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  1. Hi everyone, looking for a copy of Luckey Davis - It’s Not Where You Start, let me know if you can help All the best Thomas
  2. Thanks a lot for the input everyone! Yes, doesnt look quite right to me either, and could certainly be from the 2000’s.
  3. Hi! Can anyone shed any light on this pressing of Chocolate Buttermilk Band - Can’t Let Go? Was sold to me as an original, but that font looks new-ish to me. Can’t find much info on it, and certainly doesnt look like the originals I’ve seen. A label variation? Later repress/boot? Grateful for all info all the best Thomas
  4. Hi! Looking for a decent, playable copy of Charisma Band - Ain’t Nothing Like Your Love. Let me know if you can help!
  5. 14 for £ 15 (each!) All nice and clean copies, £ 15 each plus shipping. Send me a message for pics or more info! Michael Cloud - Check Your Direction / Don’t Let Nobody Turn You Around (Homark) Tyrone St German - In A World So Cold / Don’t Cop No Attitude (Morning Dove) Mike Jemison - You’ll Never Get My Love / Only Love Can Be With You (Lake) Diane Jenkins - Tow-A-Way Zone / Anniversary (Crystal) Sy Hightower - I Wonder Why / Go Back Baby (Hayley) - a couple of hairlines Alfie Davison - Love Is A Serious Business / Mark IV - If You Can’t Tell Me Something Good (Soul Power) Shayne - Make Love Stay / I Miss You, Baby (Sabteca) David Sea - Angel / Part 2 (T-Jaye Records) Catalinas - Dancin’ - Romancin’ / Hey Little Girl (Catalinas) - a few light scuffs/marks Betty Moorer - Speed Up / It’s My Thing (Soul7 re) George Franklin Smallwood - Lady Disco / Mr Sunshine (PPU re) Esther Williams - Last Night Changed It All / Tommie Young - Hit And Run Lover (Jazzman) Mike & Bill - Somebody’s Gotta Go (Sho Aint Me) / Instr. (Arista) WOL, light marks Damaris - What About My Love? (Columbia promo)
  6. Hi everyone, got the following for sale, pm me for pics and more info! Lee Dorsey – Four Corners Part I / Part II (Amy promo, VG+, has some scuffs and marks, but nothing serious. Some of the marks will disappear with a clean. Plays great! Swol on Part 1 label) - £ 40 Anna King – Mama’s Got A Bag of Her Own / Sally (End, just a couple of small marks, otherwise a really clean copy. Plays great! Labels slightly worn.) - £ 40 Betty Harris – Ride Your Pony / Trouble With My Lover (Sansu, a of couple marks/hairlines, small drill hole through label. Overall a very nice copy!) - £ 40 Barbara & the Browns – You Don’t Love Me / If I Can’t Run to You I’ll Crawl (XL, has some hairlines/marks, nothing serious.) - £ 40 Shirley – Big Boss Man / I Am An Evil Gal (Paula, just a few hairlines/marks, nothing serious. Comes in Paula company sleeve.) - £ 25 Marvin Gaye – I’ll Be Doggone / You’ve Been a Long Time Coming (Tamla promo, has some surface marks, nothing serious at all. Marker pen doodling on I’ll Be Doggone label. Comes in Tamla company sleeve.) - £ 25 Just Brothers – Sliced Tomatoes (Music Merchant promo MS 1010, some hairlines, nothing serious. Comes in Music Merchant company sleeve.) - £ 25 L.V. Johnson – It’s A Shame / Just Got To Get To Know (Sunnyview, has some hairlines, nothing serious. Slight background at the start, apart from that plays great!) - £ 35 David Sea – Night After Night / When Did You Start to Stop Loving Me (Crown Limited Records, a very nice and clean copy!) - £ 40 Ivories – Please Stay / I’m in A Groove (Soul7 reissue, clean, top copy!) - £ 30 Betty Moorer – Speed Up / It’s My Thing (Soul7 reissue, clean copy!) - £ 20
  7. FOR SALE! Louise Davis - Yallaw Jacket / Nice Girl (Check Mate) - record in visual VG++ condition with some hairline marks here and there, nothing serious. Plays with some slight background noise, but music is loud and strong, great DJ copy. Afaik quite unknown as of yet, STUNNING "sister funk", killer tune, pm me for a "phone video" - £ 300
  8. For sale! Syl Johnson - Do You Know What Love Is / The Love I Found In You (Special Agent) - Vinyl looks a bit rough, and it plays with background noise. The music however, is loud and strong, it's a good playout copy. Contact me for a picture/soundfile! Labels are clean (although a tad worn) - £ 185 + postage Eric Lomax - Seven The Loser / Live Fast Die Young (Columbia promo) - Vinyl has surface marks and a scuff or two, but nothing serious. Plays loud and strong, great DJ copy! Labels are a bit worn, with some marks and discolouration, but decent enough. - £ 125 + postage
  9. Hi everyone, have the following for sale! - The Internationals - Too Sweet To Be Lonely / Beautiful Philosophy (D'ar) - Visual VG/VG+ with hairline marks, nothing serious though. Beautiful Philosophy has some "fog", but this does not affect play. Both sides play great with some slight background crackle, good DJ copy! Labels a tad worn, swol on A-side label. - £ 125 - Carl Carlton - I Can Feel It / You've Got So Much (Back Beat) - Visual VG++++, with only a couple of small marks. Plays great! Clean labels. - £ 95 - Eula Cooper - Try / Love Make Me Do Foolish Things (Tragar) - Vinyl in VG condition, looks quite rough with many marks. Plays loud and strong though, with some background crackle. Great DJ copy! Labels have writing, and look a bit worn. - £ 175 Let me know if you have any questions!

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