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  1. Wanted Edward Hamilton baby dont you weep As as present for a gr8 friend & also a gr8 dj & respected face on the rare soul scene for many many years let's see after all we've been through what someone can do
  2. Hi Gilly hope all good with you thanks for the laughs with yr good self & Rob MARRIOTT Esq at Mansfield (shirebrook "something different "Where good people go )put me down for a copy hope see u soon
  3. until

    First show stormin can't wait for sat !! Bang on Ady.
  4. Off to bed !! Brill idea and of course QUALITY tunes .but what do you expect from you lads !!
  5. Due to work commitments couldn't make it great line up as usual.and so please that TIM (cov) is on line up as last seen he was sat in the middle of harpo's back garden for I don't know how long.just glad he's not gettin wet with this terrible weather
  6. Apologies for none attendance.hope to be at this one for another storming nite.im well travelled in this country.is obv heard of Mansfield as I knew the legend "Rob MARRIOTT but I'd never herd of"shirebrook" but it seems as this town has SUDDENLY become popular for soul music.but lads come on !!! The impersonators out there.theres only 1 quality venue in "SHIREBROOK "&It's here !!!! If I'm wrong why would legends of the soul sense ie John manship &soul Sam even give it a lookcoz they know same as why i travel to it.ITS pure QUALITY.&It's free.so no excuse for supporting
  7. I can't believe it ! CHALKY harsh ! Nah just truthful. And i take it those concern in defending these outfits,wear them day in day out NO ! But everyone to their own opinion. MY OPINION. stafford in the 80's.guest dj Ady croasdell .up come the London Crewe dressed in smart classy clothing (not baggy pants etc.)with it they brought shear quality to the venue.as did the Scotland bus with Colin law, the walls brothers etc.the music had moved on.it was pure class.then after many years I ventured out locally. Met with baggy pants and trash.then I attend some of the venues previously mentioned.t
  8. Hoping to make it work permitting.then home before the trip to watch the lads at Old Trafford.. Always a quality nite.im sure it will be missed should it not continue.some say that things hav a shell life .in this case Bury Town Hall has the quality behind the decks to continue year after year . Maybe some should look at its format to make their venues prosper. Well done Chris for many years af hard work .
  9. Bang on ! ! CHALKY I AGREE 101% I'm just glad that someone who is respected on this site is able to tell the truth.when I have had my veiws I end up offending people and end up with a public warning when really I didn't mean any harm.i wanna go out now and again and mix with suitably dressed people listening to pure quality.expanding my enjoyment for the music which the likes of Bury town hall ,Rugby , Springfields ,Notts boat club ,Mansfield (shirebrook) Leeds (wardrobe) 100 club ,Grumpy soul .etc bring to the table.
  10. Well I think maybe it's time to give what I know is a quality session a go As the line up says it all plus it will cheer me up b4 watching Utd no doubt get thumped a few hrs after Hope to be there
  11. HI there.not long to go until yet another nite of fun & quality music from a friendly bunch of people . OR PUT SIMPLY A GREAT NITE Why pay for 2nd rate tunes when you hear top quality for free !!!!!! Surely the previous guest list speaks for itself .Mr Manship, Gilly ,Roger Banks etc. So give it go or hear the same old tunes that you heard as a teen. Or did you ? Maybe that's the problem ! SO dont take my word for it give it a go ! (Thinking in future running bit of transport from staffs & surrounding if interested get in touch folks) See yo
  12. Genuinely hope it was a good nite for you all.youl not give up as you've stuck at it. Maybe it's time (I think the rite time for a bit of diversity musically) I feel it's def the rite time (but I don't know a lot) keep it up and in 2020 things will turn. Keep it up the area deserves quality in sure with some thort youl be the areas no1 venue. (On another note a rumour that someone else in the area could turn this round i dont think so ) keep it goin respect
  13. What more can one say more than worth the 100mile rnd trip.gr8 people gr8 atmosphere. Can't wait to hear ROB MARRIOTT on the future.&gr8 to have a laff with Rob&Gilly after many years.Roger always entertains.well there's Djs an those who want an hr of stardom.see you all soon.
  14. YET AGAIN another Great nite of QUALITY then again! I didn't attend to expect any different ! And with numbers on the up & up .the lads are doing something write. Quality dj spots from SAUS, Gilly ,Nicola,& Roger Banks (as always)not forgetting the"staff" LOOKING forward as always to next session.. THE truth is people. & those who choose to run venues which are substandard musically to be polite !you require people who over the years have got depth in what was played over the YEARS. (Not revivals reunionons etc) Or being quoted to have djayed at venues ie.cas
  15. Not long to go until yet another helping of quality rare soul ! After listening to Guy Hennigans spot on "totallywired radio the other nite genuinely can't wait to hear what "Gilly" has in store I remember all too well What he was accredited for bein the author of years ago (in not had a dictionary for my tea jst try in to be constructive)I believe "saus" did a spot or 2 for me yrs ago at Nantwich niters so I know his quality. As for Nicola I'm eagerly awaiting what I'm sure will be an amazing spot (as to be involved with the likes of Colin law etc from "God's country north of the bo

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