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    Gun dogs.Im just a country Boy.
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    Republic Of Derbyshire
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    Just to many to name.R&B to Present

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  1. Ive had mainly gun dogs and terriers all my life, so I would say a border terrier,lovely with kids and they love playing.
  2. We got there at 9pm and the car park was nearly full then we knew then we was going to have a goodnight and we did, THANKS TO YOU ALL FOR A GOOOOD NIGHT.
  3. Pow Wow was great as well only problem in there was the floor was a bit sticky...
  4. Happy Birthday me owd mon Mace...see you Saturday mate
  5. The keeper up my road used open a bottle and chuck the top away
  6. I was put off Whiskey many years back after a bottle and a half...=^|
  7. See you there
  8. As one or two of you know I have not been to well but with a bit of luck I shall be here... And Mace,can you please polish my Ivory seat for me..
  9. Oh how I wished I could have made it....A Great Nighter run by some nice people xx
  10. Miranda is on now,dont forget

  11. I do like the Meldrews getting on about Miranda..lol

  12. Martyn, how long have they been ringing birds now,and don't you think we should know their habits and it courses stress for the birds.
  13. Remember making throwing arrows, we did play tick with petrol,you couldn't say you wasn't on... Derbyshire nutters

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