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  1. phathom janitor


    hi .here we go ! I live 1 mile from a established NITE in my home town of stafford so how did I end up inside Springfield hotel last nite ? nah ! i dont need helpit was because mr hollender had put on A rip-roarin! rafter rattalin ! floor shakin ! rare / modern soul allnighter !!! with brilliant dj spots in both rooms with the floor full from all djs but when you read the line up wot do you expect ady 100 club(superb) butch (the meastro) sorry i didnt say hi mark roger banks (brill spot) keith money (rammed the floor) but the spot for me & id not heard him for nearly 30yrs Scotlands NO 1 COLIN LAW (wot can you say ) some may argue but colin worked for me along with Butch and roger for a few yrs In mid 80s apoligies If I omitted anyone respect to chris waterman see ya at bury ! SO you lot from the west mids get along to venues like this notts and bury & see what the real soul scene looks & should most definitely sound like in 2018 bang on pete !
  2. phathom janitor


    sorry it late but due to issues getting on site but now sorted all I can say is I dont go out that often due mainly to fact where im situated the quality of places to go is ? well cant comment . at 3pm on boxing day im sat at old Trafford .then in the car back home to Stafford only to return north to Bury ! all I can say is THIS venue and music policy I COULDN'T FAULT !!!!!! it was 100% bang on .what the scene should be about in 2018 .the quality of tunes was probably the best iv herd since the days of clifton hall /stafford etc with the floor in the main room full for every dj spot ! without exception ! then again with quality djs like andy dyson , nige brown , kev murphy , not to mention a young man in a batman t shirt who I thort was brilliant What do you expect ! I will end by saying thanks to the promoters for a brilliant nite ! they have certainly got it SPOT ON !!! those who know me know I tell the truth ! even tho it often offends !! the west mids use the words politics for a venue being poor or poorly attended ! think it mite be whats on the decks lads :-) or everything is a revival or reunion basically a time warp ! move on were in 2017 ! now ill be in trouble ! il go as far as to say that this venue is in my opinion ! and with the many who attended obviously agree to fill the floor all night THE no 1 niter in the country ! well done to all those involved happy new yr and hope many more excellent nites ahead :-) :-) :-)
  3. phathom janitor

    phathom janitor

  4. phathom janitor


    No problem daz you know my comments are genuine ! This venue definitely a venue not a Wolf in sheeps clothing !Apologies for omitting other guests earlier !not had the pleasure butI know Mick H got massive tunes !and genuine guy !not least ken onions who was good enuf to be involved with some of the Wheatcheaf gang in room 2 (which they packed)at my credible Allnighters in early/mid 80s complimenting main room eg Guy hennigan keb darge BUTCH pat Brady soul sam george sharpe harpo mark bicknell colin law etc etc ! Sold my tunes but a few come to mind !for reasons due to recent events Man of value -Tyrone barkley Deadbeats(c/u phathom janitor ) No second chance (gr8 lyrics) Jaon baker -everybodys talking The embers - watch out girl Doug parkinson -ill be around Marva hicks - lookin over my shoulder And a fitting tune for fri session Patti austin HEAD and SHOULDERS (ABOVE THE REST ! ! ! ! ! ! And amazingly promoted by younger generation !! That didn't attended older venues that everyone bangs on about !but are more than able to bring Quality music to the region ! And Quality never goes out of fashion ! Long may it last
  5. phathom janitor


    Well what can one say ! Yet another fantastic DJ line up in store ! Especially Mr Nigel Brown ! Masssive respect to dj who is without doubt up there with all the past and present greats of rare soul scene .well done Nat and daz for actually bringing quality soul music to the midlands ! (Folks trust me 1000s of great tunes out there ! Pity others dont try to expand the paying publics veiw by introducing diff music to the region like nat and daz )but with promoters that havnt herd it themselves or ever been to big venues in days gone by ! Your stuck with same old same old which I dont think warrants a sack truck to cart your records on ! Do you? Keep up the brill work gang ! Keep banging !proper soul music out ! ! ! !respect "the janitor "
  6. phathom janitor

    quality SOULNITE

    Hawkins sports Coppice lane cheslyn hay walsall Ws67ey 8-1am Djs Big al shaw. Rob smith .little scottie sandi . And Gaz lees along with Nat Nicholls (the young lady behind wolfies ) Bringing the west mids together in pursuit of quality soul music
  7. phathom janitor

    Something sort of souful

    Fri soon upon us ! And a real way to start the bank holiday ! Feed back brill after 1st nite esp about quality of music ! After a stormin nite at wolfies bar have secured dj spot for Nat nicholls for septembers event on fri 29th ! Hope to see you all this fri ! And who knows maybe we can bring those together in the west midlands who wish to listen to quality rare soul ! to a politics free venue ! That is SOULfully correct !
  8. phathom janitor


    Well nice to see at last credible quality djs in the west mids and they dont get any better than Dave Thorley! the casino closed (which i actualy attended ) it was oh no ! ! But Dave had other ideas with his carefully selected cast of djs and timing brought to the table better records than many played at other famous venues ! Without this gentlemans forsite you wouldnt be out dancin at venues today !!! Respect massively deserved Dave !hope the nites a stormer bringing quality to the area ! !which is long over due !
  9. phathom janitor

    Something sort of souful

    Hawkins sports coppice lane Cheslyn hay walsall Ws67ey 8-1am Djs Rob smith. Big al shaw .little scottie Sandi and the return of "HARPO" a night of stormin soul All welcome. Many thanks for your support at Last one
  10. Hi nat do you fancy guest spot at next Hawkins something sort of souful flyers bein done in morning thanx 25 aug 

    1. natalie89


      Thanks for the offer but I get back off holiday that day and I don't know what time I'll be home maybe another date if that's ok 

      thanks Nat 

    2. phathom janitor

      phathom janitor

      Hi no problem i jst saw message I got next one sept 29 so let me no asap im gettin flyers done for that one on fri its best drop me text on number on flyer  thanks

    3. natalie89


      Ok put me down for then 



  11. phathom janitor

    Something sort of souful

    Hi to those who attended many thanks an excellent nite of soul music .the line up I new was good but you all excelled !! Was gr8 to see other local promoters in a
  12. Many thanks for your comments should yourself and Darren wish to attend pls feel as your welcome your names on the door 


  13. phathom janitor

    Something sort of souful

    Well not long to go I know how mr mourinino feels as I have a good sqaud ! With "harpo " on the sidelines but on way to recovery things lookin good My scouts are out as we speak to strengthen squad for future the target being the infamous "dave welding " who along with "harpo " would create the best strike force the midlands has known on and off the field ! Their quality being second to none ! watch this space Hope those who attend ENJOY Regards the phathom janitor Who I hope after the event isnt feeling a "deadbeat"
  14. phathom janitor

    Something sort of souful

    Something sort of souful Fri 28th july 2017 8.30 - 1 Djs Rob smith Big al shaw Little scottie Sandi and The man from lowton civic Kev Murphy


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