands NO 1 colin law & west mids NO 1 sean hayden its gonna be a stormer!!!!!!!!
  9. Phathom Janitor

    Soul In The Wardrobe

    NOT LONG TO GO NOW !!! Until another monster session!!! Without a doubt the country's best attended day session for many many years !!! Those that know me know I tell it how it is I was goin to ibrox to watch Glasgow Rangers v Derby .but iv cancelled to attend this venue !!! That's how good it is so can't wait hoping a few more make the trip up with me from Stafford see ya soon PAT. Trust me folks this venue is how it used to be back in the day ! SO Mr Brady and the Crewe are definitely doing what would be dreamed about and envied by many!!!!! Without exception.
  10. Can't wait for another quality nite of rare soul!! Brill line up usual !!! Then again the lads behind it know the score hope it's another packer!!!!!!
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  11. Not long now until a great day of rare soul in the company of friendly people see you there! (Have to watch my p 's & q's)!!!! IT'S GONNA BE STORMING !!!!! SO THERE'S NONE IN THAT STATEMENT No surrender
    Well not long back from shirebrook nr mansfield YET again another excellent helping of quality rare soul next months alldayer will be a stormer !!! I cant wait looking forward to Roger Banks spot which as usual will be excellent see you all next month !!! Who needs 23 djys in a field when you can have the pleasure of the company "the STAFF" see you all soon .
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  12. Jst to add folks on sat i could do " a hop, step ,jump, 2forward rolls to a venue next to my good ladies house so why will I be driving over 150 miles round trip simple quality rare soul !! But don't take my word for it get yourselves THERE !
  13. Well even more reason For a good attendance Roger is in my opinion not just a gr8 lad that has honoured the rare soul scene for many many years and still manages to find quality records &would always be on my dj line up (subject to availability) on any future venture should I wish to consider then again apart from very selected venues in West mids his talent would fall on deaf anyway looking forward to another quality nite of rare soul
  14. Looking forward to another nite of quality rare soul with a genuine crowd ! Can't wait ! Well worth the 150 mile round trip ! SO folks if you've not tried the venue give it a go !! Well that's if you appreciate QUALITY! And with venue QUALITY comes as standard

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