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    Billy Stewart - I Do Love You - Chess
  1. Mr G labels

    Couple more John
  2. the Vows on VIP

    Clean one here
  3. The Volumes-Old Town, Monkey Hop

    On it's way to Ace Ady.
  4. The Volumes-Old Town, Monkey Hop

    Ady, I have one you can borrow, mint copy too regards Paul
  5. Favourite Christmas soul record

    Got Betty Lloyd on Thomas and BSC, just played them both on the twin decks same vocals, the strings are louder on the Thomas side. Curiously the BSC states 3:30 time and the Thomas 2:41, the Thomas side lasts 10 sends longer in the fade???
  6. Jimmy Mack – A Woman Is Hard To Understand

    The boot has So in the title, here is the original.
  7. Any soul guru's here have info on these 45's

    Don't have a file, sorry
  8. Any soul guru's here have info on these 45's

    Got this on 45
  9. Sold on you - Bright Star

    The Coronadas and Classmates are same recording but slightly different mix, love the flip You can do me some good
  10. What is this automobile record player??

    My Dad had one in the 60's in his Ford Cortina, used to push the centers out of UK 45's still got the Contours on Oriole
  11. Paul Dunn

  12. Had one a while now, took 20 years to find one though
  13. Eddie Parker MAM Miko

    Only got a Monarch test pressing if that helps
  14. Steelers on Baba

    The Love Love (Love for me) side also came out on AMG in 1976 my copy on Baba is water damaged label, love the 'Leave It Like It Is' side

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