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  1. That's an effigy......that likes intravenous injections!!!
  2. Shame.....hope you're not too much out of pocket......looks like keeping dry has worked wonders for them.....
  3. Wow.......just can't believe what i've just seen......didn't expect to see that on TGD! Another useless dancing prick ridiculing this exclusive scene of ours....Giovanni...suggest you DO get dancing lessons!!
  4. Please and thank you come to mind......!!!!
  5. So it's a freebie?....good value for just £2.70 postage!!!!
  6. Exus Trek for me too....and great memories of the Torch!!
  7. Would get the occasional record listings off of him...would run through them as quick as i could before phoning and hoping that the stand out items hadn't been snapped up. On a few occasions i ordered quite a few sounds and upon receipt of the delivery, there would be a 'freebie' that Ian had included! I felt quite privileged....a nice guy to talk to aswell!!
  8. Just noticed Tim has taken it off of his site and this minute put it back on at £600. I just might be able to afford it now, assuming no one else bids!!!
  9. Someone's in for a bit of a shock when they realize what they've bid on Tim's auction site....!!!!!
  10. I'm sure Tim, John and Pat will love reading your comments!!
  11. I've just logged on to Tim's auction and it's allowing me to put a bid on!
  12. Ordered my copy on 17th June and same arrived today, with a likkle cloth Rare Toones-'some like it rare' circular label. Primarily ordered it for the flip side....an absolute belter!! Also arrived today from Big Crown-Carla and the Carlettes-Groovin'....and from Colemine, Kelly Finnigan's 'Trouble', the flip side to 'Catch me i'm falling'. These will get some hammer this coming weekend!!!!
  13. Had a situation a few weeks ago with a guy from France advertising a particular record as NM- on Discogs, wasn't a particulaly expensive record. On receipt of record, i was massively disappointed, certainly not as described, although it did play ok. Label had a lot of ring wear, mutiple fine scratches, vinyl had a dull appearance and a drill hole to boot!! I contacted the seller and voiced my concerns, he responded to his credit, pretty promptly with an offer of a refund, which i thought was fair and duly accepted same. Had it been a sound worth considerably more ( ie hundreds of euros ) i so
  14. Personaly speaking 'Soul Sister Jane' this type of diatribe isn't worth replying to! Got nothing better to do for a sunday morning than posting that!!
  15. I'm getting rather grumpy at the continuation of this thread and am more than happy to see it's conclusion. As a bashful individual who generally refrains from this sort of interaction, i'd rather leave it to others to make dopey comments, regardless of how sleepy i get reading them! Well, it's time to conclude this....i'm off to see my doc, it appears a viral strain is doing the rounds and i'm becoming quite sneezy as a result!! So until the next time, ktf!
  16. It would of been, 'yes sirs, please sirs, 3 fcuking bags full sirs!!!'
  17. There's nothing like nit picking, is there?!!
  18. Have just been reading JM's description comments on his auction site for Frank Wilson's 'Do I Love You' on Tamla. He mentions about a Soul copy being left on top of a chip shop fryer, very similiar to what Dave McCadden did with Richard Searling's copy of The Jades. I've heard Richard talk about that incident a few times on his radio shows but never anything about JM's version of FW. Has anyone else, just interested to know?
  19. Agree!!!!....you can keep mentioning these comments until you're blue in the face but certain individuals still post 'wants' with not a please or thank you....I just ignore such 'ignorant demands' even having the appropriate record(s) for sale. In some cases a spell check wouldn't go amiss, either!!
  20. Hi Does anyone have a clean copy they would like to part with? Many thanks.
  21. Hi....does anyone have a nice clean copy to sell? Please PM me with price. Many thanks.
  22. Hi....does anyone have a clean copy to sell? Many thanks

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