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Justine 'baby' Washington - (Artist Of The Week)

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I've got another variation of the Demo Roger .... I'll post it up tonight when I get in from work :thumbsup:

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Her Sue material features some of my fave tunes of all time...fabulous stuff...and was a delight to see her perform some of them live a few years back.

Sadly the only Japanese releases she gained were of her Evolution material...would've been great to have had a Japanese Sue logo with tri-center.


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another one on vinyl


also this unusual one

a side thats how heartaches are made - don gardner and baby washington

b side - leave me alone - baby washington .

anyone have any idea why the a side is blank , was the sue issue of heartaches released as a duo

never seen one of these


was this ever released , i have been looking for age for one but no luck

Thanks Eddy

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  • 8 years later...
On 25/09/2011 at 00:30, john s said:



On 25/09/2011 at 12:44, spacehopper said:

absolute KILLER JOHN!

On 25/09/2011 at 14:28, Wiganer1 said:

covered up as the police are in the back....gr8 tune!


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Hiya, last record I played tonight at our do - I can't wait until I see my baby's face. Loads of great versions but always go back to this. Really is all time classic, cheers

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OK, I'll jump on this one with an "easy" one of her; still my ever favorite from what I've always found to be her most intuitive period through all her career that no one can dare to cover without fearing to sound pale in comparison (as it was done 😖).


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7 minutes ago, Davenpete said:

That'll be the third time it's posted then...

Nope only one and a half that ! Noticed after 'givemesoul' posted a YT "split" playing first 'that's how' & then 'never over'... 😉

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